Monday, 10 January 2011

My week in pictures.

This is a major fail of a post but after Wednesday my week took a very unexpected turn...

Anyway here are three pictures from my week, nothing very interesting but here it is none the less.

My nearly finished new picture display in my room.

Hangover cure ... potato wedges & motzorella. mmmmmm :D

Creepy picture but it was the best I could muster ... pink nails which I nevvver normally wear & no eye liner.


Monday, 3 January 2011

Celebrity look of the week.

Frankie Sandford.

Another red dress for the look of the week but it merely highlights my lusting after a red dress. This is completely different to Carey Mulligans, a little younger maybe but still quite conservative espeically for Frankie who wore a dress that flashed her bum...

I love the colour, the shape, the waist belt that breaks the dress up & gives it some shape and the black wedges. Love!

Who's dress do you like better??