Sunday, 28 June 2009

Five Favourite Dresses

This has been going around You Tube as a tag so I thought I would do a post on my favourite dresses ....
They aren't in any particular order just as they come really :D
My first two are the Topshop tunic that everyone has at the moment. I have one floral and a few of the colour. My favourite colour is the black one as you can accessorized in loads of different ways and made to look different.

This is another Topshop dress. Its just a simple tea dress with love hearts, diamonds and spades (like from a deck of cards) on it. It has a ruffled neckline and a tie around the wait. I got this in October and it was £45 I think. I really love it and have worn it loads.

This is relatively new but it has still made the favourites. It is from Dorothy Perkins and was £22 I think, not 100% sure! Its floral at the top and then got a band around the waist and then just a jersey skirt.

This is a bit more of a fancy, going out dress. You'll never guess where I got it ..... Topshop!
I bought it for my cousins engagement party and wore it with a tux jacket, tights and pixie boots. Its fitted at the top and then has a prom dress style skirt which flatters my shape. I was about £45.

What are your favourite dresses?

I'm going to tag people coz its fun and I like seeing people's favourites :D

Tabitha's Wonderland

Music, fashion, clutter

Passion for Fashion

Superficial Girls (I love her you tube fashion videos!)

Anyone else that wants to do it, do it!

Take care x

PS Apologies about the picture quality, its really over cast here :D

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Battle of the wedges ...

I really want a new pair of wedges for the summer but am torn between two so I need your help!

The first pair is this blue leather and wooden wedge from Faith. The wedge is 10cm and I just love the buckle and woven straps.

Next, are these ones from Barratts. They are patent black and gold and are 11.5cm high. They are a little more fancy than the Faith ones and a little higher.
Opinions please! In total limbo land.
On another note, how bloody gorgeous are these sandals from Faith. Think i might have to get them just because of their gorgeous-ness!


Friday, 26 June 2009

Bits 'n' bobs

About a month ago I had put myself on a shopping ban simply because I need to save money and basically I have a spending problem!
Earlier this week I had to go into town to get black trousers (which I got from Gap, amazing trousers in there fyi!) for my grandpa's funeral. I was feeling a bit blah and flat so I decided that I deserved a treat.
I didn't get very much but it killed the need to shop and also cheered me up a little.

I got this necklace from Accessorize. It is super duper long comes to below my belly button and is made up of different shaped beads that are black - as you can see! I think it was £12 or £9.50?! One or the other. I like it because it is sort of vintagey.

I got this floral and black dress which in the picture looks a little shapeless and blog like but when it is on it is fitted around the waist and a lot nicer than pictured. I loved this for the fact that it is floral!

Finally item from this exciting shopping trip ... black satin shoes from Accessorize. I was hunting for black shoes for the funeral and couldn't find my size apart from in these so I got them and actually really like them. Bought these and then wore heels!

I bought some shampoo, facial wash and nail polish as well but there not that exciting really!


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a model from Devon, tbh I had not heard of her before until I saw a picture of her in a magazine and liked what she was wearing.
She has enviable clothes, including some stunning tailoring!

She tends to keep her outfits very simple and chic.
Simplicity is something that I love in clothes - one key, stand out piece which is the main focus. Something that Rosie does incredibly well, in my opinion!

I like the way she has added blazers to her outfits, this finishes the looks off I think plus she had some gorgeous shoes!

What do you think of Rosie's style?Check Spelling

Take care x

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Good Company?

I am an avid reader of 'Company' magazine - that and 'Glamour' and I am sorted! - while bored one afternoon I stumbled onto their website. I thought I would play some games or read some gossip but instead I found myself on their style section. The team do post on what people in the office are wearing.
The link is ....
I picked a few that I really liked and that have inspired me to try a similar outfit.

I liked the slouchy-ness Vs the fitted, tailored - ness! (adding -ness onto words makes it a word in my book! :D ) I would wear this, possibly with a less slouchy dress or with a waist belt otherwise I would look like the back end of a bus but nonetheless it is a really easy, summer look that is wearable.

Plus, it includes a bit of tailoring - makes it a winner in my books really!

This look I really love. It is very pretty and feminine, the dress is the main focus which is achieved by everything else being black. This is another one that I would wear very happily - its appropriate for work and for going out after work in my opinion. Again, it has some tailoring :D

The thing that drew me to this one was the wedges! I am in love with wedges at the moment (which are from Faith if I remember correctly). This is really summery and simple with the main focus being the detail on the neckline.

