Sunday, 27 June 2010

Thoughts & Opinions please

I love Gizzi Erskine's style in particular this outfit of hers (above) & I thought it would be perfect for a night out so I had a rummage through what I have and came up with this...
I think the top needs to be more fitted around the waist either that or my skirt needs to be more body con which would hold the top in place more....

I would appreciate your thoughts on this 'un my lovlies.

Outfit Diary Ten

Having a nice lazy Sunday ... late brunch, reading, watching TV, might even go for a little walk later - weather permitting.
I used to loath jeans, I never wore them & spent my life in skirts & dresses but since finding a pair that actually fit properly I have grown to like them - not love as of yet, these things take time :p - so I wore these medium wash jeans with a braided belt & a black vest tucked in. I added my gold necklace with green stones that was my Grannies. My vintage watch & bracelet with my very tarnished 'gold' accessorize ring some sandals from Wallis and I am ready for a lovely lazy Sunday x

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Outfit Diary Nine

It is unbelievably muggy here today, it's overcast but insanely hot for Scotland so I wanted to be comfortable. All black - what else! My friends always tell me I wear too much black but I like black, it goes with everything!
I love my shoes today as well. My dad says they look like tap shoes & makes funny remarks about them when I wear them but I love them nonetheless.
I randomly came across Laura Marling yesterday. She is an amazing singer & her song 'New Romantic' is amazing.

Dress, jacket, bag & shoes: Topshop, Leggings: New Look, Scarf: Accessorize, Ring: H&M, Watch & braclet: Vintage x

Friday, 25 June 2010

Outfit Diary Eight

Turns out I didn't break my brothers camera - yayy so I pinched it again for a few shots before I went out to enjoy the lovely weather.
I wanted to premiere my new bag so went for a casual-ish outfit today. I have had this top in my wardrobe for about two years and have worn it a handful of times then forgot about it - I actually kind of like it.

I laaaaaaaaave my new bag <3>
Top Oasis, Jean New Look, Necklace Accessorize, 'Love' ring Accessorize, Gold & white ring H&M, shoes Topshop, bag Topshop.
As my new bag is so lovely & roomy I took a pair of gold sandals with me in case my feet got hot & sore.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Say Hello to my new bag

This is my new bag! You'll never guess where it's from ... Topshop!

I love it, I was stuck between this one and a nude one that has a different opening but went for this just because of the way it opens - like a Doctors back.
It is massive inside so I can stuff all my rubbish in.
Topshop have kind of let me down though as I ordered a few wee presents for my mum & they have gone missing! Not impressed... x

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Outfit diary Seven

I managed to steal my brothers camera for a little this afternoon after breaking my own, somehow I have managed to break his too!

I was out today helping my dad buy a new blazer and trousers & then we went for lunch. I was desperate to wear this play suit again and in a different way than before so this is what I ended up with.

Dinner jacket is from Gap, Play suit is Topshop, belt is H&M, bag is Primark, shoes are Topshop, my ring is Accessorize and my watch is vintage.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Why I started blogging

I thought I would do a little post about they I started blogging, simply because I have been doing it for a year and nine months and have never really written about why I chose to create a blog in the first place.

I initially started a blog due to my love of make up which was a bigger love than fashion at the time, I stumbled across a few blogs and then one night found fashion blogs which inspired me to create my own.

I had been a follower of a number of blogs for along time before I created FTF until one night I decided to just go for it and Following the Fashion was born on the 1st of August 2008!

I started doing mainly beauty related posts and looking at what some of my favourite celebrity's' were wearing before my confidence grew and I decided to do outfit posts and other fashion related posts.

From blogging, I think, my style and sense of fashion has evolved and change through being inspired by others and from gaining confidence. I guess my style has changed with age as well I was eighteen when i started out so obviously I have changed now that I am twenty.

Blogging has allowed me to make 'friends' - I put this in inverted commas as they aren't real friends that I have contact with in the other parts of my life but I have found that if I have a problem there is someone that is outwith your 'real' life that can give a fresh, unrelated view that can change your thoughts on the situation.

A year and a half on and blogging is the front runner in the race for being my favourite hobby. I enjoy it which makes it a lot easier to post regularly and it is a fun, friendly community. I love gaining inspiration from others' and seeing how they would wear pieces in different ways.

