Thursday, 28 August 2008

Blue eye with lighting bolt!

Instead of finishing up some college work I decided to play around with my make-up (as you do) and I came up with this <<<.
It is a blue eye with black mascara and a gold lighting bolt although it is hard to see in the picture & it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.
This isn't a serious look, I was just messing around and thought it was fun!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Oh My God I NEED These Shoes Now

How amazingly great are these shoes from Miss Selfridge?!
I lovvvvvvvvve them! they are just so nice and simple but still make a statement.
I love the patent-ness of them and just everything about them!!!!!
These babys cost £40 from Miss Selfridge (remember students get discount ;) )
I am most definetelly buying myself a pair .... teamed with black tights, a tuilip skirt and a simple t-shirt - cardi combo it will be perfect for winter. x

Perfect Party Outfit!

So its one of my friends birthdays coming up soon and shes having a party & I was having a little look around the internet on some of my favourite shops websites and I have to say there is some really gorgeous stuff around just now.

So I decided to put together a little outgfit that I think is gorgeous & perfect for a party .. Hope you like :)

The dress is from Topshop and is £60. The shoes are from Dune and cost £55 but you could always find a similar pair for cheaper from somewhere like New Look.
I love how simple & pretty this look is. Teamed with an oversized clutch and a smokey eye this would look amazing! x

Friday, 22 August 2008

How cute are these shoes?!

I was out shopping yesterday and was having a little look in Topshop. That was when I saw these gorgeous t-bar flats. They are similar to school shoes I used to wear when I was a little girl except these have the gorgeous floral print on them.
They are called the MEGAN-Flower T Bar Pump and cost £22 from a Topshop store or on there site. They are sooo cute & I plan on getting myself a pair.
They would look really cute with black jeans & a simple top like a white t shirt or black t shirt. They are really fun & pretty, they add something to an outfit I think.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Lauren Conrad has good fashion sense!!

Lauren Conrad always seems to have really cute but simple outfits! I love her high waisted frilly skirt with the green tshirt and Chanel bag, it really simple but put together at the same time. Even the women in the picture with her is rockin' the same trend.

I also really like the polka dot shirt and her dark blue jeans with the Ray Bans & of course her gorgeous Chanel bag.
I really like this outfit as well its similar to the Skinny jeans & loose shirt style I talked about in another post but this is a little more dressy & sophisticated looking.
I really love her style although I have to say I'm not a fan of the leather-look leggings she seems to wear so much but that's just me! x

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Gold & Black eyeliner with neutral eye

I saw a video on You Tube by haolepinobb (Go check her out shes amazing!) where she used Blue Peep fluidline, blacktrack & a neutral eye so I thought I would give it a try. Instead of blue peep I used brassy.

What I used ....

Soft Brown all over the lid

Swiss Chocolate in the crease

Brassy fluidline

Blacktrack fluidline

Two angled eyeliner brushes.

Be sure to make the coloured liner a thicker line than the black otherwise you won't see it!!

If you used a brighter colour it would be more obvious in the pic with my eyes open. Also this was about half 12 at night and the Swiss Chocolate didn't blend as much as I wanted it to in the crease but obviously you would blend this alot more if you were going out!!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Lipgloss Test

Company magazine has done a lip gloss review on there website. They tested ten lip gloss out and give you a little bit of feedback about them. I thought this was really helpful as I was thinking about buying a few of the glosses they tested. So if your a lip gloss lover go check it out.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Rimmel Dancin' Queen Nail Varnish

So I was doing my nails tonight and I felt like a change of colour on my nails. I normally wear pinks or corals and have never really wanted to wear red on my finger nails but I did it this time and I have to say I really like this red nail varnish.

Its Dancin' Queen by Rimmel, it cost £2.95 I think and is a really nice bright red. It drys super fast which is always a plus in my book!

Its a lovely colour so if your looking for a new nail varnish give this a shot and if you don't like it it doesn't matter it was only £2.95. x

Black & Gold Smokey Eye

What I used .....

