Thursday, 29 July 2010

I want to get ten out of ten

I want glasses like Lauren Conrad. I presume these are prescription ones that she is wearing? simply because I have seen other pictures of her wearing glasses. Wouldn't mind her bag either, if it's going...

Ginnifer Goodwin is a good'un - see what I did there. I'm sorry, it wasn't good! I looooove this outfit everything from her hair to her shoes! Ginnifer wears some beautiful red carpet dresses & always looks fashionable without being overly 'trendy'.

You know I know how to make them stop & stare

I am off culture vultureing as my dad called it this morning. We are off to a stately home on the West coast of Scotland seen as it is a gorgeous day.
I bought this H&M dress on Tuesday night, it was a total impulse buy but I love it. I got the tan leather belt as well which smells amazing! The bag is River Island circa 2007, I haven't worn it for ages then randomly hauled it out of my wardrobe the other day & used it again. The black ring is H&M also from the other day. I love it but it is a little too big those stupid tag things fool you into thinking it fits! Cuff is old school Topshop & the leggings & vest are Topshop basic ones. I wore some gold sandals from Wallis with it.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

rollaway your stone, I'll roll away mine

I could try and look a little happier!
Not done one of these in what seems like forever but it was just last week so I am talking/feeling nonsense - nout new there.
I love this cardigan, when I saw it I had to have it. It came in black, cream & khaki but of course I chose black. What can I say it goes with everything!
I just teamed it with some denim shorts, a black vest top & a patent belt. Oh and some gorgeous vintage earings that I forgot to get a photo of but I will.

I bought these earrings in the Oasis sale. I thought they were quirky & at only £4 I thought why not. The colour isn't really true to life, they are a little more matte purple than in the picture. Now to find something to wear them with. I was thinking black. Shocking. I know.

I bought a Cath Kidston note pad for uni - a bit Elle Woods possibly but to be honest I don't really care. Might aswell write in a pretty note pad while learning. I got a new academic diary aswell which I hunted long & hard for. Eventually I setteled for a red paperchase one from Amazon which I lovvve.


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

TAG time laydeees

I was tagged by Claire at to do this tag. Go check out her blog & give it a follow.

Basically you post a picture of yourself that you like & tell us six positive things about yourself so here goes...
This is a photo of my friend & I in a bar in Glasgow Town, doing the classy act of a picture in the toliets! I like this picture just because it is a recent picture & currently I am very happy with almost all areas of my life plus it was a pure amazin' night out.

I am a happy person.

I tend to be in a good mood - of course I can be a moody bitch, I am human after all but I do tend to be in a good mood most of the time.

I am a morning person.

Not sure if this is positive or not but I tend to be most productive in the morning & produce my best work. I have been known to get up early to write essays at uni which have, so far, turned out to be some of my best work. I've always been a morning person, as a wee girl I would get up at half six & silly times like that much to my parents annoyance!

I'm a good friend.

That sounds big headed but I am! Anytime my friends need me, I'm there for them. I'm known as the advice giver in my group of friends, sometimes it's not necessarily what they want to hear but it has to be said! I love my friends, they are amazing. They aren't old school friends or anything - I don't see anyone from school, I met my closet friends along the way since leaving school through work, college & uni and love them very much.

I follow my instincts.

I would say I have pretty good instincts. If I think somethings or someones not right then I am outta there. If it doesn't feel right - what's the point?! No point wasting my time on something or someone that I know deep down is wrong, dodgy...

I am reliable.
If I say I will be there then I will be there. This is a trait that annoys me in people well rather lack of.
I'm a hard worker.
If I want something then I will work for it. I learned this one the hard way. In school, I messed around I had good grades for my standard grades & intermediate twos but when it came to 6th year & highers I just let them go so after school I had nothing to do. I went to college for two years & am now at uni going into my second year when most people I went to school with have graduated or have a year left. In away I am glad it happened like this as I learned that if I put the effort in I will get what I want. Also, that you have to want to do something for yourself. Just get on with it has become my mantra about something I have to do but don't want to or as my brother says "Man up!" :D
That was actually really hard to do but it has put me in a positive mood. Win-win ye get me :p
I tag...

Monday, 19 July 2010

I looked into her eyes and I swore I've never written a cliche before And I'll probably never do so

Hey lovlies
just a quick outfit, the picture quality isn't amazing but I can't find my camera so had to use my web cam. You can get the jist of the outfit.

