Thursday, 30 April 2009

Outfit 6

So today I wore my lovely new blazer

Blazer - Mango £55
Tshirt - Topshop £10 I think!
Vest top under tshirt - Topshop £6 maybe?!
Jeans - New Look £25
Shoes (not pictured) - Topshop £25
Necklace/braclet - Topshop Last spring sale, I don't have a clue!
Bag (not pictured) - Miss Selfridge £22 I think.
What did you wear today? x

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Hunt is Over....

I have been hunting for the perfect black blazer for agesss, I think I have bought and returned at least 5!
Today while wandering around the shops I went into Mango and there it was - the perfect black blazer :D
I wanted one that was like a suit jacket style & material not just a cotton blazer and that is what I found in Mango. It was £55 and totally worth it in my eyes.

It has shape to it and is fitted - not boyfriend style like all the other ones seem to be at the moment - and I really love it. It has three buttons and two little pockets. Plus the lining is really cute.

Sorry the pictures aren't great - not feeling well so I wasn't really in the mood :) x

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

In & Out Twenty Six

Whats in for Tuesday
Pay Day - woooo going shopping, for lunch & cocktails tomorrow :D
Booking my halls for next year - exciting times!
OPI Bastille my heart & Lincoln park after dark <3
Snog, Marry, Avoid - quality tele! Even my economics lecturer was talking about it (and he's a man! lol)
Whats out for Tuesday
Stressing about college - reports, exams! Ahhhh they all come at once
Hells Kitchen is finished - no more Marco :(

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Colour me blue

I love the colour of Lauren's dress! Its so vibrant and I love the clash with the black belt & shoes. The only thing I have to moan about is that its a tad plain and the neckline isn't a very nice cut!
What do you think of Lauren's dress? x

Friday, 24 April 2009

Outfit 5

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that currently my washing machine is not working :@ so I have been racking around my drawers, wardrobe, bedroom floor to find clothes everyday while doing so I found this Topshop dress that I bought about year ago and have worn only a handful of times.
I'm not sure why - I think it is because when I first bought it I was heavier and felt fat and blah in it but I have lost weight since then and now feel much nicer in the dress.
It is a dark grey with leaf print in lighter grey - the print makes up most of the dress. It has a tie with the same print for around the waist and to be honest without this it would just be a shapeless sack!
I wore it with some black tights and my purple-navy long line cardigan also from Topshop, some black pumps from yep, Topshop and a blue origami back from good old Topshop also.
Basically, today I am a walking, talking advert for Topshop!
What did you wear today? x

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Summer Outfit...

While doing my daily round on the Internet, I came across this picture of Kate Moss.
In my opinion, this is a perfect summer outfit. It includes my favourite, a blazer!
I'm not really sure what it is I like about this outfit, I think it is the simplicity of it. Basically it is just a blazer, plain t shirt, denim skirt and some heels with a few necklaces, big bag and some ray bans.
To me, it looks relaxed but still like you are making an effort. I would wear this outfit possibly with some leggings or with some skinny jeans - don't think the world would survive being exposed to my bare legs!

Monday, 20 April 2009

In & Out Twenty Five

Whats in for Monday
  • Rimmel Double Decker red nail polish - loveee (8)
  • Kick Boxing - I love this, makes me feel stress free & really happy. Note to anyone that knows me if you want something from me ask me after kick boxing :)
  • French Connection - beating Topshop in the ran for my favourite shop at the moment. I'm sure Topshop will be back with Avengeance
  • Hells Kitchen - Marco Pierre White = sexxxxy
  • The Gorgeous weather
  • David Bowie - I could listen to his music all day. Especially life on mars
Whats out for Monday
  • Back to college tomorrow :(
  • Spots - i HATE them

That's all - having a good day. I will post some interesting posts soon, I promise :D

Take care x

Friday, 17 April 2009

Fearne Cotton

I saw this picture in a magazine of Fearne Cotton & I LOVE her outfit!
Its just a printed dress with a wide waist belt and a black blazer. She also has some heart shaped sunglasses but I'm not so interested in them!
Its all from New Look but as usual none of the stuff is feautred on the site (bet you can't find it instore either) but I think I may copy this outfit with stuff I already have.
Its so pretty and ladylike but still fshionable and a bit edgy with her big hair.

