Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Lauren's Oversized vibrant clutch

I loveeee Lauren's bag!

It is so vibrant and pretty. It dresses up her white sun dress and is just gorgeous!

Topshop have an over sized clutch but it isn't as big as Lauren'. It comes in pink as well as the purple - I prefer the pink as it is more vibrant plus I'm not really a purple person. I really like the envelope opening of the bag, it costs £25 (VAT Comes off at the checkout and remember ye old' student discount!).

I am definitely going to pick myself up an over sized clutch for a different day bag and as a bright, fun evening clutch.
PS How nice and sunny is it in that picture? Ugh I want summer to come so badly (like it will ever be that sunny here but I can dream)

Eva Mendes Take Two

WARNING: Picture overload!!

I did a post about Eva Mendes a while ago but since then her style has change a little bit.
Either she has a new stylist or shes wearing what she wants to wear.

She has been wearing some really pretty classic dresses that suit her shape.

I love her polka dot dress - it is really simple but still edgy and chic.

The dress on the right has to be my favourite. It is really classy and pretty. The purple skinny belt pulls the look together. I love the red shoes (which she has worn in with the first dress and the second). They go with the dress perfectly and add another colour into the mix as the dress doesn't have any red in it.

This dress is really simple but the pattern make its a statement dress instead of simply being a shift dress. Its quite quirky and different which is never a bad thing. I'm not a massive fan of aqua but it works well with the black and Eva's skin tone.

It got a really 50s/60s feel about it - which is a style that I love so she gets extra points for that!

How gorgeous is this dress?

It is so vibrant and happy! Canary yellow is without a doubt a statement shade to wear and Eva pulls it off reallllly really well.

It works with her skintone and her brunette hair. I love the fact that she has kept everything else really simple; her hair, make up and accesories, making the dress stand out more (how could you not stand out in that?!)

And finally my favourite of Eva's outfit .....

I love coats; trench coats, rain coats, winter coats - coats are my love!
This coat is gorgeous - it is simple and classic. I love this outfit because it is casual but has a bit of glamour and effort behind it and as Coco Chanel said
"I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny. "
Eva has kept everything else really simple which shows that this is a more relaxed look but it is still a really beautiful look.
Which of Eva's outfits do you like the best? Or do you not like any of them?

Monday, 29 December 2008

MAC's Snob Lipstick

As a Christmas gift from my Auntie I got Snob lipstick from MAC.
It is a pale pink or as MAC describe it 'a ladylike mauve' (whatever that means?!) and it is a satin finish.
The colour is really pretty and I like it a lot. It is something a bit different from what I usually wear which is mainly a nude like Barry M's 101 or MAC Hue lipstick or underage lip glass or Nars Turkish Delight. It is a little bit brighter and a nice change for me.
I am thinking about getting Nars Roman Holiday - partly because the colour is really pretty and because I am a massive Audrey Hepburn fan and of course that was the title of her first movie. Also, I am going to get Nars Sabrina which I have been meaning to get for along time but have never gotten round to it so this week I am hopefully going to pick that up.

Topshop Clutch

Looking for a cute, statement clutch for New Years Eve??
Check out Topshop - I was having a look around the website today and came across this clutch.
How pretty and glamorous is that?!
It is £25 (without VAT reduction!) and if you are along suffering student like myself then you get 10% off that as well.
It would amazing with a dinner jacket, black top, black jeans and some killer heels in a vibrant colour such as red.
Or you could use it to vamp up a LBD or add a touch of detail to a brightly coloured party dress.
No matter what you wear this with people will be looking and asking question! Who wouldn't its amazing!
What is everyone wearing for New Years? Anything special?

Scarlett Johansson's Dress

How beautiful is this dress Scarlett Johansson is wearing?
I'm not a huge fan of the colour purple but the shade of this dress is gorgeous. It can be a difficult colour to pull off but it seems to work with her skin tone.

This dress suits Scarlett's shape as it highlights her small waist. She has kept her hair and accessories simple which make the dress even more of a statement piece.
It is a really simple, classic dress that it most definitely timeless. There is a lot of old Hollywood 50s glamour about this dress and I think that is one of the main reasons that I love it so much.
If anyone sees something similar in the shops let me know! I will definitely be buying it!!
What do you think of Scarlett's dress? Do you love or loath the colour?

