Saturday, 31 January 2009

New Hair

So I went to get my hair cut this week and decided I wanted a Duffy style fringe and that is what I got.
I really like it although I am considering going back to my full fringe because I loveeeeed that but I think I will go with this for a while and then eventually go back to the fringe.
Sorry about the picture but it was the best one I took ha which says a lot about the others but anyways it's all good fun.
take care x

January's 'It Girl'

So the first 'It Girl' for Following the Fashion is .....
Drum roll please ha only joking
is Rachel Bilson.
I am giving her the highly sought after honour (Haha yeah who am I kidding?!) because of her sequined jacket & yellow clutch.
It is a really fun, young & simple outfit that I loved and would wear myself so she is the first ever 'It Girl' for Following the Fashion.
I was thinking that maybe for February I could do a vote and you guys could choose who is the 'It Girl' instead of it being purely my opinion - let me know what you think about that idea.
Take care x

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ideas for Following The Fashion.

I have been thinking about what else I could do on Following The Fashion because I have been doing a lot of celebrity post recently but I want to mix it up a little.
Soooo starting from the end of this month I am going to do a "It Girl" of the month. Basically I will choose (or I might set up a vote) for which celebrity I have blogged about should be Following The Fashion It Girl of the month.
Also, I was thinking about blogging about my favourite outfits (of my own) of the week. I don't know about that one - it could be fun.
Let me know what you think about these ideas? If you like 'em, hate 'em or if you have any ideas I would love to hear them.
Take care x

Eva Green

In James Bond, Eva Green was chic, stylish & look amazing.

I found this picture the other day and was a tad shocked if I am honest.

She has beautiful pale skin & dark hair which works really well with her red lips (all that I like - it looks good) but what is with the dress & the shoes - my god the shoes?!

I think it is the 'bell' shape of the bottom of the dress and the puffy sleeves that make me really hate this dress if it was more fitted at the bottom and maybe sleeveless then it would work but in my opinion it is not flattering or a particularly nice dress.

Also, what is going on with the shoes?

They are like loafer type things - not Eva's best look in my opinion! Sorry!
In the picture below she looks amazing!

What do you think of Eva's red dress? Yay or Nay?

Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr plays Vanessa in Gossip Girl - in the show her style is kind of fun, random bright colours (if that makes sense?!) but in really life she is a little more grungy which if I am being honest is totally not my style, I would say I am more put together & dressed up.
Anyways back to Jessica Szohr .....
the two outfits below are probably the two favourites that I could find - one is a little more relaxed while the other is just fun, bright & young.

I love the t-shirt - jeans combo for night time especially with heels, it makes a sort of I didn't try to hard but I kind of did look (if that makes sense?!) Plus it can be worn during the day and for evening you can add a clutch. Jessica suits this style and because the tshirt isn't just plain white it doesn't look too casual. I would wear this without a doubt maybe with a black vest top rather than the tshirt (I'm not really a tshirt person!)

I loveeeeeeeeeee this dress! The lime contrasted with her black hair and skin tone is just gorgeous. I also really like the belt clinching it in at the waist so that it isn't just a mass of lime! The black ankle boots toughen the look up a little and keep it edgy and young.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo is Whitney's co-worker in 'The City' and has been put across as the sort of up-
herself, bitchy one and maybe she is that way (TBH I don't really care if she is or if she isn't?!)

Anyways, while watching The City I noticed that she had some amazing clothes. She always seems to look well put together, stylish but comfortable.

Olivia Palermo also has some amazing blazers & evening jackets! Almost every picture I looked at she seem to have one on.

As I have mentioned in the past I have a massive fan of blazers & evening jackets and I am totally jealous of her collection! She has classic black dinner jackets, edgier white jackets, boyfriend cut blazers! You name it she has it.

For this reason and because I love her hair (& her general style) she is getting a post on Following The Fashion.