MAC Fluidline in Brassy

MAC Gorgeous Gold

MAC Black Tied

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

MAC Eye Kohl in Smoulder

Estee Lauder More than Mascara

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara

I applied Brassy fluidline all over the lid and then applied gorgeous gold over it. I then used Black tied in the outer 'v' and up into the crease. I bought the black tied down and underneath the bottom lash line and round to the tear duct. I lined my top lash line with Blacktrack fluidline and winged it out a little. I then lined the lower waterline with Smoulder eye kohl. I then applied Benefit High beam as my highlight and applied mascara.
I applied a soft pink blush and MAC Underage lipglass!
Enjoy xx

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Sienna Miller

I'm not a huge Sienna Miller fan. I've only seen her in 'Casanova' I think and her private life and what she gets up to seems to be all you ever hear about but I saw these pictures of her and thought she looked amazing!

The dress on the left is such a beautiful dress, it is very SATC actually. Teamed with the black courts and gold jewelery it is a really classy & glamorous look but is not too busy or over done. I love the colour of the dress and the lace detailing. I'm 100% wearing this you would feel like a Princess!

The picture on the right is another classic, simple look.
I love the white shift dress with the black accessories. Also, I like how her hair is pulled off her face keeping the look tidy and simple.

Sienna Miller has gone up in my style icons list because of these two gorgeous looks!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I saw Duffy's new video today for 'Stepping Stone' and I decided to have a look at some performances of hers and discovered that she wears really quirky, vintage inspired outfits which I really love!
I love the nautical striped best and red cardigan with the jeans. It's a really simple, relaxed look but is still very fashionable.
I think this picture is probably the prettiest I have seen of Duffy. She looks very natural and happy. I love the denim shorts with the white blouse tucked in, it is very summery and fresh looking. I love the skinny green belt, it really pulls the outfit together and finishes it off.

I love this outfit also again it is very relaxed and easy to wear. The off the shoulder jumper is uber cute and again she finishes the look off with a belt.
Duffy always manages to look relaxed and comfortable in what she is wearing and her songs are amazing! Download her album ASAP it is amazing.

Pretty, fast & easy hair style!

So I was heading into town for a little bit of shopping and was running late. I didn't have to time to wait for my hair to dry and go wavy or to blow dry my hair and straighten it so i roughly blowed dried it and put is up like so >>>

Excuse the face when I smiled in the pics my head looked massive so i did this instead anyways I swept my side fringe back and twisted it a little and did the same with a piece of hair on the other side. Then i put my hair into a low loose pony tail and sort of messed it up a little bit so it wasn't too tied and up looking (if that makes sense?!). I don't really wear earrings that much but my top was a bit low and it made my chest look really long so I put on these square black diamond earrings from urban outfitters.

This is a really simple look that is really really fast and easy to do.

The side view, the back (sorry its blurry it's not easy taking a pic of the
back of your head yourself!!) Below is a picture of the top!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

New Style - Loose fitting shirts and Skinny Jeans

In yet another state of absolute boredum I was having a little look around "gossip" sites and ended up finding this picture of Lauren Conrad from The Hills.
She is wearing a over sized red shirt and indigo skinny jeans with platform shoes.
I really like this outfit and think it would look nice with gold sandals or plimsolls. It would be a really relaxed, comfy look.
I like her shoes aswell but personally wouldn't wear them with this outfit.
I then came across this picture of Lauren wearing a checked over sized shirt with blue jeans, gold flip flops and ray bans. I love this outfit aswell it is really relaxed and summery looking perfect for going out for lunch or shopping!
I am thinking about trying this look for myself but I not 100% sure it would work for me as Lauren is quite flat chested but I shall give it a go!

Monday, 11 August 2008

MAC Powder Blush : Coy Girl

I bought this blusher about 4 months ago but wasn't that into it when I first got it but yesterday I decided to give it another go after all I did spend £14 on it.

