Monday, 25 October 2010

Long time no see

Well hello ... not been on here in ages. Things have been so mental! This past week we discovered we had a mouse in the flat & then one of our 'friends' turned up wasted at the door with random boys who then smashed a window cause we wouldn't let them in! Bit of drama for the week!

I went to see Tinie Tempah last Friday which was totally amazing, I didn't expect him to be as good as he was. It is my 21st on Sunday, the 31st, so having a wee party on Thursday so hopefully will have some pictures from that to show you. Got a pure gorgeous one shoulder black dress and some gorgeous coral peep toes. I wish I could take a picture to show you but I don't have a camera at the moment :(

Hope you're all well x

Sunday, 3 October 2010



Long time no see. SOrry I haven't posted in agesss but things have been really busy. The flat is going really good, had some boy situation going on, things were up and down last week but I'm having an amazing time!

I don't have a camera at the minute so taking outfit pictures is a bit awkward. I would use my Blackberry but I can't work out how to set up wi-fi on it, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you're all well