Friday, 26 December 2008

Red Nails

Before I start ....
Merry Christmas and I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and got everything they wished for. I had a lovely Christmas with my family and Santa Claus was very good to me.
Now back to the red nails ...
I have a shocking number of nail varnishes in my little nail drawer in my room - I'm actually ashamed especially seen as I hardly use 3/4 of them!
No matter what new colour of nail varnish I buy/how much I spend on a bottle of nail varnish I always seem to go back to my trusty Rimmel Dancin' Queen nail varnish.
It is a bright vibrant red and seems to be my 'comfort blanket' nail varnish. I don't know what it is about this colour that I love but it is without a doubt my favourite nail varnish colour.
Do you have a favourite nail varnish? What is it (maybe it will break my dancin' queen love)?!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

My Hair ... Again!

I was considering cutting my hair short .. that is now not happening!
Then I was considering going darker but now I kind of want to lighten up my hair with a few blonde highlights and things but I'm not 100% sure yet.
So I have decided to use blonde shampoo and conditioner with other blonde hair products to see if I like my hair a little lighter. My hair isn't that dark it is a light brown/very dark blonde when I don't use Brunette shampoo & conditioner so I'm guessing that when I use products for blonde hair it will just bring out the natural blonde in my hair.
This is day one of project legally blonde and I will let you know how I get on with it.
Are any of you considering a hair style change for the new year?

Jaime Winstone

How cute is this dress?
I'm not a massive fan of Jaime Winstone - I know she is an actress but I've never seen her in anything so I can't really comment on whether or not she is talented but she does wear some gorgeous dresses.
I love the contrast between the black and navy blue and the way that she has kept it simple instead of trying to make it more fancy or edgy.
She has gorgeous strappy wedge heels on and the belt around the middle finishes off the look perfectly.
This is just a little more conservative than Lily's dress but that one is still a favourite.
What do you think of Jaime's dress?

Cheap Cleanser?

For a moisturiser I use Baby Lotion simply because its cheap and doesn't have a strong scent (one of my pet hates!). I had been using baby wipes to take my make-up off until I tried using baby lotion with cotton wool to take it off.
Using the baby lotion to take off my make-up has left my skin feeling really clean and soft. It has improved the appearance of my skin and it doesn't dry out as quickly anymore - which is always a good thing!
I just use the basic Tesco baby lotion and then wash my face with either the Neutrogena Wash & Mask or the exfoliating wash depending on which one I choose but it is mostly the wash and mask.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Lily Allen's Dress

Not something you could wear everyday but it is still an amazing outfit!

Lily Allen's outfit is very Hollywood 60's glamour here - not really practical for everyday. you could have a few accident - but she looks amazing in it.

The dress flatters her shape and it is obviously a dress that will make you stand out.

People will probably slag her for this and say shes attention seeking but personally its an amazing dress that is difficult to carry off but she does it really well and looks gorgeous.

What do you think of Lily's dress? Yay or nay?

Miss Pettigrew lives for a day

I've just finished reading 'Miss Pettigrew lives for a day' by Winifred Watson this morning.
I started reading it on Thursday when I wasn't feeling well and I couldn't put it down. It is loosely a Cinderella story set in pre-war Britain and it is fantastic!
The movie of it is out in March on DVD but I'd say read the book first as it is the original story and in the movie there are added scenes.
Its definitely a girlie book and easy to read. Get it - its amazing! It is now officially One of my favourite books!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

16 Facts Tag

I was tagged by Kerry1487. So here are my 16 facts!
My 16 Facts ....
* I live in Glasgow but hopefully am moving to Edinburgh next year.
* I am really emotionally and cry at anything practically!
*I am a Topshop Hoe! My friends don't ask were I get things from anymore they just know that it is Topshop.
* I love musicals. They always make you feel better when you feeling a bit down.
* My favourite colour is black, I buy everything in black.
* I love fashion even more than make up.
* I always have music on - without it the day seems a little bit boring.
* My favourite designers are Chanel and Christian Louboutin.
* I love the summer time. Hot sunny weather is the best kind in my opinion.
* I love reading. Give me a good book and you won't hear from me for hours.
* I love romance & romantic films.
* My birthday is on Halloween.
* I have one older brother, who is more of a friend than a brother.
* My favourite drinks are cocktails!
* I am shy around new people and take a while to get to know people.
* I am studying Business at the moment but want to study marketing with consumer studies next year.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

My Question Answered

I said in a post that eye make-up didn't appear to make that much of a difference but apparently it does!
I didn't wear eyeliner or mascara to work today and got told by 3 different people that it looked "weird" and by another that I looked really tired today!
So my question has been answered .. eye makeup does make a difference!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Studio Fix Fluid is Love!