The colour is Coy girl and it is a sheer tone. It is described on MAC UK as a powdered rose and the swatch of it is a very light, soft pink but it is actually quite a deep purply-pink. As it is a sheer tone if applied with a light hand it goes on as a soft pink however if your a little heavy handed it can look really unnatural.
I really like this blusher now espeically with my Benefit High beam as my highlight it gives a nice glowy soft look which really natural and pretty. I used a medium sized blusher brush to put it on the apples of my cheeks and then blended it upwards.
If you are a NW25-NW30 I would say this would be a nice summertime blush if you want a soft natural flush.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Toshop is my Love! <3

In yet another state of boredum i was looking around the Topshop website and decided seen as one of my good friends birthdays is coming up soon (a months time lol) I would look at the fancy stuff. I some how ended up looking at the fancy dresses which I found lots of gorgeous ones but wouldn't get away with wearing out on a night out in Glasgow but I can dream!

I loveeeeeeeee this green Vintage Prom Dress (that's what its called!) it costs £50 and is absolutely stunning! I think this is the first time I've actually liked something in that shade of green.

Then when I was mooching through the high heels I saw these shoes. They are £75 but if I had enough money to buy them I would but sadly I don't :(. They would look amazing with the green prom dress or with black skinny jeans and a dressy top. They are called the PRESLEY premium slingback heel if anyone cares!
Thats is about it for just now! Go check out they have some amazing stuff just now!

Friday, 8 August 2008

New Fragrance from Benefit

So the wonderful Benefit have added another scent to there line called B-Spot, yip a play on G-Spot, some how B-Spots not so yuck sounding but anyways it was added mid-July and I can not wait until pay day to get myself a bottle. As a massive Benefit fan I must say I am a little excited about it.
The box comes with a picture of a lady showing all the place to spray it. The scent is described as being mango, freesia, peony, sandlewood and amber. It starts off fruity and loud but eventually calms down to a more subtle summer scent.
This is a summer scent but if you want to brighten up peoples winter mornings then a spritz of this and all is good.
It costs £26.50 from Benefit and Debehnams.
I think the whole B-spot/G-spot thing is a modern twist on the Coco Chanel quote " You should put scent where you want to be kissed". Which is never a bad thing?!

Lauren Conrad Plait headband

So I was messing around with my hair and decided I would go Lauren Conrad-esque and make myself a little plait headband.

All I did was got a medium to thick piece of hair from above my ear and plaited it and then brought it over my head and ta da there you have it lol! I did mine thinner today but you could make it quite thick and chunky which would look great aswell.

It get easier to do with more practice once you've mastered it you get a nice sort of pretty, grecian godess look!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

My Everyday Make-up

Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser
Boots expert senstive hydrating eye cream
MAC Fix +
MAC Minerlised Satin Finish NW25
MAC Minerlised skin finish natural in Medium
Benefit High Beam
MAC Sculpt & Shape in Accentuate & Sculpt
17 Blusher in Nude
MAC Black track fluidline
Estee Lauder More than mascara
Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara
Lancome Hypnose Mascara
MAC Underage lipglass
Nivea Mositure Gloss in Nude

Brushes used ...
MAC 187 for foundation
Lancome Kabuki for powder
MAC 168 for highlight & contour
Blusher Brush for Blush
Big Powder blush to blend any harsh lines
Angled eyeliner brush
Eyelash curlers

Topshop Bikini

So I was having a look about the Topshop website looking for some winter tops and stuff and I saw this bikini. It is called the Pin up spotty bikini and is £28 but I mean who wouldn't feel sexy and pretty in this bikini!

Even though summer is nearly over if your going away over Christmas or whatever this would be perfect! You could even buy it and put it away for next year. It is a glamorous bikini and would be really flattering to most figures. But I would say if you are all tits and hips (like myself!) I would recommend buying a bikini top with under wire support and not a halter neck as this won't do anything for your figure!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Sony Ericsson & Benefit

So I was in the Dentist's today and saw that Sony Ericsson and Benefit have teamed up and created the Pink & Gold Sony Ericsoon T650i phone. Now I'm not really into getting the latest phone anymore, it just doesn't interest me. I've had the phone I have now for about a year and a half and it is all I really need but I saw this a thought it was rather cute. It is as the name suggests pink & gold and wiht purchase you get a free Benefit rush hour an "instant makeover for lips and cheeks" as the advert says!
This phone is exclusive to O2 so if you check it out and decided yo buy it let me no if its good or what not.

ASOS Bags!