So that is the rambly reason behind my starting to blog! Tell me your stories, I would love to hear them.

I want to say thanks to my 181 followers. I appreciate it so much.

have a nice day x

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bags a good 'in

Continuing with the 'favourites' series that I have been doing recently I thought I would move onto some of my favourite bags.

I love bags. Bags and shoes are just amazing especially if they have something a little bit quirky about them. My bags are either big, over sized numbers or ickle dinky jobs. I don't really have any inbetweeners.


I only really use the beige & purple clutch from Topshop which can be used as a shoulder bag as well and the Primark black bag with the chain which can be a made into a clutch. The other two were bought for special occasions from Wallis & have yet to see another event! My favourites would have to be the Wallis bags just because they are true occasion bags. The black framed bag on the far left is a satin material & the one in the middle is sequins which I got for my school prom. They are just really dinky & special.

A leopard print clutch is on my wish list at the moment. Not sure why, I just really want one!

Day Bags...

Day bags for me are 9 times out of ten big. I love being able to throw all the junk I need in my bag and go. I tend to stick with neutral colours as they go with everything but every now and then I go for something a bit brighter and a bit different.

The two blue bags are Topshop, the grey bag is from Oasis and was a present at Christmas time, the black bag at the back is from Topshop and is leather. The 'Chanel' bag at the front it from Miss Selfridge and has been used so much the strap is close to breaking!

I really want a red or turquoise day bag at the moment. I have been searching for a red bag for ages but haven't found one that I am totally in love with.

Weekend bag...

This is my weekend bag that you will have seen before. It is from Marks and Spencers and was bought by my lovely mother as a moving out present (I think she bought it so that I would return every now and again!) I love it, it is massive inside, a gorgeous colour and always gets loads of compliments.

Some designers bags I am lusting after...

Currently I don't own any designer bags, being a poor student and all :p so I spend my time lusting after these ones.

This Miu Miu bag.

Chloe 'Gemma' bag which Olivia Palermo is often seen with. I love it, so classic & gorgeous plus made by a favourite designer of mine!

Finally, this bag from Luella seen on Rachel Bilson.

What are your favourtie desinger bags & high street bags? x

What's in my weekend bag...

This weekend I was away with some of my family & some of my cousins friends to stay at a house we had rented & go to the Races which was a super day, even made some money!
So I thought I would do a what's in my weekend bag post just for something a little bit different.
I am a serious over pack - I have improved recently on not over packing clothes but beauty products & make up seem to be my downfall at the moment.

In this heap I have my playsuit, leggings, tights, a grey cardigan, a pink cardigan, blazer, Bag, shoes, hair dryer, straightners, comb, brush and two necklaces. A pair of wedges and my studded pumps.

Ridiculous number of products that I took, I ended up being so lazy that I only used about six of them! Some of them are obvious essentials but others are just not required for two nights away!

This is the make up I took with me. I brought six lipsticks with me - two of which are exactly the same colour! I took stuff that I knew I would use but thought well maybe I will, I didn't use it!

Aswell as all this junk I took the basics. Jammies, phone charger, underwear. as Rebecca Bloomwood says in Confessions of a Shopoholic "Underwear is a basic human right."
So not an overly exciting post but I am tired & a little hungover after one too many tequilas last night so I hope you all had a lovely weekend x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The World's a Stage

I felt like doing a post about costume jewellery today for some reason partly because I love it and partly because I secretly want to see other peoples costume jewellery!
Costume Jewellery are fun and quirky pieces that don't tend to be to expensive or to understated, most of the time.
I love buying costume jewellery from places like Topshop, H&M, Wallis are good for statement rings and little boutiques that have different pieces that everyone won't end up owning as they can be one of a kind pieces.
Bangles, Bracelets & cuffs...

These are some of my favourites. The black & clear bracelet at the front was bought by my brother for me in Paris and I love it - because he bought it for me and because it is just gorgeous. The silver chain bracelet is from Wallis and was bought for me by my mum as a well done present. It is really different and I get loads of compliments when i wear it.
The turquoise bangles wee cheap from New Look & look really pretty with a white sundress. The floral bangle came with a set from Miss Selfridge and was about £12 for the set. It adds a little girly, floral touch to an outfit.
The two gold cuffs are favourites of mine. The one on top is from Topshop a few years ago and was about £12, I think. It has worn really well and looks gorgeous with everything really! The final chain link cuff is from Primark last year. It was about £2, I bought it to wear to my leaving night from work.
A celebrity fan of bangles & bracelets is Delta Goodrem - she always seems to have layered up bangles.