What do you think of Olivia's style & on the show? What do you think of the show as well? (I found it a little set up & boring but I've only seen three episodes - I may have to eat my words!)

Rachel Bilson

During The OC days Rachel Bilson's character, Summer was my favourite along with Seth - they were so funny together! I'm also a massive fan of Rachel in real life.
I loveeee this sequin jacket it is so fun and chic. Rachel has kept everything else simple - just plain white t-shirt and light blue skinnys. Due to everything else being so plain or simple the jacket is the focus of the outfit.
Also, the bright yellow-orange clutch adds a pop of colour to the outfit which I really love.
I would wear this outfit! I'd wear it to dinner, to bar possibly a club but I'm not really a dancer more of a wall flower but I would still wear it there!
What do you think of Rachel's outfit? anndd who was your favourite in The OC??

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale's dress was gorgeous at the Critics choice Awards recently.
The two things that made me really like this dress are the detailing around the top of the dress and the fitted dress with the loose tail.
It is a really classic dress but the detailing gives it a modern twist. I love the rich brown-red colour of the dress. It is a little more exciting than if it was plain black or if it was a bright colour like red or yellow.
Kate accessorised the dress with chandelier earrings and a bracelet which keep the dress as the main focus.
What do you think of Kate's dress?

Saturday, 17 January 2009


Twenty8Twelve is a fashion line designed and owned by Sienna & Savannah Miller. It is a reletavly new brand, I think it launched in 2007 but I was having a browse at the Liberty site and came across some pieces that I really liked.

The descriptor for the line is as follows.....
"Sienna & Savannah Miller's collection of formal tailoring, quality denim and high fashion detailing reflects the sisters' timeless chic"

This cute summer dress is called the Blue And Orange Check Ruche Dress. It costs £185 from Liberty and £180 from ASOS. It would be perfect for summer time with some sandals or wedges and because it isn't a plain sun dress it can we worn without lots of accessories which might get on your nerves if its hot and sunny (not much chance of that in Scotland!). I really like this dress but it a tad pricey for my student budget so I am definitely going to search out a high street version which I am sure there will be one somewhere.
What do you think of this fashion line?

Friday, 16 January 2009

Penelope & Monica Cruz for MNG

So Penelope & Monica Cruz have launched their Spring/Summer line at Mango.
I must admit I don't shop in there that often but I do pop in every now and again for a browse and normally come out with something I like.
I think this is the fourth line that they have designed for Mango but don't quote me on that one!
The collection is made up of cardigans, blazers (wooo!) & trouser combos & LBD!!! What more could you want?

This picture has to be my favourite promotion picture for two reasons;
Number one I loveeeee the trench coat - it is so simple & classic but still super stylish. It is also really ladylike which is never a bad thing!
Number Two is the shoes - how gorgeous are they? Not such a massive fan of the pale pink because a little rain and they would be dirty pink but they would work for a wedding. Personally, fuchsia pink would have been a gorgeous colour for the shoes but they are still beautiful.
Will you be buying anything from this line??

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Sienna Miller in Alfie

Sienna Miller's eye make up in Alfie is one of my favourite looks ever! ^swooping statement
It is just a really smokey black eye but contrasted with her blonde hair it really stands out and looks amazing.
She has some falsies on and her top and bottom water lines have been lined with black liner. The shadow is only on the lid, leaving the crease and below her brow bone untouched.
Her lips and cheeks are kept really neutral and soft.
I really love this look and may even recreate it for a night out soon.
What do you think of Sienna's make up? yay or nay?

Mary-Kate Olsen

The Olsen Sisters are amazingly great! I like both of them for their style but if I'm honest I prefer Mary-Kate's personality she seems a little for fun and friendly than Ashley.

Mary-Kate's style has more of a Gothic romance influence to it than Ashley's. She also has a little bit of a boho thing going on sometimes.