Seen as it is getting back into term time now (I know it sucks!) I thought I would show you guys a few grogeous bags that are around just on ASOS that would be perfect for College or University or School.
The two bags above I rully rully like! They are both really attrative bags (If a bag can be attractive?!) and are big enough to hold all you need for your day. The Fushia bag is called Bessie Oversized Roll Handle Bag and had a gold zip and detailing on the straps. It costs £30 but it is going to last you. The black bag on the right is gorgeous and is called Bessie Snake Pouch Pocket Shoulder Bag. The like the pocket detail on the front of this bag and think it is also really nice. This is £30 aswell but like I said you only get what you pay for!! ASOS stock really nice bags and I would definetely recommend checking them out but if you see something you like don't procratinate get it otherwise it will be gone a lesson i learned recently!
ASOS Website:

Five Make-up Essentials for Autumn/Winter

With winter just around the corner (sadly!) I thought I would share with you the five thing I will be investing in this winter.


Clean & Clear Oil Free Dual Action Moisturiser will keep your skin hydrated and soft when it's cold outside. The cold tends to dry out your skin so this will add moisture, keeping your skin soft and smooth! With it being oil free it doesn't clog your pores and it also has ingredients in it to help prevent spots and blemishes which is always a plus in my book. In the UK you can get this from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda almost anywhere that sell Clean & Clear products.


With the cold weather drying out the skin it is an essential to exfoliate to get rid of any dead skin. You could choose any exfoliator you like but I like this one because it is very gentle on the skin, this is essential to me as I do have a few blemishes & spots and a hard exfoliator would open these up and they would get infected. An exfoliator will refresh your skin leaving it looking clear. It will also make for smoother make-up application which is always a plus!!


A good foundation is an essential in the winter months. I chose MAC Studio Fix Fluid
because it gives good coverage and it build able. It is quite thick but it makes the skin look flawless and is a favourite of mine in the winter time when I'm feeling a bit yuck basically. It gives a gorgeous matte finish and is long lasting & oil-free so
you won't get that greasy look to your skin. A little spray of Fix + to stop it looking cakey and you are good to go.


During the winter I tend to get really dry chapped lips which is never ever a good look! I use Carmex lip balm to keep my lips soft and moisturised. I put this on in the morning when I'm putting on my face moisturiser or before i apply lip gloss/stick. It creates a nice smooth base to apply the gloss or lip stick. It is a fantastic product and is not expensive at all. I have tried loads and loads of lip moisturiser over the years and I have to say this one is the best I have ever tried. All the others are a waste of money. Carmex is available in jar form (pictured), squeeze on tube which is good for on the go (I keep one of these in my bag) or in stick form which is also good for on the go. It also now available in cherry form but I think I will be sticking to the original as I'm not a big cherry fan!

Your skin will dry out all over your body not just on your face and it is essential to keep it moisturised. I love using The Body Shop's Body Butters and Body Scrubs. They are £12 each but totally worth the money also you get a free gift if you spend over £20 so it isn't all bad! They come in a wide range of scents from Coconut(pictured) to Strawberry, Satsuma, pink grapefruit loads! So you are sure to find one that you will like. They are great as they really do work with your skin and make it look at its best. I suffer from eczema and I find that if I moisturise with one of the Body Butter's everyday and exfoliate once a week with the Body Scrubs it isn't as bad. These are a great buy and really do make your skin look fantastic!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

My new favourite scent

I recently got the perfume Insolence by Guerlain and it is thee most gorgeous smell ever!! It is really fruity and soft, with perfume I tent to suffer from headaches but this one doesn't affect my head whatsoever so that is a big big plus.

It comes in a funky sort of slanted bottle and is a light pinky colour. Also, I look into the perfume and was on the official site for it and loved the poem thing for it...

INSOLENCE is the sparkle in the eye of a care free spirit; a fearless smile, a silence that expresses many thoughts. It's a casual grace, an ironic elegance. It is panache, verve and spirit; it is the new Guerlain femine fragrance: INSOLENCE
The INSOLENT women? She is audacious. She makes her own choices and dances to a different tune. Free, spontaneous and truly herself, this utterly irresitable women does not conform to stereotypes
Get this perfume, I am telling you it is gorgeous and you will love it!!