Some of my favourite necklaces. The Green necklace on the gold chain was my Granny's & I love wearing it just because it is from Dior and belonged to my Granny who I love & miss very much. The twisted gold necklace is three years ago Topshop but has worn really well, surprisingly. I love it with blazers & jeans and recently had a trip to an interview.
My 'Emma' necklace is a staple in my wardrobe. I love it! I was inspired by, you'll never guess who.... Carrie Bradshaw & bought myself this necklace two years ago. It is a little tarnished and I accidentally snapped it in half once so it was 'Em' and 'Ma but it was glued back together & is still live and kicking. I think a new one may be in order!
This silver necklace is stunning, the photograph doesn't pick up in sparkle of the stones at all but it is truly stunning. This was a Birthday present for my 18th from my mum & dad. It came with some matching studs to.
The final necklace is from Oasis three years ago and is gold with gold love hearts on it. It is sort of quirky and different and goes with loads of stuff.
Eva Mendes is a fan of adding statement necklaces to outfits for a little added detail.


The top pearl, they are a little difficult to notice, are pearls that I inherited from my Granny & I love wearing them. They are really simple & elegant.
The turquoise earrings are from H&M and were about £2, I love these earrings & had wanted a pair for ages. The only downside is they are really heavy and hurt my ears a little!
The gold, fuchsia and cobalt blue dangly earrings are from Oasis and were sitting on the counter when I was paying, I spotted them & had to have them! Total impulse buy but 100% worth it. The silver four disc earrings are old school Topshop, they are about four years old, and look gorgeous with really plain, simple outfits. The final pair are also from Topshop. I got them for my Birthday last year and love them. They are a little noisy as the three leaves aren't joined so they jingle a lot.
Lo Bosworth of The Hills is a statement earrings fan as well as a cocktail ring fan.

I love cocktail rings. I think rings might be my favourite pieces of jewellery. I threw a lot away recently as they were tarnished & old so I have a nice little collection stored in my white leather jewellery box.
The black cocktail ring is Topshop a la 2007 and I love it - it is chunky, eye catching and goes with practically everything. The pink dress ring was my Great Grandmother and is so delicate and pretty. Whenever I wear it it gets lots of compliments.
The pearl ring set in gold is from accessorize last year and was about £6, it has own really well and gives outfits a classic sort of feel. Next is my 'love' ring from Accessorize about a year ago - it is really tarnished but I love (ha get it :p) too much to get rid of it.
The final ring is from H&M this year. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours are looks gorgeous with a tan. This was about £3 and I wear it all the time.
Olivia Palermo of The City is a big cocktail ring fan as is Lo Bosworth.
What are some of your favourite costume jewellery pieces? x

Also, a big hello and thank you to my new followers :D let me know what you would like to see more of & what I should veto! xx

Favourite Fashion Films

I saw a video on You Tube on this the other day, the girls user name is

go check her out. I think she had a blog too.

So these are some of my favourite films because of the fashion, some of them are the same as she likes. Great taste and all that :p

1. Legally Blonde.

Odd choice but I like the fact that Elle Woods wear things that aren't necessarily 'normal'. She takes risks and isn't afraid of wearing her own style.

2. Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Glamorous, chic, Audrey. Everyone has seen this film! Audrey's black dress is iconic.

3. Chocolat.

This features very much French style. It is very simple and classic with a 1920s-ish feel with a little of 1940s and 1950s in the mix too.

4. Some like it Hot.

Marliyn Monroe wears simple and classically cut dresses which I love. She wears some amazing, and daring, dresses such as the sheer tops with just her boobs covered. This is one of my favourite films in general, it is really funny and Tony Curtis is nice to look at!

5. Desperately Seeking Susan.

80s fashion to the max! Very Bohemian punk, new wave style influence. Madonna's style in this has become iconic and is seen a lot in today's fashion - over sized, blazers, black leggings, ,Ray Bans studding. Madonna is actually good in this film and I love it!