I would say this is a bit more of a going out dress but she looks amazing in it and makes it work for a daytime look. The zip detailing on the dress is gorgeous and the studded belt adds a contrast between the soft pale pink of the dress. She is also wearing some gorgeous Topshop boots.

I'm really pleased I found this bit on the site as it is good for a little inspiration when you're having a fashion meltdown. Plus, a lot of the stuff is high street and available at the time of posting which is always a bonus.

What do you think of the outfits?

Take care x

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Pretty in Pink

I love Kristin's dress!
It is a gorgeous shift dress with detailing at the neck and the straps but what I love most is .... the colour.
It is so vibrant and eye-catching. The dress, overall is very lady like and grown up but I think the straps and neckline make it a little younger as does the colour.
My only moan is her shoes, personally, I would have chosen a less busy shoe. Maybe a black peep toe or a tan peep toe to keep the focus on the dress.
Oh, can anyone else see that Kristin's legs look wayyyyy darker than the rest of her?? lol x

Monday, 22 June 2009

Hello ... I will be back blogging soon!! Probably the end of the week :D x

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Gentlemen prefer blondes ....

Lauren Conrad is known for The Hills (obv) but her hair is also lusted after by many. I saw this picture of Lauren on a gossip site, she is doing a shoot for Haper's Bazarr and has a brown short bobbed wig on.
I think Lauren has naturally brown hair but dyes it blonde, how much does she suit brown hair?!
I think she looks amazing with it - really sophisticated and her skin looks really healthy and glowing.

Another thing I like is her outfit - in particular her trousers. They are drain pipe's that are ankle grazing - they look really sophisticated and dressy without being too much. I would probably wear them with some ballet flats, a coloured tee and either a blazer or a long line cardigan.
What do you think of Lauren's hair and outfit? x

Friday, 12 June 2009

Outfit 9

Pretty much the same as what I wore the other but in different colours! I also wore one of these tunics on Wednesday expert is has a floral print.
Topshop Cardigan, tunic & leggings. H&M braided waist belt and accessorize rings. Oh and my 'Emma' necklace too.
I love these things and the Topshop I was in today had loads more patterns and colours in :D
What did everyone else wear today? x

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Love & Hate Tag

I was tagged by Stephanie of Steph Stuph to do this lvoe/hate tag so here goes .....
Love ... Nude lips. I wear a disgusting amount of eyeliner (really too much but its my thing aparentely?!) so I usually opt for a nude lip normally a lippie but sometimes a gloss if I'm feeling like it. Sometimes I will wear a pale pink like Snob by MAC but its usally a nude.
Hate ... Chapped lips! Nothing looks right on my face if my lips are all manky and chipped plus lippie/gloss looks not so good :
Love ... MAC MSF - best thing since sliced bread! No clue what I did before this. It un-shines (is that a word?) my face, covers my spots ... and I love it basically. This would be closely followed by MAC Minerlised Satin Finish foundation.
Hate ... Wearing foundation thats too dark and you get the orange affect. A "Glasgow glow" (basically you are orange with a slight black tinge due to over sunbedding!) Also, when girls wear foudnation thats too dark and then end up with tide lines around their mouths - not attractive!
Love ... big, massive hair! The bigger the better, size matters and all that. I don't suit poker straight hair at all, get a slight pumpkin effect going on with my head size/shape. I like hair with loads of volume either messy bedhead (something I've been rocking a lot as of late) or big full curls.
Hate ... Poker straight hair or masssssssive roots. Not a fan of them at all.
Love ... Eyeliner! Who every created this would get a kiss from me! (dunno if thats a good or a bad thing?) Aslong as i've got my liner I'm ste :D
Hate ... Clumpy mascara. A little clumpy can be okay - more volume etc but if its overlly clumpy yeck! Not a fan.
Love ... Moisturisers :) Baby soft skin FTW!!
Hate ... Dry skin or when fake tan goes all patchy.
I TAG anyone that wants to do this :D x

