Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I got your email you just don't get females now do you...

Since I haven't been blogging much I thought I would show you a few pcitures of what I have been up to apart from uni. To be honest not much other than uni and going out!
I really wanted a job though - bored of wearing the same clothes on nights out... Christmas list is a list of clothes! I would put up ones from all my nights out but there is just too many, don't think they would really be interesting anyway but here is a few. The second one is form my 20th Birthday Party. We had a party in my flat and all got dressed up. I was a witch (as I am sure you would all have guessed!) Was a bit of a thrown together costume - pointy hat, stripey tights and a black dress I wear every other day but hey ho least I made some effort...

I'm a wild one, I'm a wild one!

Helllo =D
So I had two essays to write for uni and they are done, just need to be handed in & I had an exam which I passed wooo 72%. Smarty pants over here :P
So now I am on Christmas holidays =D Started them off with Wild Child and Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging and as a 20 year old I am ashamed to say I love these movies!
Anyways, I will be updating more often now seen as I have nothing to do!

Everytime I see a picture of Erin Lucas she makes me want my fringe back, maybe when my hair has grown a touch. We shall see... x