6. The Devil Wears Prada.

This features a lot of designer brands and is very high fashion in places. It is almost total fantasy as it is a totally different world to my own.

7. Sex and the City.

I love Carrie Bradshaw. She is daring and has quirky style. Her style is adventurous and fun

8. How to steal a million.

Audrey Hepburn. Glamorous 50s style. Audrey has some amazing eye liner in this film.

9. Gentlemen prefer blondes.

Jane Russell and Marliyn Monroe. The fashion is glamorous and feminine while showing of their curves. I love Jane Russell, she is amazing! The dresses are gorgeous in this movie in particular Marliyn's orange dress and Jane's black sequinned dress. Of course not forgetting the iconic Diomonds are a girls best friend dress.

10. The Notebook.

This feautres the sorts of 40s/50s style. Red lips, red nails and tea dresses. Love!

11. Gossip Girl

I love Blair's style because it is classic and tailored. Coats, dresses, pencil skirts - I love it all. I love Serena's style because it is a little more edgy and modern. I love Chuck's style aswell, he is very put together and classical but still with a quirky edge.

12. Walk the Line.

I love this film in general but the clothes worn by Reese Witherspoon to portray June Carter are gorgeous. Has a 50s feel about it - big skirts, pretty dresses.

What's in my bag?

Kerry's beauty & health blogs...

I know the quality isn't amazing but my camera isn't working properly at the moment so please bare with me.

All that's left when it cuts off is some train tickets and directions to my friends flat - nothing exciting :P
What's in your bag? x

I shopped...

I did a bit of shopping last night, didn't get too much but what I did get I love so it was a successful shopping trip.

I got this black and white striped jacket from H&M for £19.99 - bargain. I love it, it is a bit different and can be worn in loads of ways.

I also got this playsuit from Topshop. There wasn't actually a sale on but this was in the last chance section so I snapped it up. It was meant to be £35 then £15 and when I got to the till it was £10. Bargain! It is a size too big for me but the mother is going to take it in for me and I think I will wear it to the Races this weekend.

I bought another top but I did like it on. It wasn't anything special so it is going back.
It felt so good to buy things, I haven't bought new clothes in so long! x

Monday, 14 June 2010

Outfit Diary Seven

I had an interview today so went a bit more dressy than I was planning on today so fingers crossed it worked it's magic and I have a job!
I love stripey tops, I have more than I need really but they go with so much so they are essentials!
I decided to go a bit jewellery heavy today for some reason but I kind of like it.
I am wearing a black & white stripey top from somewhere (the label is cut off!), black skirt from H&M, black tights are good ol' M&S, Shoes boots from Wallis, bag is Topshop and my jewellery ...
necklace is two or three years old from Topshop. My gold ring is from accessorize last year and my pink ring and watch are vintage.
What did you wear today? x

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The girl with too many scarves!

Scarves are my, well one of my, guilty pleasures among other things.
Scarves can add something to an outfit such as a pop of colour or can be what 'makes' an outfit.
Silk, cotton, cashmere, wool, angora, sheer fabric. Worn for warmth, as a head scarf, to cover your shoulders or arms and my favourite purpose - fashion.

My scarves live in one of my dressing table drawers. The drawer is too full and I always lose scarves down the back of the drawers but it is a nice feeling when I find them. :p
I picked a few of my favourites...

1. This is a floral scarf from H&M that adds pattern and colour to a simple outfit. It wasn't too expensive, I think about £6 or £7. It is a cotton material with a crinkley effect to it.
2. This Leopard print scarf is from M&S. It is actually the mothers but I stole it a few months ago and she hasn't noticed. I used to hate animal print especially leopard print as I thought it was a bit Pat Butcher (Google this is you are not from the UK and you will understand all). I love it with a simple black outfit or tied on to a bag. The scarf is sheer and was about £12, I think. It is a good ten years old at least.
3. I love this scarf with my navy raincoat, it is a bright pink scarf with orange thread detail through it. It is a nice splash of colour and is really cosy which is good for the Scottish winters! Especially battling the wind in Edinburgh when I am at uni!
4. My 'love heart' scarf from Accessorise. This is just a silky material that I like to wear with a plain dress or a cardigan and jeans. It was £15 and seems to have lasted pretty well.
5. This scarf I absolutely love! It was a present for my twentieth birthday from my mum and dad. It is from Oasis and was about £27, I think, not sure as it was a gift. I absolutely love it - the colours, the sheer fabric, everything. It is just a gorgeous scarf that works with a whole load of items.
6. This pink H&M scarf has been in my collection for three nearly four years now and it is had worn amazingly well. I didn't actually expect it to last this well. It has two shades of pink, some black, white and grey. It wasn't too expensive and looks gorgeous with little dresses or jeans.
7. This silk scarf is from River Island. It is navy with lots of random pictures on it. There are cats, witches, trees, stars... loads of different things. I love it, it is quirky and a perfect example of a scarf adding interest to an outfit. Keep it simple and add this, hey presto you have a point of interest!
8. This is just a plain black, crinkle effect scarf from H&M that I wear religiously in the winter. It goes with my coats and keeps me warm which is all I really ask of this scarf really. It wasn't too expensive either.