Mary-Kate is on the left in this picture. I love the sleeves on her dress and the button detail up the front - it changes the dress from a black dress into something a bit edgy and different. Plus her heels are awesome!

I like what Ashley is wearing in this picture as well but I was drawn more to Mary-Kate. Ashley's shoes are gorgeous as well.

Mary-Kate's make up in this picture is soft and pretty. Her eyes are the main feature and her lips have been left a muted brown which really suits her colouring. I also really like her rings and cuff because they are statement pieces.

Mary-Kate has amazing style but who is your favourite Olsen? Mary-Kate or Ashley?

Lily Allen!

Over the past few months Lily Allen has had a massive body transformation.
She was never fat or over-weight in my opinion but now that she has toned up she looks amazing.
She seems to have changed over night!
What I want to know is how did she do it??? I know there was a time when she wasn't well and lost weight because of that but she seems to have lost more.
She has also gone really glamorous with her clothes and is making more of an effort on days when she is out and about.

I think Lily is amazing. I love her new style, her music, her tv show everything!
Her weight loss has encouraged me to get back into the gym and eating better because she looks so incredible.
Whats your incentive for getting down the gym? If you need one that is.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Lauren Conrad!

As I am sure you all know by now I am a huge fan of Lauren Conrad. Recently I came across two pictures of Lauren at 'red carpet' events and saw two dresses that I fell in love with (if it is possible to fall in love with a dress?!)

This dress is a bit more of a party dress in my opinion. It is very young and fun but still really feminine and glamorous. One thing I like about this dress is that it doesn't look cheap or tacky - I find that sequined dress sometime look a little nasty but that's just me! Lauren has kept her hair really simple as well as her dark gold peep toes and her one gold bangle.

This dress is a little more conservative but is very classic and glamorous. Very Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys or maybe it is just the style of the dress that reminds me of that era. This is super dooper lady-like and very pretty. This dress I just love for its classic-ness (is that a word?) and the ladylike glamour.
Simple but so stylish! (ha cheesy line lol)

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Blake Lively & Leighton Meester

Seen as I am really into Gossip Girl at the moment I was having a look at some of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester's party dresses - seen as I love party dresses.
I found two that are my favourites ....

I really like the colour of Leighton Meester's dress - she really suits cobalt blue and I think it works well with her brunette hair. I'm not a massive fan on the white shoes I would have maybe gone with gold strappy heels or gold peep toes but everyone is different that's just my opinion.

This dress Blake Lively is wearing is gorgeous! It is a really fun, party dress that looks amazing on her. I particularly like the one shoulder and the wide waist belt that Blake has added. It makes the dress a bit more interesting and young. (I also like her hair!)

Which dress is your favourite - Blake or Leighton?? x

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Somethings I have bought recently...

WARNING: Picture overload!!
My new bag.... yes I have a bag problem! This is from Topshop and is a tote bag. Inside it is massive and I can fit all my crap into it without it not being able to zip up (partly because it doesn't have a zip!). Its a bright blue and it is love! This was £35.

I got a new cardigan from Topshop (my holy grail!) I think it was £32 but I'm not sure. Its a long cardigan that is navy blue but in some lights has a purple tone to it. I love it - soooo warm and soft and lovely!!

Four OPI nail varnishes. Three from the France Collection and one from the India Collection. I got (from left to right) ....
Bastille my heart, Elephantastic pink, Eiffel for this colour and A oui bit of red.
Bastille my heart is a deep red that in some lights has a purple tone to it.
Elephantastic pink is a bright pink that has nothing subtle about it at all!
Eiffel for this colour is a deep purple which has a black tone to it.
A Oui bit of red is a bright red that is just gorgeous - this one might be my favourite out of the four.

MAC Pinch o'peach blush. This is a really soft pretty colour that gives me a natural colour to me cheeks. It is a softer, more subtle change from my Nars Deep Throat.

Lastly my two sales bargains....

These little pixie shoe-boot where reduced from £50 to £20!! Bargain!!!