A while ago I wrote about my hate for studio fix fluid but my opinion has now changed on it!

I recently bought MAC's prep+prime and tried Studio Fix Fluid again and I love it.

It even out my skin tone, cover everything up and with the primer underneath it doesn't feel cakey or like I'm wearing make-up.

I could have tried smiling but anyways ....

My shade is NW25, during the summer I bought the Minerlized Satin Finish which was perfect for my skin tone at that time of year however when I have been using it during winter it was a little too dark for me even with my weekly application of fake tan! The Studio Fix Fluid colour is a little paler and matches my skin tone a lot better for the time of year.

What I said about Studio Fix Fluid before I totally take back due to the Prep+Prime without it I would probably still loath and detest Studio Fix Fluid.

A little posing for good measure ....

Does eye make-up make a difference?

I couldn't be bothered putting on eye liner and mascara one day because I was only going for a driving lesson and to the shops that day so I didn't see much point in putting it on.

I didn't really notice that much difference in my face apart from my eye didn't stand out as much.

I took a picture ...

You can't really see my eyes because my fringe is in the way but they don't stand out as much as in picture where I have eye make-up on.

I like wearing eye make-up but now that I've tried this once I'll probably start doing this on day when I'm only going out for an hour or so.

What do you think, does eye make-up make a difference?

Friday, 12 December 2008


Everybody seems to be wearing blazer at the moment and I must admit I am one of them!

I have always worn blazer since about the age of 16, I don't know really what it is about them that I like I just like them!

Topshop have some nice ones as do Gap. It is a little cold at the moment to be wearing a blazer (I live in Scotland -- say no more!) but when spring rolls around I will definitely be wearing mine again.

A few celebrity fans of the blazer are ....

Kate Moss ofcourse!

Lauren Conrad

Should I get my hair cut?

At the moment my hair is quiet long and dry basically!

I got it cut in September and got a fringe and some long layers cut in but its all grown out now and if I'm being honest I'm a little bored with it.

I'm kind of lazy when it come to hair care -- I wash it, if I remember spray on some heat spray and put in some mousse, blow dry it and curl it with the straighteners. All of this has left my hair split at the end and a bit dry and lifeless to say the least.

So I was considering getting my hair cut like .......

It is kind of short but I think its nice, what do you think?

I haven't had my hair short but alongggggg time but it would be a nice change and would mean that by the time "summer" comes around my hair will be healthy and longer which is never a bad thing.

Monday, 8 December 2008


After hearing loads of postive things about MAC's prep and prime i decided to buy it and i love it!
As you know i wasn't a fan of studio fix fluid but after i tried it over this stuff it is now my new love!
You don't need alot of it about one and a half pumps. I put it on over my moisturiser and wait for that to dry then I put on my foundation, conclear and powder.
It makes your skin look flawless and natural -- which i didn't find with SFF before.
This stuff has actually made me like studio fix fluid & i am defo repurchasing both when they run out!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

I'm Back :D

I haven't updated this in agess but i have been really busy with college -- exams etc, work & i have been sick alot recently.
But i'm back now anyways and i have been doing alot of clothes shopping recently so I will show you what i got soon ... probs wednesday coz i have a half day in college.
i also got a few mac goodies aswell but im yet to try these out.
take care x

Thursday, 27 November 2008


I am a blush addict! I have recentely started really getting in to blush. I used to wear eyeshadow and that was my "thing" but now all I wear is eyeliner.
I've wanted a new blush for ages and the other day decided to buy Nars Deep Throat.
I love this stuff. It is a gorgeous light pink colour with gold through it and it is just gorgeous.
It is the perfect blush for my skin tone. It is light which makes it look more natural and it is just a gorgeous colour.
I also got Nars Turkish Delight lip gloss which I'm a little disappointed in.
For £17 I expected the most amazing lip gloss ever but sadly that wasn't what I got.
It's a gorgeous colour but I feels weird, thick kind of feeling and a little gritty. This may just be me but I was expecting more. Maybe my expectations were too high?!
I wasn't impressed with the lip gloss but I will definetely be buying more of their blushes in the future as they are fantastic quality.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