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

In and Out Twenty Nine

Whats in for Tuesday ...
  • Red nails - Rimmel double decker red. Such a pretty, vibrant red. Its ashame it chips at the top the nails so quickly though :
  • My darker hair - if I had done this on Sunday or yesterday this would be in the outs but with make up on I actually really like it. Plus it has faded thanks to a recomendation from so its not black anymore :D
  • Nice weather in Glasvegas today = summer attire
  • College finishing soon. E-burgh in September woooo
Whats out for Tuesday ...
  • More Magazine - it is just me or does it get more expensive every week and a tad more shite?! Tbh I only buy it for Men overheard!
  • College finishing soon meaning everyone will be going home soon :(

Outfit 8

Not done one of these bad boys in agessss so I thought it was about time I did.
Today the weather was dry in Glasgow with sunshine (some clouds but there was sun! Doesn't happen often!) and it was warmish so I thought I would rock some summer attire :D

So I wore a black Topshop tunic that is elasticated at the waist (seriously LOVE these got it in a few colour and prints :D) with a black patent waist belt from good ol' H&M, some black leggings from Topshop that are extra long and high waisted (don't have a clue why I bought these bad boys!) a pale beige/golden cardigan from Topshop and some black flats from shop of the top as well. I put on my usual beads and bangles and my 'Emma' necklace. In the picture I have pearls on but I took them off in favour of the necklace =D
That's what I wore today. It was super duper comfy.
Also, got a new hair colour. Its reallly dark, on Sunday it was black but its faded to a very dark brown now and I kinda like it. I don't look orange anymore now just tanned :D

Recently I have been searching for a cropped denim jacket like Frankie from The Saturdays. I have tried Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Oasis and a few other places but haven't found one yet. If anyone has seen one anywhere please let me know - craving one badly. Trip to my childhood with my cropped denim jacket :D

What did everyone else wear today? x

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Candie Payne

This is a bit of a different post today, normally I post about celebrities and fashion or random posts but I thought I would do a post about music. Music is a big thing in my day - I never go a day without music in fact I think its what I hear most (apart from YouTube videos and the occasional tele).
Depending on my mood what I listen to varies. I like a bit of everything really; indie, R&B, electro, dance, pop, cheesy stuff....
Anyways back to the point, this is just a little post about one of my favourite singers, Candie Payne. Candie is the sister of Sean Payne of The Zutons and Howie Payne of The Stands - little fact in there for you all :)
One night last year, on youtube I randomly discovered her song 'One more chance' which Mark Ronson (swoon!) produced and our stories begins here!
Shortly after I purchased her album from Amazon and listened to it non-stop for weeks I think. Her music has been described as "pop noir" and is very retro, sort of Dusty Springfield. It is very much 60s inspired as her Candie's style in my opinion.

Her songs are based on relationship or that is how I have interpreted them. Some are more pop-y than others but if you listen to the album I think you will like them all. There are a few where some days I skip past because I'm not in that mood I guess but they are all listened to regularly.

Her album is fantastic and I think there is a new one in the pipe lines at the moment.

Not only is her music amazing, Candie is also very pretty & has fantastic eyeliner! Always a thumbs up in my book :D If your a shoe lover check out the 'One more chance' video - beautiful shoes!
Let me know if you like a post on something different every once in a while? Also, if you check out Candie Payne let me know if you like it or not? x

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Kim Kardashian

Kim kardashian isn't the best role model due to the fact she has a sex tape etc but she is int he sense that she isn't a stick insect and she is proud of her curves!
Kim wears some amazing clothes - she dress for her shape and shows off her best points.
Three outfits I really like are ....
It has a blazer - its made for me!

She tends to go for fitted or cinched in at the waist dresses which show off her curves and don't drown her in fabric - this could make her look bigger than she is!
Personally, Kim is a good role model for the fact that she is content with her figure and doesn't try to hide it or pretend that it is different to what it is and she has good taste (most of the time) :D x


So I went shopping today - the first time in ages - and I actually got everything that was on my mental list. I was swayed in Topshop by a stripy dress but I held off (tbh I will probably go and get it tomorrow!)
Anyways ... here is what I got :D

I had seen these earrings online and didn't really expect them to have them in the shop but they did. They are just big 'gold' dangley heart and I realllly like them. Plus they were only £4!

