Monday, 30 March 2009

In & Outs Twenty

Whats in for Monday
  • Lincoln Park after Dark - love it! I'm not a fan of pure black nail polish but two coats of this and it looks like it is but with a browny/purple undertone.
  • Booked my theory test woooo - all I need to do now is study!
  • Watching Season 2 of The Hills. This is my favourite season so far, I think. Heidi is really pretty and nice(!) In this season.
  • Feeling better :D
  • My new sunglasses - I love them!! Favourite thing I've bought so far this year
Whats out for Monday
  • Nail varnish drying up in the bottle meaning you can't open it and have to bin it :'(
  • My exam is in just over a month eekkk. Fingers crossed I passed :D
  • Skinny jeans - cannot pull these bad boys off! But I'm still wearing them!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

What do you think of the Sunnies?

What do you think of these sun glasses?
Yay or nay?
There from Jeepers Peepers and were a total bargain at £5!!
PS I don't no whats going on with my face in this picture??!! Don't ask!

An insipration.....

While reading Cosmo I came across an interview with plus size model Crystal Renn, after reading the interview about what she had done to become a model I thought she is a true inspiration.

At the 14 Crystal entered the modelling world and spend 8 hours a day in the gym to lose weight as she had been instructed. She lost almost a third of her body weight!!

After health problems, she realised what she was doing isn't healthy and is now a happy and healthy UK 14 (A US 12, I think??)

She models for Evans and has done shows for the likes of Jean-Paul Gaultier. Crystal has also been on the front cover of four international Vogue editions.

Shes looks amazing and healthy which is the main thing. In my opinion she is an inspiration :)

Friday, 27 March 2009

In & Out Nineteen

Whats in for Friday
Watching Season 1 the Hills - when it was sort of real unlike now :)
Sex and the City - on season 4 :)
Rimmel Lycra pro nail polish - nice colours and its cheap!
Whats out for Friday
Being sick :(
My lack of interesting blog posting - sorry! Busy and not feeling well but I will try to blog about something interesting soon :D

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

In & Out Eighteen

Whats in for Wednesday
Sleeping - lots of it!
Fred Perry plimsole type shoes - so comfy only problem they give you socking feet when it rains.
Chicken soup with bread & butter - got to have the bread & butter!
Irn Bru - always makes me feel better.
Whats out for Wednesday
I think I'm getting the cold - I feel like rubbish; coughing, sneezing, pounding head :(
My lighter hair - I prefer my darker hair. My make-up looks better and I can wear bright pink blush without looking funny.
The hick-ups - they hurt and are EXTREMLY annoying.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What I wouldn't Give.....

Olivia Palmero doesn't come across as the most friendly person on The City.
However, her clothes are amazing & she has nice hair (sounds shallow but this makes me like her a little bit!)
Be ready for serious jealousy....
Look at her wardrobe!
jealous much ... I would LOVE a wardrobe like this.
So organised and full of amazing clothes plus the carpet rocks!
This and Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe make me so unbeliavbly green with envy! :)x

Monday, 23 March 2009

For a picture of my new hair colour......

I did plan on posting the picture up here but I deleted it off my computer so here is the link to my daily booth.

For comparisons sake heres my hair before...
It was a deeper brown, now it is a little more blondy/brown and I like it :D

Please excuse my grumpy face and my lack of face make up! (Scary I know!)

More people get on Dailybooth - its fun! :D x

In & Out Seventeen

Whats in for Monday
Pilates & Kick Boxing
Sunshine :D
Having a good driving lesson
Having a productive day
My new hair colour :D Loving it although its not a major change
Pay day on friday - wooo shopping Warehouse, MAC & most likely Topshop
Hot Office guy - ugh I think I love him lolol
Whats out for Monday
Random spot breakout
Studio Sculpt :@ Total love/hate relationship. But I have decided to go back to Minerlized satin finish but get it in a shade lighter. Roll on Pay day
Not many outs - having a good day :D

Sienna Miller

On my daily trawl round my usual sites I came across this picture of Sienna Miller. She has a pretty floral dress on with a leather jacket.
I really love mixing florals with a leather jacket or a biker style jacket. In my opinion it makes the floral dress, skirt whatever a little more edgy and less pretty and girly.
The only thing I don't like is the boots not really what I would have chosen but each to their own and she pulls it off.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Some things I Don't Get.....