I needed a new mascara the other week and I had heard amazing reviews about L'oreal voluminous so I got that.
This mascara is the best 'high street' mascara I have tried, it makes my lashes thick and full. It is just amazing.
Sadly, there is something in it that irritates my eyes.
My eyes are super super sensitive and I can't use anything waterproof because it just irritates the heck out of them and it looks like this is another one to add to the list.
I'm actually really disappointed coz this is an amazing mascara that does exactly what I want it to do but I would rather have not sore eyes than amazing lashes after today!
So now I'm considering buying either a Chanel mascara, YSL Faux Cils or
my love (these mascaras never irritate your eyes!) Lancome.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Favourite November Products!

Seen as November is drawing to a close (scary, I know! This year has gone super duper fast!) I thought I would do my five favourite products of November.

Every time I do something like this it is always five things but O'well.

So my five favourite things are ....

Numero Uno .. Barry M Lip paint in 101

Ive already done a post on this and The Body Shop Born Lippy Watermelon lip balm so i won't say too much but this stuff is my favourite lipstick of the moment. It is a little scary at first but with some underage lip glass or the lip balm its much nicer.

Number Two .. Rimmel Mover (080) nail varnish

This is just a black nail varnish but I really love it at the moment. I used to wear it all the time on my toes but recently I've been wearing it on my fingers and I LOVE it. Plus its cheap!

Number Three .. Tresemme Heat Defence

I'm not a huge fan of Tresemme, personally I find there products over rated but this stuff is pretty good. Im lazy and most of the time forget or can't be bothered with a heat spray but I've been using this alot and it seems to do the job and again its cheap!

Number Four .. L'oreal high Shine shampoo and conditioner

This stuff is awesome. Doesn't weight down your hair or make it really greasy. It just leaves it clean, super soft and shiny! Its cheap and widely available, what more could you ask for?!

Number Five .. MSF Natural

MSF's are the best buys EVER! They last ages, make your skin look nice and aren't overlay pricey. These things are my love! Ive done a few posts on these as well and said most of how I feel about them in that so I won't repeat myself (that would just be boring!).

What are your favourite products of November? or your least favourite? x

Sunday, 16 November 2008

10 Beauty Resolutions

While moisturising my extremely dry skin last night I realised that I didn't actually do it enough, I wait until my skin is really really dry and my eczema is appearing again before I do
anything about it.
This said I have decided to give myself 10 resolutions and see if I can actually stick to them.
My resolutions.
1. Moisturise daily.
2. Take my make up off properly every night.
3. Wash my make up brushes more frequently.
4. Use heat protector spray on my hair everyday.
5. Stop buying nail varnishes in the same shades but from different brands.
6. Floss!!
7. Drink more water.
8. Exfoliate before fake tanning.
9. Don't wait until my eyebrows reach bushy stage before getting them waxed.
10. Stop touching my spots, I know deep down it only makes them worse!
So that's my resolutions, lets see if I can actually stick to them!

My Five Must Have Items

These five items I don't think I could go without.
I always buy them no matter what and I love them!

My five items are ....

fake tan - everyone looks better with a tan! Plus this stuff is cheap, £2 at asda or £4 for a bigger bottle.

Mascara - if I didn't have time to do eyeliner and possibly eyeshadow then I would just put two coats of mascara. Everyone needs mascara in my opinion.

Nail Varnish - I never don't have nail varnish on, I don't know why but for about the past year my nails have not been colourless.

Carmex - the best thing to treat dry, chapped lips. This is cheap as well!

MSF - I love these things! I've posted about them lots before and I love them just as much now as I did then.

What would you have as your can't live without products?

Friday, 14 November 2008


So I finally ran out of my mineralized skin finish natural today and decided seen as my lecture finished early I would head down to my MAC counter to get a new one.
When I got there the MA said that there wasn't any medium shades left but medium plus was very similar so I decided to give it ago.
The verdict is .......
i LOVE it!
It is so much nicer than the medium, it is a little darker but not that much.
It is just a lot warmer and makes my skin look warmer.
I think this may have been a sign that I should be using medium plus instead of medium,
maybe but then again maybe not.
I am totally addicted to MSF's and was seriously considering getting petticoat today,
but sadly didn't.
Maybe next week! ... or tomorrow.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Rimmel Nail varnish

I have got into the way of always having my nails painted.
It is normally red, pink, deep browns or black. I wanted to try something different because basically I have a problem with nail varnishes and I can't stop buying them even
if I have the same colour but a different brand - ridiculous i know.
Anyways, i was in boots and was looking at the Rimmel bit. This is when i came across an old favourite from a few years ago, french manicure in 442 french rose.
It is a very pale pink and I like to apply 2 or 3 coats to make it a little more matte instead of sheer. It is a really nice soft colour that gives your nails colour without it being a bright red or whatever!
Its cheap, it works and it is definitely going to be a product I use over and over again.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

My New coat ...