There are from Wallis - I was in with the mother and saw them - it was love at first sight (screw the boyfriend for 2009 bring on the shoes!)

A new cropped blazer from Oasis. This was £70 but I got it for £20 - this was a true bargain. It has a striped lining which I loveeeee and has detailing on lapels which I have a picture of but I think there is a lot of pictures going on in this blog so I left it out. I plan on wearing this with some blue skinny jeans, a white top, either flat sandals or wedges and a HUGE bag!

Please excuse the mess and the dodgy paint work - my rooms a tip and it is in the middle of getting painted!!
What have you bought recently? Anything nice?
Take care xx

Blake Lively & Gossip Girl

I loveeee Gossip Girl in fact I love it so much I bought season 1 on dvd (i'm not really into buying TV programmes on DVD - so this is major for me!).
The guys in it are rather hot and the girls have amazing clothes. Blair or Leighton Meester has some gorgeous outfits but shes not such a nice person really, my favourite has to be Serena.
Her clothes from Gossip Girl, her hair, her boyfriend - I want them all! LOL

I like what Blake Lively has on in this picture - I particularly like the Chanel bag. She has on two of my favourite things - black jeans and a blazer, you can't beat that. Makes for a simple, stylish outfit in my opinion. Also, her boyfriend is soo cute - I love him!
I got some bargains in the sales and some other stuff that I'll take some pictures of - I love what I bought! I'm so happy with it.
Take x

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Boredum leads to this...

So the other night I was reallllly bored and decided to play around with make up. I ended up doing a sort of brown smokey eye with black in the crease.
Sorry the pictures are a tad rubbish and the you can't really see the eye shadow properly but it was pretty late and I was tired also it was pitch black outside.
I would wear this during the day without the black - just because I'm not really a eyeshadow person during the day but I would definitely add the black for nighttime to smoke it out a little bit and make it a bit sultry.I would put on more eyeliner as well - liquid probably just to darken it a little (in this picture I had had my liner on all day and was going to be soon so I didn't re-apply liner or mascara.)
Whats your favourite eye shadow 'look'?

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Kate Winslet on the cover of Elle

How amazing does Kate Winslet look on the cover of Elle?!
I know she is probably air brushed to hell but she still looks fantastic!
I love her make up - she has a kinda of smokey eye with a nude-ish lip. She looks amazing in the interview pictures as well but I haven't read the interview yet.
This months (or next?!) issue is pretty good - loads of stuff from the fashion shows in it and lots of bags and shoes!!
That always makes me happy :D.

What's in my bag...

I love these things and I was bored so I thought why not so here it is ....
This is me bag, its from you guessed it, Topshop! It cost about £30 I think and I love it.

A view inside the pit that is my bag!

Everything that came out of my bag minus two lollipop wrappers!

I have ...
* My two phones (don't ask why I have two phones - I really don't know why its totally unnecessary!)
* Two Pens
* Elle Magazine
*A powder brush
* A little make-up bag with powder, concealer and lip gloss
* Aussie hairspray
* Cheap Morgan perfume that reeks but I keep it in there for days when I need to freshen up and I don't want to take my Chloe!
*Brolli - I live in Scotland it frequently rains.
* Two pairs of gloves - Don't know why I have two?!
* Diary, pay slip and holiday request form for work
* Purse
* Carmex and Barry M Lip paint
* Yellow thing with plasters, bongella, vaseline & feminine products.

That's it - my notebooks missing because I was making a list (I am a compulsive list maker - I make lists out of everything!)

What's in your bags ....

Luella Bag

How amazingly gorgeous is this bag by Luella?
Ugh I want it so badly - this has actually taken over from my want for a quilted bag from Chanel.
It is such a beautiful bag - it is a well structured and has a top handle which I really love!