What do you think of Fearne's outfit? x

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Do I cut it?

As I mentioned in my Ins & outs, my hair is getting on my nerves! Basically, I have always wanted long hair and now it is longish but the problem is I have thick hair and there is a lot of it so its kind of weighted down my hair and its just really flat & lifeless.

So here is what I was thinking ....

either Nicole


Heidi ....

I'm not really sure which one I prefer tbh - I think I could do more with the Heidi just because there is less layers and not so much of a side fringe (which don't really suit me).

I would appreciated your opinions on this ...

should I go for the Nicole or the Heidi??

Take care x

EDIT: ok, after two hours deep thought (lol! on my hair....)I have decided that I have wanted long hair for years and that I am just going to go with it. I think I will grow out the fringe and maybe go for this ...

Just some layers and a centre part like Rachel Bilson. No doubt I will get my fringe back at some point but this is what I am going for.

Maybe I'll cut it short in the future when its all dead and manky from all the curling tong-ing (??)

So i guess the answer to Do I cut it? is No!


In & Out Twenty Four

Whats in for Thursday
  • Passing my driving theory - yay :D
  • Coral nails - 17 Caribbean Coral is gorgeous plus its cheap!
  • E45 - solves all my dry skin problem however used under make up it can go a tad patchy
  • Bio Oil - This is helping the acne scaring on my chest <3> reminded me of it :D
  • The gorgeous weather - it is beautiful outside
  • Gosh Darling & the velvet touch eye pencil in blue lagoon <3>
  • James Brown hair care products - these are amazing and they smell gorgeous
  • Dailybooth - get on it people, its fun!

  • Whats out for Thursday
  • My hair! Its getting long & on my nerves.
  • Dry skin :( its so dry that it actually hurts!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

New hair colour

So I dyed my hair back to a brown colour - basically my natural colour - because I wasn't keen on the other colour. Also, gone for a cave woman esque style today (not really!!) x

What does fashion & style mean to you....

I did what does make up mean to you the other week and it got me thinking (bad idea!) what fashion or more importantly personal style means to me.
In my opinion, fashion is what you see on the runways & in magazines and style is what you see on the streets and on people.
Style reflects more about a person than trends - sure people copy catwalk trends but the way they wear and what they wear from the trend shows you a little bit of their personality and who they are.
I love all the amazing dresses and extravagant outfits on the runways, they are amazing but I also love looking in magazines, at celebrities and at real people to get inspiration for outfits.
My style is girly and put together - I'm not the sort of person that would leave the house without at least trying to make myself presentable. I do this simply because it makes me feel better and more comfortable to be myself!
My style reflects the girly, fun, wants to have a laugh side of my personality but it doesn't reflect other sides such as that I am determined, have a hidden indie/rock side or that I can be bossy (a major part of my personality!!!)
Style is a very personal thing and I think it is amazing when people don't go with the crowd. When I see someone that is really quirky - I think they are awesome! Being able to be 100% yourself is a difficult thing and if I am being honest I am sometimes not 100% myself around different people for a number of reasons.
Clothes to me are all about experimentation - if a trend doesn't work on you, it doesn't work on you but at least you can say you tried! Trying different fashions and trends is what makes it so fun & how you will discover who you are and who you want to be.
Anyways, after a very rambly post, what does fashion & style mean to you? I would love to know! Take care x

Monday, 13 April 2009

Frankie says Relax

On 'The City', Olivia always seems to be quite dress up. Don't get me wrong she always looks fantastic - like I have said before I would kill for her wardrobe - but some of her looks are a bit too much for a day at college so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this photo of her.