So I have been looking for a good winter coat for agessss and today i finally found one that I liked.
I got this from Topshop it costs £75 but with my student discount it was £68.10 and i got £65 for birthday money so i payed £3.10!! bargain!
I really love it and think it will be one that i will wear next winter, which i never ever do.

Barry M Lip Paint & Body Shop lip balm

If like you are a big fan of nude lips, like myself then I would
recommend getting the Barry m lip paint in number 101.
I think its called cafe Au lait.
It is a really pale pinky-flesh tone colour.
When you first put it on its a little scary and looks really fake
but I discovered that if you put the body shops born lippie lip balm in watermelon (which is a nude pink) over the top it gives it more shine and makes it more life like.
It is really gorgeous and is now my favourite lip combination.

Holly Wiloughby

I'm not a fan of the x factor at all... i've never watched it and properly never will but i saw in a magazine that Holly Wiloughby was pregnant and there was a picture of her wearing a gorgeous grey dress (its the last picture), i thought it was really nice so i goggled her and actually found that i really like her fashion sense!

she always looks really glamorous and classic. shes curvy and knows what works for her shape and what doesn't which is a hard thing to master sometimes!

Should I dye my hair?

I have been waiting for this day to return and it came last week ... sadly.
My hair is slowly starting to go grey. Its not all of a sudden grey its just random stands
but I have started to notice it more and more.
This got me thinking, I have always wanted to have a darker brown shade of hair so this could be a really good chance for me to get it.
My natural hair colour is brown with some blonde in it but if I use brunette shampoo (which I do every second day) my hair goes a little darker and I really like it.
I have heard from a friend that works as a hairdressers that you should go either two shades lighter or two shades darker than your natural colour so I think its going to be two shades darker.
I really love Claudia Winkleman's hair in the picture below, in older pictures it looks as if we have similar hair colours naturally but I think the colour her hair is in that picture is a little too dark for me ... what do you think?

Sunday, 9 November 2008

MSF's a waste of money?

The answer to that question would be no!
I bought a MSF natural in April/May and that is me just now hitting pan around the outside and I am definitely going to be buying another one when I finally run out.
For £16.50 and nearly 8 months of use with loads of product left over they are definitely value for money.
Get this ... they are amazing! x

Thursday, 6 November 2008


For my birthday last Friday my brother kindly bought me one of the perfumes
I had been dieing to get for along long time.

This perfume is Chloe. It is gorgeous and doesn't cause incredibly painful headaches which is most definitely a plus!

I love the vintage style bottle & the scent (which does help in the loving of a perfume process!).

I actually love this perfume so much I have decided to make it 'my scent'. So hopefully before long people will smell it and think of me (A).

If your looking for a nice, grown up perfume I would say then I would define telly look into Chloe.

It is a little pricey but if you get it at this time in boots you can get the gift set and receive a 50ml bottle and the body lotion for £45 instead of just the 50ml bottle. x

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Straight Vs Curly

I have been told recently by a few people that I suit my hair better curly
and I have to admit I have always felt this but had straighted it simply to fit in.
Since I got my hair cut and got my fringe back I have curled it almost everyday.
I think curly hair, on me, is much softer and a bit more put together than it being straight

I think the curls makes my face appear softer, with straight hair I think my feature
looks really strong and a little harsh.

