Wednesday, 25 January 2012






Wednesday, 18 January 2012


As my previous post was so terribly bad, I played around to get pictures that were a little better. This skirt from H&M which was a total random find, photographed pretty true to how it looks so I think I may have found the spot! 

I love this skirt. It is so gorgeous & an absolute steal at £12.99. I have plans to team it with a black long sleeved v necked body & some shoe boots for my flatmates surprise birthday party a week on Saturday. My other flatmate & I are throwing it for her as we missed her Birthday in ... November! We are actually so excited! 

This is the beginnings of my packing for my weekend at home in Glasgow. I'm going on a night out tomorrow with a couple of friends & the leopard print dress is getting its debut! Exciting. I need to be confident tomorrow in order to pull of the loud-ish print & the tightness of the dress. After a few vodkas I will be loving life ha! 


Saturday, 14 January 2012


These are really terrible webcam pictures from the other night before I went to the pictures. I love this Topshop jumper - another Christmas present - it is so versatile & easy to wear. Really love it.


Friday, 13 January 2012


A little bit of an outfit of the day, my face looked bad & I ran out of time to photograph with my leather jacket & Topshop tote bag so I am afraid these quick pictures will have to do... I need to find a good place to take pictures of my outfits! I lighting in my room is awful.

This is my first maxi skirt. I love it. Although I'm not entirely happy with how it looked with the tshirt - it would have looked better if something less baggy but it works okay!

This is a leopard print dress I bought from Topshop last week. I like it, I loved it when I initially bought it but I'm not too sure about it now. I'm not sure if it is a little garish & out there? I thought it would be nice with a black fitted, collar less blazer & some shoe boots - both of which I can't find any that I like. Let me know what you think of the dress, please!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Saturday, 7 January 2012


Just a few snaps of some 'stuff' that I am loving.

The first is Topman tshrits, they have a much better selection of basic tshirts than Topshop at the moment plus some gorgeous colours like this lilac one which goes amazingly with my blonde hair.

The second. Topshop pants from my Christmas. I love them. They are so fun & different. The dog ones are my favourite as it sort of looks like my little dog at my mum & dad's.

Finally, my new mirrored jewellery box - which is impossible to photograph! This is the best of a bad bunch. It is gorgeous, exactly what I was after & was half price - cannot complain.

Have a good weekend <3

Thursday, 5 January 2012


This is just a really simple, easy outfit I wore yesterday to get some food shopping in & then to go to a shopping centre later that night. It features the 'satin' blouse & gold collar necklace featured here.

I'm not 100% sure about the blouse at the moment, I think I've worn it too much recently - we need a break! I always team it with something fitted on the bottom half as too much bagginess make me look like a blob!  I wore this with my Hunter wellie boots which aren't pictured but were amazing in the crazy rain just now. I wore my Barbour 'Daphne' jacket & Topshop bag featured here - again these aren't pictured!

I have getting back into Gossip Girl so much, I'm so far behind everyone being only on Season 4 but it's so good. Not sure why I stopped watching it!

Last night I bought a few skin care bits & a leopard print dress - sounds hideous but I promise it's not! I am in love with it & it was a total bargain. Win.

I hate these pictures, the quality, lighting & detail is awful but I am still at my parents where it is difficult to picture outfits. I promise it will be better soon! Hopefully.


Cardigan - ASOS. Christmas present.
Blouse - H&M £7.99 Sale item.
Bandage Skirt - H&M £3.00.
Tights - Marks & Spencers £9.99.
Hunters - Not pictured. Present.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I did a post about some of my favourite blogs so I figured I might as well tell you about some of my favourite You Tubers. I love a good You Tube video - beauty, fashion mainly so here are a few favourites...

Cami loves Kiwi : Amazing reviews & she is really natural in her videos, friendly too.

Gems maquillage & Unicycle Physics : Gemma's does fashion, beauty & vlog videos. She gets the important information in while being friendly & honest. Plus she features books in videos - can't complain!

Glitterdollz7 : Amazing make up tutorials. Ranging from celebrity looks to catwalk looks & everyday looks.

HRH Collection : As I mentioned my love for Alex's blog, I have a massive love for her You Tuber channel. She has amazing taste in interior, clothes & make up. I love watching her videos.

Jemimalou : Another amazing make up artist. She is a white blonde (naturally, jealous!) & does some amazing looks. She wears pretty earrings too!

Sccastaneda : I only came across this You Tubers lately but after watching a Kim Kardashian look, I subscribed straight away. She does amazing make up tutorials, really glowy skin, so beautiful.

Pixiwoo : Pretty sure everyone has heard of these ladies. Amazing make up tutorials!

Joolie18 : An Irish make up -er (It is a word, I promise...) I only discovered Joolie this week but the mix of her lovely accent & honest videos made me want to watch more.

Jessica Fenchxo : I love Jessica's outfits, she always looks so chic & fashionable. She comes across as really friendly & like she enjoys making videos.

The Persian babe : Amazing outfits & make up! Sure most people have heard of Barbara, but she had to feature.

voussontbeauetbelle : Pretty much the same as the other - amazing outfits, hauls & make up. Plus she seems like a really lovely girl!



Just a few quick pictures of a few of my Christmas presents from my parents. I had a lovely Christmas & was well and truly spoiled by the family. I was in desperate need of a new bag as my 'Mui Mui' fake has died a death, not sure what else I expected from a ebay fake but it has been replaced with my lovely shiny tote shopper.

I am a total book worm so of course I asked for a few books. I have read a fair chunk of 'Almost French' and am loving it. It is so beautifully written & really enjoyable to read plus its in Paris, what else do you want! 

My mum knows me too well - a 'diamond' ring. It sparkles so beautifully & is a lovely addition to my collection. 

I got a few clothes  bits, let me know if you'd rather see these bits in a 'haul' sort of post or just popping up as outfits. I have a few outfit ideas in my head but they might not come out the way I imagine them to look in my head, we will see.

I am going to put a bit more structure into my blog - I'm thinking maybe some more weekly or regular posts, let me know if this is something you would be interested in. Any other feedback would be great! Constructive specifically but you're all so lovely, I wouldn't expect anything else.


1. Black & brown Topshop shopper-tote
2. Books - 'Almost French' by Sarah Turnbull & 'A little history of the world' by E.H Gombrich
3. Ring from unknown 

Monday, 2 January 2012


Happy New Year everyone!

I am going to start blogging more this year instead of dipping in and out of it. Just a quick post for the first of the year about this little beauty pictured.

This little plastic number is a desk tidy from ASDA that was in the sale for 50p! I couldn't pass it up at that price so I dropped it in my trolley & off I went. It is perfect for storing my everyday products in rather than stuffing them all in a make up bag - this way I can see them all nice & clearly.

The light is a little bit funny in the picture as it gets dark pretty quickly at the moment so it's a bit yellow-y from the flash but you get the jist of the desk tidy!