Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tell you like it is with this kiss, baby when it drips from your lips

Thought I would do an ins and outs seen as I haven't in ages
and I am feeling a little bit bored :D
In ...
  • 3 for 2 in Boots on all hair care stuff. Didn't need to get another new bottle of hair spray but it would be rude not to!
  • Lazy days ... spend all day yesterday in bed. Partly because I felt unwell and partly because I am lazy. Got up eventually at half past four.
  • Strictly come dancing. The best thing on TV ha sweeping statement there. Loving it so far this year and it takes two. I love Claudia Winkleman!

... Out

  • The Cold. I would say Freshers' flu but freshers' week ended two weeks ago. Got a really sore throat and head but I will power through :P
  • Need a job uber badly! Anyone know of any part time work in Edinburgh, city centre preferred let me know :D
  • Needing a haircut really badly.

Hope everyone is well and has had a good weekend. x

Friday, 25 September 2009

Walk this way, talk this way


this is a little bit of a OOTN and an update on what's been happening. On Wednesday my friend from Glasgow came through for the night. We decided that it was only right if we got totally pished so we did. In fact we got so drink that we both threw up before retiring to our boudoirs :P
We had a good laugh which is the main thing. Had a lot of drinks at the flat then headed to Opium where we had a little bit more drink and a sing song then onto Cab Vol where we had even more drinks and a nice dance to walk this way.
Needless to say we were a touch rough in the morning but it was totally worth it :D
Anyways, I wore my black and red floral - me in a floral print, it has never been seen! - Topshop dress with some black leggings and some black and gold Primark flats with a Black quilted bag from Primark also.

Totally amazing night and even in my disgustingly drunken state I didn't loose a thing well apart from my dignity....

Have a good weekend :D x

Saturday, 19 September 2009

I did my best to notice when the call came down the line....

helllooo ...

I thought I would start blogging about what I've been doing and incorporate some fashion stuff - if this goes terribly then this could be the first and last of these :) - so here goes :D

So I have been in Edinburgh for two weeks now, two weeks today to be exact. It actually feels like so much longer but it has gone really, really fast. My flatmates are all really nice and we all seem to get on. Only thing is that one girl doesn't really get my Glasgow humour and takes things that are jokes as me being a bitch ....

I'm not, that's just my cheeky west coast humour coming out ha I kid :p sort of ....

We've had some really good nights out, I would show you pictures but from going out almost every night I have four pictures from the one night! Here is one of me and a flattie in Shanghai - not keen on this place at all!

Some other places we've been if you know the Edinburgh area (LOL) . ... Stereo, Frankensteins, Karma, Cabaret Voltaire - loveddd this place! and we went on a pub crawl (went too many places for me to remember!). Can't think of anywhere else we have been.

One of my lovely Glasgow friends is coming through on Sunday so I think we are going to Opium and hopefully a more indie style place . . . everywhere we've been apart from one or two has been two dressy and worried about looks. Get me somewhere a bit dingy and everyone is keen for a good time!!

This isn't very interesting but I am kind of rushing ... me mother is coming through today and I am realllllly excited to see her so I need to get ready but am currently in a towel. Think we are going to the castle and for lunch so I might take a few piccies (no promises mind :P) Tonight I think we are doing the Edinburgh Dungeons and then me and Steven are painting the town Glaswegian ha I kid...

Have a good weekend, take care and let me know if this is even remotely interesting ha x

Friday, 18 September 2009

I've been working awful hard for you...

Hello ...
Olivia Palermo has an enviable wardrobe and always seems like look effortlessly chic and put together. I saw this picture of her at an event and was instantly drawn to her orange-red jacket.
It has circular detailing that adds to the eye catching nature of the jacket. I like the fact that everything else has been kept really simple allowing the jacket to be the focus of attention.

Friday, 11 September 2009

OO suits you sir...

I am sure I've used that post title before but I am too lazy to go check so I'm afraid it may be "oo suits you sir take two" :D
Anyways, while reading the Daily Mail I saw this picture of Kim Kardashian at an event. I love the fact that she has chosen to vear away from the usual long, beautiful dress and instead has gone for a tux jacket with skinny trousers and kept everything else simple.
The outfit is very elegant without being overly pretty or girlie - something that I really like about the outfit.
:D x

Thursday, 10 September 2009

You were always on my mind....

Helllo :D
Not blogged in a while but I have been really busy with moving and then settling in also possibly a bit too much going out but whatever it's freshers after all!
I'm really enjoying Edinburgh so far, been to a few clubs (some I like better than others!) and am currently searching for a good indie club for when my friends from Glasgow come through to see me so if anyone has any recomendations they would be greatly appreciated :D
My classes start on Monday so hopefully once I have setteled in and got into a routine I will get back into doing regular posts etc.
Hope everyone is well and I will hopefully talk to all soon :D x

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

It too late to apologize...

Hellloo ...
Sorry for my lack of posts recently but I've been realllly busy.
I have left my job (woooooo!) & had my leaving night which was sooo good and now I'm just packing to head to Eburgh on Saturday. Ahhh so excited lol.
I will post more soon I promise! I would post about my leaving night but I was disgustingly drunk - so much so that I can't remember a lot - and I only took 2 pictures the whole night so it would be pretty boring!
Hope everyone is well and having a good week :D x