Sunday, 25 October 2009

Think I want you still but there may be pills at work...

This is my OOTN for last night ... after much help from girls on Twitter I decided to go for this blue skirt from Topshop with a black vest top and short cardigan. I also wore a patent skinny waist belt and some black tights.
Hope everyone had a good weekend x

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Come on baby we ain't gonna live forever, let me show you all the things we could do..

Hello =) ...

I got my haircut - went for the chop. It really needed it, in the picture it doesn't look as short as it actually is but it is pretty short compared to what it was before and I really like it. Styling time is cut in half! Always a plus :P

This is just a picture of the other night when we went out - always seem to wear that Topshop dress, I do love it so. I asked for a few more similar ones for my birthday so hopefully I can mix it up a little.

Anyways, uni has been pretty mad - work is coming in thick and fast now which is never good. Having a little panic about a couple of presentations - not from fear of doing them - just because I am not 100% sure about what I am meant to talk about. My plan is to simply do my best - that is all I can really do after all!

I am still really loving Lo - she always looks really classy. I love her sequin top, very in fashion at the moment :)

Hope everyone is well and is having a good weekend.

Take care x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A to Z of Me!

I saw this on and decided to do it aswell ...
A .. lochol. Not that I think drinking is essential for a good time but I enjoy a drink and like the confidence that come from having a drink.
B ..oys. What can I say, they are my favourite pass time :P Love a bit of eye candy LOL
C ..lothes. I love clothes! Buying new stuff is always good fun :D
D .. ancing. If you can call it that. I say I don't like to dance but deep down I love it!
E .. yeliner. I feel the need to wear a large amount of the stuff on a daily basis but what can I say, it's my thing.
F .. amily. Since moving away I have realised how much I love and miss my family!
G ..lasgow. You can't beat the place! Since moving away I have realised how much I love the place.
H .. alloween. The one day that you can dress up silly and not be looked at weird. Plus it's my Birthday :D
I .. love Ps I Love you :P Makes me cry everytime!
J..oking. I like to crack the jokes, it is who I am! People sometimes think I am being rude but if I insult/make fun of you it's because I like you!
K..ings of Leon. Marry me!
L.. aughing. I am a pretty happy person and love to laugh. Laughter is the way to my heart without a doubt!
M.. usic. I can't go a day without playing some music. I love it when songs remind you of a time aswell and the feeling you get (if it's a good memory!) when you hear the song.
N .. ail polish. The last time I didn't have nail polish on was about a year ago which probably isn't good for my nails but I hate the way my hands look without nail polish on. I also have a mahoosive amount of the stuff - too much for one person really :P
O ..pal Fruits aka Starburst. That is a bit of a cheat but whatever. Favourite sweetie hands down.
P .. aracetamol. WHere would we be without this stuff?! :P
Q .. Pass!
R.. oses. My favourite flower!
S..hoes. I love the happy feeling you get when you buy a pair of shoes that you are totally in love with.
T .. opshop. I would live there if I could! I am thee Topshop whore :P
U.. Pass!
V... odka. My tipple of choice.
W.. ater. An essential for living!
X.. mas - copied this one, it is hard!
Y.. ou me at six! I don't care what other people say they are awesome :P who knew pokerface could get better?!
Z..oo. I love visiting the zoo - don't ask why!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Let me be your supernova, before you make the biggest mistake of your life

As some of you may know I have moved away from home for uni - ok, it's not exactly outer Mongolia - but it is a big step!
It can be scary at times; having to pay rent, get food and generally just manage your time well oh and house work (yuck!)
Since being here I have been enjoying myself but I have been letting skincare and haircare slip a touch. A few too many beverages has led to passing out with a full face of make up! Fair enough there are a million other things that are worse but spots get on my nerves!
Not taking off my make up and diet I think are the main culprits for my break out. Too much of Mr Smirnoff and not enough Mr Volvic!
This being said, I am going to start taking better care of my skin. Meaning I am going to take my make up off properly and wash my face (this will be fun after a night out!) and put on spot cream, moisturiser or Bio Oil. I am also going to drink more water and eat less junk. Five a day and all that jazz.
My hair ...
I feel like I am always on here moaning about my hair!
I noticed in pictures that the ends of my hair are really dry and straw like - so not a good look - so I have booked myself in for a haircut on Friday and am going for the chop.
After this has been done I am going to start using a heat defence spray on a regular basis and not over styling my hair ie back combing till my hair can take no more!
I really want to go running but am self conscious about people seeing me but I have decided that life's too short and if I want to do it then I am going to, I don't care what people think really.
Anyways, that's all I had to say, thought I should put it in writing :D
Have a good week everyone.
Take Care x

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Good girls go bad...

Right, I am going for a haircut this week and am unsure of what I want done - I know, it's totally not like me!
Anyways here are the options..
1. Claudia's shoulder length cut with a side fringe

2. Olivia's long, layered cut. Obviously I will get a trim but this will be what I am going for!
Also, how rockin' is her outfit!

Let me know what you think :D x

Anything that's worth having, sure enough worth fighting for...

I am trying to get back in blogging on a more regular basis - uni has been a touch busy. Had my first test that I didn't do too well in which I am annoyed with myself about but it has given me a reality check which is never a bad thing!
The title of this post is from Cheryl Cole's new song - I hate the song, think it's total pish but I like that line!
Hope everyone is well and had a good weekend.
Love Emma x

Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down....

Helllo :D
I have been watching the new season of The Hills and I have to say it is SO good!
I loved it when Lauren was the main character but we are only on episode two and it is already uber exciting!
Fair enough it is a bit fake but it is entertaining!
Anyways, in episode two Audrina and Lo are doing a gig thing and Lo's outfit caught my eye.

I like the fact that it is dressy but not overly dressy because of the cardigan. She also has some gorgeous chandelier earrings on. I love Lo, a bit more than Lauren I think!
What every ones thoughts on Lo's outfit and the new season of the hills?
Hope everyone is well :D x