This is just a random post ....
Some things that I don't get
Number One
Ankle socks with heels?! Why? It just looks silly in my opinion!
Number Two
Duffy's Coke Advert. Don't get me wrong I love her album and think she is fantastic but that advert is just awful, I can't watch it!
Number Three
MAC Prep + Prime skin packaging. How am I meant to know when it is totally done? Yes, it gets lighter as I use it but you can't even take the pump out to see if its totally empty. Bad packaging.
Number Four
As soon as the sun comes out in Glasgow all the girls seem to think it means they can dress like sluts basically! Its not and its not even that warm.
Rant over, what do you not get? x

Friday, 20 March 2009

In & Out Sixteen

Whats In for Friday
Its Friday!!
The gorgeous weather
Cocktails :D
Heidi's boss in The Hills - sexyyy (8)
Kings of Leon/Biffy Clyro/George Micheal (He has faith you know!)
Whats Out for Friday
My one class at 2.45 - its pointless, the teacher is unhelpful & plain rude! Not a fan of her!
Chipped nails
Lack of money - I always see stuff I want when I have no money.
Studio sculpt - bored with it and all my other MAC foundations. Time for a change me thinks :)
Still not dyed my hair! I will get to it one of these days.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Outfit 4

It was another lovely spring day today in Glasgow so I decided to wear my bubble hem skirt with the rose prints on it. This is actually way too big onme but I tucked the extra skirt under my belt at the back :D.

Cardigan - £9.99 H&M
Vest - £?? Topshop
Belt - £12 Dorothy Perkins
Skirt - £?? Topshop I think it was £35
Leggings - £9 Topshop
This was super comfy and I actually really like it, I just wish the skirt fitted me better!
What did you wear today? x

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

In & Out Fifteen

Whats in for Wednesday
Wasting my afternoon in Glasgow city centre - I spend the afternoon sitting in the sunshine with friends watching the world go by. It was so nice :D I love the weather just now.
Warehouse - new favourite shop??? Could be
Nail polishes - I have a ridiculous number just now but it makes me happy
Pilates - this seems to be helping my back plus I feel all suple (sp) and bendy lol
St Paddy's day drink fests - I don't think I have laughed so much at nothing (Tbh I can't remeber what we were laughing at!) & sang the classics (Rod Stewart, George Micheal, The Monkees & some Lemar (??) for good measure) in alongggg time!
Going out without a jacket
Whats out for Wednesday
No getting hair dye so I still have white hair ugh
Sore heads :(
Lack of money

Monday, 16 March 2009

Mary Kate's "Grown up" Look

In the papers Mary Kate's outfit was described as being "Grown up" and yes, I suppose it is grown up but amazingly she is a grown up!!
Her look is very simple but has a lot of impact. The red lips and big hair draw attention to Mary Kate and then you notice the beautifully simple black dress that Mary Kate has accessorized with a belt round the waste and a clutch.

I think what the papers were getting at is that she has grown up, she is no longer a little girl or a teenager anymore and her style is changing. Basically, she is finding out who she is and is trying different style like everyone does.

Anyways, back to the outfit! Personally it is a winner - it is simple and elegant. Plus her red lips rock! x

Sunday, 15 March 2009

In & Out Fourteen

Whats in for Sunday

My fringe - I don't know why but I'm going through a 'I love having a fringe faze'. We have a love-hate relationship (but its mostly love <3)

Rachel Bilson's bag - she has made me NEED
(a) a yellow oversized clutch
(b) a red oversized bag and
(c) lots of Chanel bags!
Jewerally - rings, earings, braclets, necklaces <3
Scarfs - realised today the number of scarves I actually own (it is ridiculous but they can transform an outfit!)
Growing my hair super long & dying it probably this Wednesday :D Bye Bye White hairs hello blonde hair (dark blonde!)