Outfit Diary Six

The pictures aren't amazing & there are too many but here it is what I wore today.
I didn't do much today, wander round the shops and went into see my Gran & Grandpa so I didn't wear anything too fancy really.

I love Topshop long cardigans. I have a few. Two in this style - the grey one that is pictured and a navy blue one that has purple undertones in different lights.
I turned up my jeans to make it a little smarter & a bit different rather than just your basis skinny jeans.
So I wore...
Topshop vest with ruffle & button details, Topshop cardgian, New Look Jeans, Shoes from tesco which have worn really well and my bag from Oasis. Pearl & gold ring from Accesorize.
What did you wear today? x

PS. I am actually a pretty happy, smiley person. From my outfit pictures you would never guess!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Whitney Port

I love Whitney's outfit here.
It's sort of got a preppy feel about it but is very simple and chic without being too much.
She teamed it with some brogues and a Chanel bag - what else!
Whitney's style seems to have evolved a lot recently. She is looking very stylish & put together. Love it. x

Friday, 11 June 2010

Army of Polishes

I love nail polish. I love the colours, the look of it on my nails. Everything.
I have more nail polish than I will ever need but I continue to buy them just for the fact that it makes me happy!
That said I would like to introduce you to my army of polishes....

I'm not sure of how many there are exactly, last time I counted it was round about thirty six. I have a selection of colours and brands from OPI, Ciate, Rimmel - my favourite 'drugstore' brand -, Barry M, Collection 2000, Nails Inc, NYC, 17 ... and the list goes on.
My favourites at this moment are as follows...

L to R: Rimmel Perfect Plum, Rimmel Sky High, Rimmel Coralicious, Rimmel Double Decker red, 17 Parma Violet, No 7 Pink Grapefruit, Rimmel Tangerine Queen, OPI Lincoln park after dark, Rimmel Black out.
As you might have guessed I like Rimmel nail polish. They are cheap and last a while without chipping. I think I have almost every colour they make which is a bit ridiculous but hey ho.
What's every ones favourite nail polish? I am always looking for a new colour. x

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Stephanie Pratt

I love Stephanie Pratt's eye make up. It is always a really intense black which seems to never fade. The Black makes her blue eyes pop even more plus when she adds turquouse eye liner it looks gorgeous. Love her fushia liner too.

My shawdy attempt ... bad picture too, it was on the webcam.

I have used the Rimmel liquid liner for years but it seems to fade a lot so any suggestions of a good liquid liner would be much appreicated.


Monday, 7 June 2010

MTV Movie Awards

Two of my favourite dresses from the MTV Movie Awards have to be Sandra Bullocks & Scarlett Johanssons.

Sandra's dress is simple but very sexy. She looked gorgeous in this dress, I would love to be able to wear a dress like that when I'm in my 40s heck I'd love to be able to pull it off aswell just now!
It is a similar style to Hilary Swanks Oscar dress but a lot shorter and with sequins. I love the cut espeically the back details - the back dips in a low v - and the sleeves. She has kept everything else really simple which makes the dress really stand out and shine.

Scarlett looks gorgeous in this green fitted dress. I love the colour and the zip & see-through detail on the back. She also kept everything else really simple. I love the black heeled pumps against the green dress. It is really gorgeous.
Anyone else think Scarlett has shrunk recently? She used to appear more curvy...
What was your favourite dress? x