So from now on it is curly hair for me, straight just doesn't work for me ... sadly!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

One Word Wonders

I saw this on 'The Makeup diaries' blog and saw that she tagged anybody that read it so I thought I would do it because I thought it was a fun idea.
So here goes ....
1. Clothes: Away to express yourself, how your feeling or who you are. I wear kinda smart/casual. Sometimes its jeans & a top or a skirt or a dress but I always seem to wear a cardigan with whatever I have on. Not sure why?!
2. Furniture: French boudoir style. Classic furniture really. Or in a similar style to Jane's apartment in 27 Dresses!
3. Sweet: Insolence perfume by Givenchy.
4. City: Glasgow, because I'm from here. Edinburgh, because I desperately want to go there for Uni next year. Paris, most romantic city in the world.
5. Drink: Cocktails ... cosmopolitan, key west cooler. Water & Irn bru.
6. Music: Like a little of everything.
7. TV Series: The Hills, Friends, The OC .. the list goes on!
8. Film: Anything with a love story or a musical. Nothing to serious or heavy because that's not really me.
9. Pastries: is a yum yum a pastry?? if so then a yum yum, you just can beat them!
10. Coffee: cappuccino ... the real one not the instant stuff in the packs.
Sooo amazingly good!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is amazing in my opinion. Shes an amazing actress, is gorgeous
and has really good taste in clothes.
I love this evening gown she is wearing. It flatters her curves and is really feminine and pretty. I also love her natural make-up and relaxed hair style.

I like what Eva I wearing in this picture but I think I would prefer the shirt with a pair of straight or skinny jeans and the wide leg jeans with a more fitted top. Together I'm just not loving it.

This outfit I adore! It is similar to Lily Allen's outfit at the fashion shows in Paris. I love everything about the dress; the colour, the shape everything! I also love her shoes ... how gorgeous are they?

Monday, 27 October 2008

Charles Worthington Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

So I've have found a good shampoo & conditioner to give my hair volume but I really wanted something to make it really shiny & soft so I bought Charles Worthington Brilliant Shine shampoo and conditioner. It was 2 for £6 which isn't bad.
I thought I would love this stuff but sadly I'm not overly impressed by it.
I find it weighs my hair down and hasn't made it particularly shiny at all which is a little disappointing to say the least.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is a Victoria's secret model and the girlfriend of Orlando Bloom & she has incredible taste in clothes.
Her main item seems to be blazers. She wears them with jeans mostly and with a cute bag like the pictures below. She always looks casual but still like shes made an effort which can sometimes be a hard thing to achieve but I think she does it really really well.

Friday, 24 October 2008


From years of straightening, my hair has become quiet flat and thin although it is quiet thick

I wanted my hair to be a bit more big and full of volume so I was in Boots one day and decided to pick up some Aussie products.

I got the Dual Personality volume and gloss mousse, the dual personality volume and gloss hairspray and the Real volume shampoo and conditioner.

I change the two shampoos I used every time they run out so that my hair doesn't get too used to what its being washed with. The shampoo and conditioner even after three weeks of use is still washing my hair really well, giving it volume and making it shiny & soft.
This stuff wasn't over ally expensive but it is a really good brand. The products smelly gorgeous, they don't weigh down your hair it just leaves your hair feeling clean and soft.
The mouse and spray are amazing as well and I will definitely repurchase all of these products again sometime in the future. The reason I won't be repurchasing when they run out is simply I'm fickle and I like to see what else is out there also your hair has a 'memory' and using the same product too much causes the products to have no effect.
Aussie is a really really good brand however and definitely a good buy!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Studio Fix Fluid V Mineralize Satin Finish

What do I think about MAC's Studio Fix Fluid & there Mineralize Satin Finish Foundations?
I have tried both of these foundations and one I absolutely love, the other I'm not a fan off at all.

These foundations each cost £19 and are available from MAC counters/stores & mac.co.uk. My colour match was NW25 and this is the perfect colour for my skin.

I will start with the Studio Fix Fluid.

I bought this because I had heard so many good things about it & thought it was exactly what I was looking for. The first time I tried it I really liked it however after using this for nearly four week I am not so keen on it.

Why? you ask well .... to me it feels really heavy on my skin & looks really heavy. A look that I am not a fan of at all. The finish is matte but I have come to realise that I prefer a more lumious look.

The coverage of this foundation is incrediable but its just too matte and heavy for me. I like wearing make-up infact I love it but this just made me feel like I had caked it on and looked every so slightly like a clown.

The Mineralize Satin Finish .... this is my kind of foundation.

The coverage it light-medium and is buildable and if you have any under eye circles, spots etc etc a little but of select cover up solves those problems.

This gave a light, natural finish and didn't feel like I had make-up on at all. This didn't dry out my skin or cause spots which I did find with the SFF. I love the glowy look this foundation gives.