Whats out for Sunday

My back being verrrrry sore again - stupid disk/disc (sp)
Chipped nails - they look gross and messy
Working! This whole working for a living thing just isn't for me (lol I joke) - Basically I hate where I work, I started when I was 17 and lacking confidence and now two years on I feel I've learnt all I can from it. (Plus the customers are just evil!)
ASOS's total lack of nice bags infact all shops lack of nice bags - disappointed :(

Rachel Bilson at Paris Fashion Week

Rachel Bilson looked amazing at a show at Paris Fashion Week.
I really love the tailored look and I think Rachel pulls the look off really well.

The high waisted trousers and the frills on the blouse are what make this outfit for me, the jacket just make sin more tailored and pulls it together. Plus, I love the bright red clutch. It adds a pop of colour to the outfit <3
What do you think of Rachels outfit?

Friday, 13 March 2009

In and Out Number Thirteen

Whats In for Friday
Blair's Audrey Hepburn movie dreams in Gossip Girl - I love these bits! So far we have had Breakfast at Tiffany's (a few times actually) & My Fair Lady.
Having the day off & a long lie. Bliss! Actually tidyed my pit of a room and done my washing :) - swapping unwanted make-up for stuff you do want is fun! lol
Whats Out for Friday
The China Glaze colours I Bought - lilac & neon purple - someone please tell me why I spend money on these?!
The weather - the rain is driving me maddddd :@
Noisey school kids on the train - stop talking for five minutes please.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Scarlett Johansson

How pretty does Scarlett Johansson look?
The dress suits her shape so well! Its really feminine and classic, very 1950s which I love. The only thing I don't like is the print but thats personaly preference.
She looks beautiful, I love how she always does really classic looks and isn't stick thin! She has an amazing figure that I envy so much.
Do you like Scarlett's frock? x

In and Out Twelve

The In's for Wednesday

Phone Number eye kohl - loving this <3
Day off on Friday woo - Exicted about my day off, I plan on sleeping alot as I'm not feeling very well :(
My Ipod - I can't get enough of it just now lol. I have been lsitening to it constantly and just been enjoying my own thoughts (this may explain my sore ears and the ringing that I am getting!)
Still considering getting the chair chopped off and dying it a richer colour (to cover the greys! and just coz really)

Lisa Snowdon's shoes - slightly tacky but they are still a-may-zing!

The Out's for Wednesday

Rude MAC Sales assistants - they all just seem to be stuck up and plain rude! Made me mad lol.
Lisa Snowdon's dress - not a fan
Topshop disappointing me - could find anything in either of the Topshops in the city centre :(
The rain - was such a nice day yesterday now its just cold and wet
I think I'm getting the cold - I avoided it this winter but I think I'm getting it now and I really don't want it :(
Grey hair - at 19! Infact they aren't even grey, they are pure white!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

In and Out Number Eleven

Whats in for Tuesday ...

My China Glaze arriving woo - can't wait to do my nails :D

The lovely day that Tuesday has been

Nicola Roberts hair - contemplating getting the chop for a change

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment - such a pretty fragrence

My red shoes <3

WHats Out for Tuesday ...

Going in for my 2.45 class to find that it is cancelled!

The fact that I haven't been to the gym properly in agessssss - really need to get back to it

Rude ticket men on the train - just not needed!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Hair Hero Number 2 & Style Hero Number 1

Nicola Roberts hair rocks my cotton socks!
It has so much volume and is such a beautiful shape, I just love it. Looking at pictures of her makes me want to get my hair cut like this - I love it so much and the colour of it in the picture below is so rich, it is gorgeous! I wasn't really a fan of Nicola's before she came into her own (tbh I wasn't a fan of any of them! but now its Nicola & Sarah anyways back to the point....) now I think her style is amazing and she is inspiring me to stop with the fake tan.

Her style in my opinion is classic 1950s with a modern edge which works really well.
I love the leather biker jacket in these two pictures and am looking desperately for one so if you see one somewhere please let me know (A), it would be much appreciated :D Like myself she is a fan of floral prints and prom dress style skirts. Basically I think she is awesome :)

Who are your hair and style hero's also?