Shes wearing a black blazer (still searching for one!!), a black top with a statement necklace, jeans and some black boots.
I know to some people this might not appear very dressed down!
I really love it - I would wear this. It's not too casual but not overly dressed up. One thing I will say is the boots remind me a bit of horse riding boots?! Maybe that's just me.
What do you think? yay or nay? xx

Friday, 10 April 2009

In & Out Twenty Three

Whats in for Friday
Kings of Leon, Biffy Clyro & Pigeon Detectives
Olivia Palmero's style <3
Hair getting dyed again! Back to brown :)
Sex and the City final season - awesome! Especially the clothes
Whats out for Friday
My Sore back :(
Going shopping and not buying anything apart from E45 cream! Boring!!!!
Working all day tomorrow - 9 hours on a check out is not fun at all.
Still not found a nice black blazer - only been about 4 months!!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Coz I'm Cooler in the red dress (8)

Sienna Miller attended a party in Manhattan two nights ago wearing this red dress.
I think it is gorgeous! You can't really see it in this photo but the front has layered detailing and the zip is silver with black stitching on the back, adding a bit of interest to the dress other than the fantastic colour.

Sienna has worn a red dress before but it was much more formal and feminine - in my opinion this dress is edgier and a makes her stand out. She teamed the dress with black tights, black peep toes and bright red lips.
I love this outfit, I think it is something you could pull off going out in Glasgow or any city for that matter.
Do you like Sienna's dress? x

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Oo suits you sir....

As I have mentioned before I am a massive fan of dinner jackets and blazer, I was talking to the mother tonight about clothes that she used to wear and she said she used to have a black dinner suit.

I had seen a few pictures in the press recently of celebrities wearing dinner suits and I really like them. They are a nice change from a party dress and look really sophistcated and chic.

Kate Moss is a fan of them aswell as Tyra Banks, the detailing on hers is gorgeous, and Jennifer Aniston.

My favourite would have to be either Kate or Jennifer, sorry Tyra! (I'm sure shes very upset lol)

I like the fact that it is masculine and a bit different.

What do you think of a dinner suit? x

In & Out Twenty Two

Whats in for Tuesday
  • My lovely 60 followers! Thank you for following :D
  • Doing my nails - I don't know why but I get a really happy, exicted feeling when picking a nail polish sad but so very true
  • Floral prints - I love floral print. They are bright and pretty.
  • Organising my wardrobe. I know have a very overly organised, colour co-ordinated wardrobe that makes me smile.
  • Dying my hair dark blonde either this week or next :D I am hooked in hair dying now.
  • The Hills Season 5 - watching online :D
Whats out for Tuesday
  • Boredum - the holidays are boring me to tears!! So much so that I have signed up for some overtime in work (FYI I hate where I work, it is hell on earth for me!!)
  • The fact shops don't sell cute zippers! Ugh I want a nice one so badly but I can't find one. So far I've tried: the HG that is Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, River Island, New Look - any suggestions of where I can get an inexpensive zipper are more than welcome :)
  • My Lack of blogging - sorry not really been feeling insipired but there will be a haul coming verrry soon :D Clothes mainly
  • Coleen Nolan in wet look leggings, just no.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

RE: What does make up mean to me?

Laura at My Bloggy Blog posted a post (?) about what make up means to her and it got me thinking, what does make up actually mean to me?
When I a little girl I used to play with my mums red lipstick because it was grown up and glamourous. Then in my early teens I used to pile it on again because it was grown up, looking back it wasn't so glamourous, I used to wear heavy foundation with powder, blusher, bronzer, eyeshadow, eye liner, three mascaras and lip gloss! I looked like a clown but ofcourse at the time I thought I looked fantastic!
Oh I should add that eyeliner and powder was reapplyed at morning break, lunchtime and before I went for the bus home!! I talked about this with girls in college and they all did it!
As I have got older and more mature (haha!) my make up has got less and is not so busy or heavy during the day. I know wear foundation, powder, blush, highlighter, winged liner, one mascara and either a lip gloss or lipstick. Sometimes I will use a coloured eyeliner aswell or a little eyeshadow but more the liner than a shadow.
When I was 13, 14 make up was something to make me appear grown up now I would like to think that I use it to cover up imperfections and make myself feel better. Make up is away of expressing who you are other than through clothes.
During an awkward stage at 15,16 and probably 17 I wouldn't go anywhere without full make up but now I will go out with just foundation and powder - I don't need liner & mascara if I'm just going to buy milk!