I am a little disappointed that I didn't love SFF as I had heard so many amazing things about it but its just not for me and to be honest if something isn't right for you why bother continuing with. You've got to do what makes you happy! Ha only I could get meaningful about a foundation but anyways!

I have made the decision to back to MAC the Studio Fix Fluid and re-purchase the Mineralize satin finish.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

17 Eyeshadow

So I was going through the make-up I don't use anymore and came across this 17 eyeshadow.
When I was about 15/16 I used to wear this all the time but then I got out of the habit of using it.
I tried it again today and I really love it. Its a gorgeous chocolate brown with golden undertones. Its a really pretty neutral that adds a bit of detail to your eyes.
I didn't use any other shadow just this one (which i don't know the name of because its rubbed off but i have hit pan so i will be getting a new one soon.)
Its pretty cheap at £2.89 but it does need a good primer underneath. I really like this with some winged eyeliner, a sweet cheek & a nude lipstick with some pink lipgloss over the top.

How it looks in the pan.

On my eyes, the lighting's bad but its the best i could do sorry!

Some posing for good measure!

Monday, 20 October 2008


I realised today that I haven't done any make-up on here
for ages so tomorrow I'm going to do something for this. Probably a neutral brown look because that's really all i do for daytime but I might but a twist to it ... wait and see how time goes etc etc.

Also, before i finish that rather short post I just
wanted to say how much i love Nicola Roberts hair!
It is so chic & classic. She really suits and it its nice to see her embracing her pale skin. She seems to have come into her own as of late & she looks all the more confident for it.

Anyways ... make up look tomorrow hopefully & a haul soon as well.

Take care x

Friday, 17 October 2008






Thursday, 16 October 2008

Victoria Beckham!

How amazingly gorgeous is Victoria Beckham's hair?!
She has had it like this for a few weeks now but I was looking at a magazine and noticed how gorgeous it is.

She really really suits it and she looks amazing. It is very Audrey Hepburn-esque & is really cute & feminine. It is cut textured but this could easily be achieved with products such as wax.
I don't care what anyone has to say about Victoria Beckham, I think she is gorgeous & amazing and I just love her. Shes awesome although a little too skinny!
The pixie cut as been all over the catwalks for autumn/winter 08 and seen on the likes of Rihanna, Agyness Deyn and Sarah Harding. x

Love for the LBD

Everybody needs a perfect LBD in there wardrobe!

It is an essential that can be worn a millions time but made to look different with accessories, shoes, hair & make-up.

Some celebrities LBD ...

Penelope Cruz looks amazing in this fringed dress with a sparkly blazer over the top! I really love this dress.

Victoria Secrets model Miranda Kerr looks gorgeous in this black shift dress with rounded courts & a fasinator.

Best of the high street ....

This fringe dress is by Topshop and is very similair to Penelope Cruz' dress. It costs £38 but I would suggest getting one fast as they are selling like hot cakes!

This dress is from ASOS and is in the style of Eva Mendez. It is a gorgeous dress & would look great with some killer heels! This costs £38 and is avaliable in three colours x

Monday, 13 October 2008

Five Things I'm Loving Just Now

I decided to make a new monthly thing called 5 Things I'm Loving just now so here is Octobers!! Enjoy :D x

Numbero Uno ....

Rings! I don't know why but I'm loving big rings just now. They add something to an outfit I think. Topshop, Miss Selfridge & Oasis have some really nice ones at the moment!

.... Numbers Two!

Chloe Eau De Parfume! This isn't a new perfume but I really love it, I think it is probebly my all time favourite scent! It is really fresh and girly but it is a little pricey! Oh and I loveeeeee the vintage style bottle .. looks good on your dressing table!

Number Three...

Day dresses! tea dresses have been in fashion for a while now but i think they are so comfy. worn with tights, boots & a leather bomber you get a really nice, finished look. Plus it keeps you dry & warm during the winter! Topshop have some really nice ones as do H&M.

... Number Four

These grey shoe-boots from Topshop. They are really similar to Lily Allen's pink Louboutin but alot cheaper! They would look gorgeous with some black jeans or wear them like Lily with a skirt and some black tights.

Number Five ...

Mac Dollymix blush! I love this, it such a pretty colour. It is a pink with silver flicks in it & it is just gorgeous! It look great with winged liner & pinky lips. It is my new favourite blush. it is so easy to wear and is just stunning! It does look really scary in the pan but applied with a light hand it is really fresh & pretty!