I got these shoes, I was actually looking for black shoes but Topshop didn't have any nice ones and neither did New Look so I just picked up these baby's. They are a brown-gold with a snake skin effect and a twisty bit at the front. These were £20 plus student discount ;) I think I will go back tomorrow or Friday and just get these really simple black flats they had to wear with leggings and dresses :D

I also bought some L'oreal hair dye in Natural dark brown which is pretty much my natural hair colour. After I dyed it back before it went a sort of red-yellow tone and pretty light and I really don't like it so the mother is going to dye it tomorrow night :D

I have a few things coming from Topshop soon so I will post pictures of them. What everyone else bought lately? x

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

T to the A to the G :D

First of all thanks Steph for the tag :D go check out her blog if you haven't - its awesome :D
Where I blog ...
Its varies - sometimes on me bed - modelled by my dog, George - excuse the unmade bed please. Sometimes at my desk or infront of the tele or in the fathers office, where ever I lay my self really. Recently, thanks to the amazing weather it has been in the garden - modelled again by George and the father - this was the only picture on the computer I could find (I think I took it coz it looks like they are having a convo!) NOTE: My dad has an arm but he has his shirt over his shoulders :)

What I'm wearing...

PJ's :D Pink with love hearts - tres classy with a pinch of sexy.

Last thing I read/Currently reading...

At the moment The Luxe by Anna Godbersen, just finished The House at Midnight by Lucie Whitehouse. I'm a bit of a bookworm - people are shocked when they find this out about me!

Do I nap alot ...

Nah, not a massive sleeper. One of those earlier risers - really bugs me, sometimes I would kill to be able to sleep till atleast 10!

Last person I hugged ...

Sarah in college. We were "hugging it out" Don't ask because I don't know!

Current Obsession/addiction ...

Bright nail polishes probably and Hugh Jackman - tbh this is a life long obsession. He is THE DREAM. If you are a Hugh lover watch Australia - hubba hubba ;)


Its been and it was toast and cold ham. Wasn't feeling hungry so I made this witha cuppa tea.

Last thing I bought...

Not exciting but a train ticket and a M&S lunch! Oh lie, actually it was dresses from

Listening to right now ...

It was Adele 'Daydreamer' but I just tucked in my chair and now the speakers aren't working :@ so nothing - white noise!

A superpower ...

To fly or to be invisible. Oh or a the ability to turn into a fly on the wall coz then you could fly and ease drop, find out what people say behind your back. Although I would rather be a butterfly or something, not a fly!

Favourite weather and why ...

I like it when its sunny and warm but not too warm. Also, as along as I can sit under a parasol or something - can't stand being in direct sunshine too much for the old girl!

Time I ususally get up ...

It varies due to college classes and work starting times but usually half 8, 9 if I am lucky!

Most challenging goal right now ...

It was passing my graded unit exam but now it is really to pass college and get into uni.

Something to the person that tagged me ...

Love your blog and chatting on twitter :D. You seem like a really lovely person AND you have famous ears! What more could you ask for really! :D

A House totally paid for and fully furnished somewhere in the world, where?

Paris or Sydney at the harbour :D, Italy - anywhere really maybe somewhere in the South like Naples or in Italian Napoli - got that from when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that amore (8)

Favourite Item of Clothing ...

Floral dresses or my black blazer.

Favourite pair of shoes I go back to over and over again ...

Black pumps with gold ball thing (sound gross ha) or my fred perry converse style shoes!

One things I can't live without ...

eye liner, music or my mum - she is amazing and I love her to bits.

Bedtime is at ...

11/12/1 - whenever I feel tired really.

Wake up anywhere, where would it be ...

in Hugh Jackman 's bed ha or in one the places I want a house probably.

I tag ....


FAB by Nicola

Tabitha's Wonderland

Winter Blossom

Passion for Fashion

:D x

Monday, 1 June 2009

Bright Frocks :)

Kristin is taking over from Lauren on The Hills which in my opinion will be a nice change as Kristin is all about drama! So it should get a bit more exciting :D

Anyways, while reading some gossip sites I came across these two pictures of Kristin.

In both she is wearing really bright, pretty dresses.

I loveee the orange-red of this dress and the contrasting black bust. It is really a beautiful dress, she has kept everything else really simple and made the dress the main feature.
The colour is so bright and summery too - a sun dress in this colour would be gorgeous!

This is Kristin at Heidi and Spencer's wedding, this is a blue-purple. In some pictures it is more of a cobalt but either way it is beautiful. In my opinion, Kristin dress a lot more appropriately for a wedding than some of the guests *cough* Brody's girlfriend *cough*.
The colour is beautiful and she has kept everything else really simple again - which I loveee. This would make a pretty sundress too.
Anyone else excited for Kristin to be on The Hills? x