In & Out Number Ten

Whats in for Monday ....
The warmer weather today - the sun makes people nicer
Got two purple nail varnishes coming :D I love purple nails
Biffy Clyro still - amazing songs!
Fred Perry plimsoles - so amazingly comfy & cute although with skinnys and my big feet I feel a little like Sideshow Bob
One week left of Block 2 at college - 1 to go & then its summer woot woot
Office shoe shop - my favourite shoe shop apart from Dune plus attractive male works there ;)
Whats out for Monday ....
Chipped Nails - they look gross! and I reallllly hate them.
The fact that my China Glaze polishes won't be here till Wednesday booo
Olivia in The City stealing Whitney's credit - what a cow! lol harsh but true
The fact Topshop only sell oversized boyfriend blazers - I want a fitted blazer that won't make me look like a potato!
My video won't play on my computer so I can't put it up on this :@

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Hair Hero

I love The City - a little more than I love The Hills dun dun dunnnn (8) lol
While I was watching it I noticed that my hair was similar to Erins (fringe, long, brown/blonde). I normally curl my hair because I think it looks unhealthy if I don't but after watching the show I have realised that it doesn't really and that straight it can look glossy, healthy & "formal" - can't think of the right word there!

Erin's hair is really shiny and healthy looking which is now something that I aspire my hair to be. I read somewhere that she only washes it once a week - this will be difficult for me! But i am going to try and get my hair into better condition.

I love her hair!!! lol

whos hair do you like best?

Friday, 6 March 2009

In & Out Nine

In ..
Spring is nearly here
Buying spring-ish clothes :D
Nail Polish (I have a problem!)
Erin from The City's hair - she is my new hair hero
Making lists
Crumpets with jam & butter
The fact that I have lost 5 pounds in the last month and a half :D lol - I love swapping make-up
Sainsburys salad bar
Out ..
Sore contact lenses :(
Reports for college
Lauren Conrad leaving The Hills boo

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Outfit 3

Yesterday I had a day of assessments in college (which I passed - woot woot!) & I was really in the frame of mind to think about wearing anything too busy so I put on my black skinnys from New Look & my black boots also from New look with a white tshirt from H&M, a grey long line cardigan from Topshop and a aqua & pink silk scarf from Oasis. This was just comfy and warm seen as it has got super windy in Glasgow at the moment - not impressed at all!

Jeans - £25
Boots - £25
Tshirt - £9? for two
Scarf - £12
Caridigan - £32

Monday, 2 March 2009

In & Out Eight

In ...
Spring is nearly here
Handsome men with stubble and black longish hair (LOL random but they are very much in :D)
Nick Grimshaw
Eyeliner overload
Nude lips
Lee Stafford double blow mousse - do it 2 times it really does work amazingly well
Lee Stafford Sea Salt spray - beach waves my arse! all it did was make my hair greasy!
My lack of liner use the past few weeks
my messy room - i wish i was marry poppins and all the stuff would tidy itself

Outfit 2

So today I am not really doing much so I decided to just 'throw' on my Topshop tea dress with some leggings, boots and a black long line cardigan.
This is really comfy and practical (in my opinion leggings and a dress are 100 times more comfortable than jeans).
The dress was from Topshop £45
Cardigan is Miss Selfridge I think it was £30
Leggings are from Topshop I think they were £10 but it was a while ago so I'm not really sure!
Boots are New look and they were £25.
What did you wear today? x

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Shenae Grimes

I was watching 90210 the other night and noticed that I really love Shenae Grimes hair so I had a little google to get a good picture of it to take to the hairdressers next time and I came across this picture >

I really like what she is wearing - it looks casual and really comfy. Also, summery and relaxed, She doesn't appear to be trying to hard either but her outfit is style stylish.

What do you think of Shenae's outfits? Have you been watching 90210?


In & Out Number Seven

In ....
Biffy Clyro
Hugh Jackman <3
Getting a holiday in work - even thought I didn't book it!
Dark hair with peach blusher
Office ( and the handsome man that works in the Glasgow shop :D)
Out ...
Not getting T in the Park tickets
Topshop shoes - the pain
The fact that in 10 years I will be turning 30 - argh scary LOL