Ciate Paint Pots

In August's (I think) Company Magazine there was an interview with Kimberly Stewart and I read about the nail brand Ciate that she is the face of. I had never heard of this brand before so I checked it out on Google and saw that both HQ Hair and ASOS sold there products.

The paint pots are priced at £7.50 each and come in a wide selection of colours and finishes such as creme, shimmer, sheer, pearl and glitter. There is so many different colours and they are all gorgeous!!!

So I ordered a paint pot in cupcake queen 011. It is a very deep pink and it is beautiful!! The postage was pretty fast, it took about two days which is not bad at all. It came in really nice packaging and was well wrapped in bubble wrap.

I love these nail varnishes, personally I think spending £7.50 is acceptable for a good, long lasting nail varnish!

Go get yourself some, I am definitely getting more soon.

They are available from:

Monday, 4 August 2008


I was bored so I thought I would have a look around the Dune website as I hadn't in a while and I must say they have some really gorgeous shoes in at the moment. I loved so many that I have decided to show you my five favourites.

I loveeeee these shoes, they are gorgeous but I didn't like them as much in the brown colour. For the shoes in red it is £60 but to get them in brown they are only £37.50. The shoes in red would look gorgeous with a black vintage style dress, subtle make-up and the hair simply swept back off your face.

These are statement shoes and should be woren with a simple outfit. Unlike the last pair these shoes are very retro. I love the chunky heel, the flower on the toe and the fact that they are sling backs. These shoes also come with a red flower and red where the black is basically but I prefer the black although the Lilly on the front does stand out more in the red. These shoes are £25.50 in either red or black.

I adoreeee these shoes. They are super sexy and will give you alot of confidence! They only come in black but personally in any other colour they would look a little pornstar-esque!!!

They would look fantastic with the polka dot dress from Miss Selfridge I mentioned in my 'Frill Seekers' entry. It would be really sexy and perfect for a party or night out. These shoes are £49.50. Expensive but totally worth it in my eyes!!

These court shoes are very Carrie Bradshaw! I love them, I want them!!!
These shoes also come with a white background and a black bow but i prefer the black as the flowers and the bow pop a little more with the darker background.

These shoes are just gorgeous! They would great with just a simple dress or a prom style skirt and simple vest top again very Carrie. If I had these shoes I would feel like a Princess wearing these just because they are so different and so eye catching.

These lovlies are a reasonable £24!

These shoes are gorgeous, they remind me of birthdays (because of the bow I think). They come in red and also in cobalt blue, both are equally as gorgeous as the other and if I had obsence amounts of money I would buy both pairs but sadly I don't so I would probably get the red ones as it would go with so much more than the cobalt blue.
Cobalt blue is going to be big this Autumn/Winter so you would get atleast two seasons out of them until cobalt blue popped back into fashion.
The red shoes would look amazing with a simple black cocktail dress and again very simple make-up and hair. You want all the attention to be on the shoes. They are £95 a pair but if you are feeling flush and want to treat yourself I would say get yourself a pair of these babys ASAP!!

Summer Read!

I started reading "Holly Would Dream" by Karen Quinn about five days ago and I can hardly put it down!

Synopsis from back of book:

Fashion historian Holly Ross often wishes she lived in a simpler time when the clothes were beautiful, the men debonair and the endings happy. But, about to be married and with a big promotion promised, her life seems finally to resemble the movie stars she idolizes. So where did it all go wrong? How, in the space of one day, does Holly find herself homeless, jobless, penniless - and fiance-less? Why is she cruising the Mediterranean in pursuit of property tycoon Denis King? And how come she's trying to track down a suitcase full of stolen Audrey Hepburn gowns before Interpol tracks her down? The madcap adventures of the endearingly accident-prone Holly make for a fast-paced, feel-good and wickedly funny read. Will she get the promotion she deserves - or will she get thrown in jail? Will she capture the heart of Denis King before he marries society girl, Sydney Bass? And will she ever be able to stop saying 'if only' and accept herself for who she really is?

It is really east to read and the chapters are short so you get throught it quickly. It is perfect for the beach or a holiday read. Get it, I know you will love it especially if you are an Audrey Hepburn fan.