In & Out Twenty One

Whats in for Saturday
  • Lincoln Park after Dark/Eiffel for this colour <3>
  • My Topshop order came and I loveee what I got - pictures coming soon :D makes me feel summery.
  • More Magazine - its cheap & a good read! lol
  • Leggings - way more comfortable than jeans
  • Minerlised Satin finish - so happy to be back to my favourite foundation after Studio Fix Fluid and Studio sculpt broke me out :(
Whats out for Saturday
  • The wet weather however hopefully this will make work quieter - fingers crossed!
  • Easter holidays are here - I love being on holidays but I'm SO bored already. Most of my college friends have gone home as there not from Glasgow. It is just plain boring!
  • Neon - what is it with people wearing neon stuff? They look like highlighters!!


Friday, 3 April 2009

Peaches Geldof

I'm not a fan of Peaches Geldof to be honest but how grown up and elegant does she look in this picture?
She normally has a quirky, rocky sort of vibe going on with her clothes but she looks very lady like here.
Just a quick post :) Let me know what you think? x

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Kate Moss

While browsing through today's papers in college I came across these two pictures of Kate Moss at the launch of her Topshop spring/summer collection. The collection by the way is pretty awesome however I think a tad over priced?! I mean a scarf for £40 and a sundress for £60 - can't afford that at this moment in time :(
Anyways back to the point of this post....
How amazing is Kate's green dress? I love it - especially the leather jacket and the tights.
It makes it very 'kate'. The jacket makes the look edgier and fun.

I am a massive fan of blazers and dinner jackets, as I have mentioned before, and I totally love Kate's outfit above. It is quite simple but still really fashionable. She looks really elegant and lady like especially her hair which was swept back in a sort of Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's chignon.
What are your opinions on Kate's outfits and the new collection? x

I Need These Shoes....

How amazingly gorgeous (!) are these shoes worn by Lauren Conrad.
I love them!
If they were a didferent colour they might be a little "stripper-esque" but who cares they are gorgeous!!!!
I love the navy/cobalt blue-ness of them and the super high heel. I probably couldn't walk in them anywhere otuside but I could totter (sp) about the house in them - that would make me happy lol.

Another thing I really like about them is how she has taken quite a dressy shoe and teamed it with a checked shirt and skinnys jeans for lunch.
I think I want these more than a Chanel bag right now (!!!!!) can't believe I just wrote that.
Do you love the shoes?? x

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Excited Much....

It has been a really lovely day in Glasgow today - sunny, kind of warm but nice none the less.
The weather has made me totally excited for summer and here are the reasons why ....
1. Everyone seems to be nicer and more friendly when its sunny.
2. Sandals!!! Ahhhh I love sandals (LOL at myself!) with jeans, dresses, skirts! <3
3. Sunglasses! I love them. Avaitors, ray bans, WAG style sunnies.
4. Wasting the day in the park or just sitting outside - talking, having fun & a few cheeky drinks in the afternoon. CANNOT BEAT IT!
5. This one is really sad but I live in Glasgow (it rains often!) but going out without a jacket! This makes it truly feel like summertime to me (and probably a lot of the Scottish population)
So there is 5 reasons why I love summer lol.
Do you love summer? If yes why, if no why not?! x

Ahoy Sailor!

I really like Audrina's nautical stripy vest top, its really summery and pretty.

Plus, its really casual & relaxed looking especially with some jeans and sandals!

I love strips but sadly I can't pull them off - they just make me look like a blob but I was thinking I could try a stripy tee with a high waisted skirt and some leggings. Fingers crossed it doesn't blob-ify me!

I haven't really talked about Audrina on here it has mostly been Lauren but I think I will talk about her more. She has quite a edgy, rock-ish style which I like and I love her brunette hair - jealous much.

I also came across this picture of Audrina in Australia. I LOVE her blazer!
I really like the whole outfit actually :D. Sadly I'm still on the hunt for a nice blazer :( one day my dream blazer will come.....
What do you think of Audrina's style?
I was going to ask who's style do you like better but Audrina and Lauren have totally different styles, there wouldn't really be a comparison (let me know if you disagree! :D)