The bag is really chic and classic but sadly is a tad pricey at £1,295 - I can still dream!
This bag would go with anything from a tea dress to a pair of skinnys, a collar-less shirt and a school boy blazer.
This style of bag is without a doubt one that I am going to search for on the high street or maybe I will get lucky with my search for a boyfriend 2009 and meet a rich man willing to buy me it. Lol.
Whats you favourite bag - designer or not?

Friday, 2 January 2009

Delta Goodrem

I have no idea how I came to watching Delta Goodrem's Live Show - I haven't heard a song of hers since about 2005 but I did end.

Since the last time I saw her she seems to have changed and become a bit more boho Sienna Miller-ish. She looks amazing - a tad on the skinny side but that's just my opinion.

I love her smokey eye in this photo with the sweet cheek and nude lip. It is a really pretty, elegant look. Her hair is really nice as well!

This dress is such a beautiful colour. Really vibrant and warm. It works well with her skin tone and her blonde hair. The dress is quite chic and classic but the ruffled neck add a little bit of a twist to it which I really like.

And finally ... I like this one because of the jacket!

I'm a huge fan of blazers, dinner jackets - you get the picture!

Its a really cute jacket and the green contrasts well with the black jacket.

MAC's Samoa Silk

This is an eyeshadow that I bought along time ago, put in my palette and hardly touched.

To be honest I think I only bought it because of the name - but I'm not sure why?!

Last night I was messing around with make up getting ready to go out with friends and I decided I would do a brown smokey eye. I used Samoa Silk as an all over lid colour and it is a pretty neutral colour that I think could be worn during the day to brighten up the lid area. It is about 2 shades warmer than my skin tone and warms up the eye area making me look more awake and opening my eyes up.

I think I'm going to start wearing this all over my lid more. I did pay for it so I might as well use it instead of letting it sit in my palette along with all my other shadows that I never use.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Sienna Miller's Dress

Sienna Miller is mostly in the tabloids due to her 'man
eating' or her latest boyfriend but I think she is fabulous (< new adjective for 2009 yay!). Her fashion is always edgy, fun and young.

She is pretty much skin and bone, has little to know chest meaning clothes with less shape hang better on her than on someone with curves such as Holly Wiloughby or Scarlett Johansson.

Sienna is lucky in that sense as most style suit her shape and she can pull of a lot of things.

This black dress isn't very in your face - it appears to be a pretty black dress. Don't get me wrong it is a beautiful dress but I thought maybe it was a little too simple for Sienna.

Until I saw the back. The open back breaks up the black - it is a beautiful touch along with the sequins on the shoulders.
The back of this dress made it for me, if it didn't have this I would have liked it as it is a cute little black dress but when I saw this picture it was love. The thing I like the most about the dress is the cute little tie at the top the spine.

Sienna 's little black dress is most definitely a winner in my books. What do you think of Sienna Miller's dress? Is it too plain or does the back make the dress stand out?

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a good new year - mine was pretty quiet but I'm not a huge
new year person.
2008 was a pretty good year for me but I want 2009 to be even better.
Over the past year I have started to come into my own and find out a lot more about myself (I know sounds cheesy but it is true!) - I guess its just part of growing up. After a rocky couple of years I finally got back on track with my education and have now decide what I want to do with my life from a career point of view.
In 2009 I want to focus more on the social side of my life - possibly even get a boyfriend (I haven't been in a "serious" relationship with anyone for a while!) - I have been saying for ages I'm too young for a serious boyfriend blah blah blah ...
My 2009 new years resolutions are ....
1. Get my butt down to the gym on a regular basis.
2. Try and be tidy and organised - I used to be really tidy, organised and always on time but since I've got into my late teens it has just gone out of the window.
3. Get into Uni and go to Edinburgh. (Is that a resolution?)
4. Find other adjectives to describe fashion other than gorgeous, beautiful, pretty or any of the other words I over use.
I can't really think of anymore - if I think of anything else I'll add it on but that it for now.
Hope everyone has a wonderful 2009!