Just kept it pretty simple but I like it. Wearing my home made shorties which I love. Mon the shorts! I love my tights too - think a collection of patterened tights might need to happen soon. These bad boys are M&S of all places.

Happy face...
cardigan & top ... Top-of-the-shop
Belt & scarf ... H&M
Shorties ... an Emma creation :p

Gothic Chic

Goth Chic For The Win - written out in full to emphasise my love for it!

I wouldn't say I was particularly gothy: some of the music I like could be pigeon holed as 'gothy', I love wearing black, dark nail varnish in particular black is, in my eyes, a modern take on the classic red nail but I wouldn't say that I had a particuarly gothic style. I like love black but I also love floral prints, block colour & pastel nail varnish.
That said I love Billie Piper & Lily Allen's looks at the Glamour awards.

I read that both dresses are vintage which always makes dresses seem a little more special, I think. The dresses are so glamorous & sophisticated.

The detailing at the neck is gorgeous. Teamed with a red lip, it looks gorgeous.It has a screen siren feel about it. Laaave!
The sleeves. Need I say more!
I also love this cream dress that Lily wore recently. It's really simple & summery with a 70s hippie sort of feel.


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Across the pond they all know us international

I love Fearne Cotton's style!

She is always fashionable but not overly influenced by trends which I like, also love her hair colour now much nicer than the bright blonde.

Looooove her boots & the contrast of the blues in her dress with the red bag which I also love!

Outfit has shorts, bright lips & some black. What more could you want?! The shorts aren't too pink which I like it and the little bows add a pretty touch.

The shoes did it for me. How amazing are these bad boys?! The outfit is nice and simple making the boots the key piece.

The sleeves on this top are gorgeous as is the print. It is girly but not too girly & the shoes are gorgeous again. They are sort of a wedge, sort of a heel.

This is the picture that made me search Fearne, I was reading August's Glamour & fell in love with the colour of this dress and the sleeves. The colour suits her skin tone perfectly plus it isn't another black dress at an awards ceremony. Her shoes are gorgeous too, black studded heel - love.
I am currently searching the high street for some studded heels & a studded belt. Gimmie some studs!! :p

Friday, 16 July 2010

I know I said I loved you but I'm thinking I was wrong

Hot face...
Hey lovlies,
if you follow me on twitter you'll know that yesterday I was sewing me some demin shorts, I had old jeans lying around that are actually way too big on the waist for me but I figured I could make some shorts out of them & just belt them for summer. I had a washed out pair of black ones and these dark blue ones. I actually laaaave them =D I'm a big skirts & dresses kinda gal so shorts are a nice change that aren't trousers!
I went to Kelvingrove Art Galleries today with me mama & then did a little shopping in the West End.
I dyed my hair aswell & it has worked perfectly. It is a darkish brown but doesn't make me look pale so it's all good.
I am wearing a vest from my favourite Topshop, scarf from H&M - this scarf has lasted so well, I bought it in 2007 & it is still going strong today! I just added my black blazer & rip off Chanel bag & some studded pumps. Belt is H&M aswell.

Love this song too ....

across the pond they all know what's international wo o

driving my car to a forgein place (8)

Mon the Gaga!!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Nothing's perfect but I was hoping I would do

Hello dolls
Couple of things in this post, I was going to do separate posts but thought what's the point if it's all in the same day soo here it is...
I got my haircut today basically just got the longer side chopped off & I laaaave it! It is really short but I have come to the conclusion short hair is ftw, I can't handle long hair even though I had it that way for years but we live & learn.
I bought some hair dye after my hair dresser recommended a colour for me, I asked on Twitter whether I should go blonder or browner & the verdict was blonder but I am a bit scared so have decided to go darker for the time being. I got L'loreal preference in 5.3 chestnut brown (I think that's what it's called?!, it's 5.3 nonetheless) I went for a pink lip liner to feed my pink lippie obsessions & picked up Rimmel's 100 kisses in Indian pink which is a gorgeous deep pink. It was three for two on all Rimmel so obviously I HAD to get two other things so I picked up the powder I use, the stay matte one in silky beige & a mascara as mine are drying out badly.

Excuse my tired, scared face it's been a long ass day today. You can sort of get the colour of the lippie-ness, I tried to get a good picture of the colour but it is really dull & raining like a mad thing tonight so I did my best lovlies.

This picture is more true to life me thinks. The lipstick is 17 lasting finish in Hawaii Pink

When my Grandpa died last year we had to empty his house as my Granny had passed away seven or eight years before. I got my granny's dressing table & this chair which was in need of some sprucing so that is what I did....



I gave it a lick of good ol' white gloss paint and bought new fabric for the seat. I am going to make a little cushion for it as well. This makes me excited to make my new room in my flat decorated around this chair - sad, I know, but it makes me happy & content. x

Sunday, 11 July 2010

I'm just gonna dance all night. I'm all messed up

Hey Lovlies ...

I love Robyn's dancing on my own. I think most people can relate to it in some way or another - ya'know liking a guy, you think he likes you then you see him with someone else. I love the single & the acoustic versions - tune!

Her outfit is gorgeous in this performance - love it. The neurtal colours looks gorgeous with her colouring & her blonde hair.

On another note, I have a week off work so am wearing nail varnish - yayyyy - my polish of choice is Rimmel's sky high. It's a turquoise blue colour - really summery & vibrant. Laaave it.


Saturday, 10 July 2010

I know exactly who I am & who I wanna be

This skirt is way too big for me so I have had to tuck it into my belt otherwise it would look silly! I am going to take it in because I love it!
I love this top, it is really fitted tight fabric & has ruching detail on the shoulders.
Didn't do that much today, got work tonight =( then a whole week off.
What did you wear today?
Top .. H&M
Skirt .. Topshop
Belt .. H&M
Shoes .. Wallis
Necklace & ring .. Topshop (the necklace is now broken :( )
Selection from bracelets & bangles .. Miss selfridge, Topshop, Urban Outfitters

Friday, 9 July 2010

No Happily Ever After All

The weather is shocking here, I mean I didn't expect much after all it is Scotland & June was gorgeous - that is our good weather quota gone, so I decided to play dress up.

I bought this tea dress from Miss Selfridge about a year and a half ago & have only worn it a handful of times. I don't know why really, I think it is because I don't really feel comfortable in it or like the cut of the neck line.

It is a little too baggy for me now but I thought I would wear it for a while just so it didn't feel un-loved...

Yes, I am holding my shoes to my ear pretending it is a phone - weirdo!

I love the back of the dress but wish it was more fitted than this...

Hello calf muscles - I used to, still do at times, loath my legs but they are muscly & there is little to nothing I can do about it, it's a family thing. Silly rugby playing genes! I am the only girl in my family (my dad's side) for seventy years & they don't have very dainty, petie genes. Lucky me!

I love these shoes but they are difficult to walk in espeically after a few cheeky Vodka's. Even if I haven't had a few I am still stoating about like a drunken fool when really I'm not! The left heel is a bit dodgy too, it comes away from under you sometimes but what do I expect from Primark?!

Now that dress up time is over my plans for today include two trashy novels, got to love a chick lit, right?? and the new Elle - I love Lily! x

Dress ... Miss Selfridge
Shoes ... Primark
Belt ... H&M

Thursday, 8 July 2010

If you want this, I want it more

I have finally got out of my nude lip phase & am now in a pink lips phase. This Rimmel's colour show off lipstick in 020 Shake up pink. It isn't a really bright pink but it's not a baby. It is a little brighter than in the photograph but it's nothing too OTT. I laaave it!

I can hear my friends now about what I am wearing "you always wear black!", "all black again today!"

I love black, what can I say. I think it's something to do with me being a Scorpio. I read somewhere that Scorpios are most comfortable in black which is true, I am. I love black!

Quick shoe & ring shot for y'all. Loving my blue toe nails.

Hates a pose...
cardigan: Topshop
top, belt (worn with buckle at the back) & shorts: H&M
Leggings: Topshop
Shoes: Dune
Ring: H&M
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
I did have a black skrit on with this but I decided the shorts looked better. The skirt made me look odd...
Then I played about with camera settings!

The Soundtrack to my Life

Seen as I got my loooovely new iPod touch this morning & I am really a big kid that gets excited about new things I thought I would do this age old tago.
So the rules are...
Each "question" you answer with a song.
1. Open your ipod/iPhone/music library
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For the first question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to the next question, press the next button.
My life soundtrack...
Waking up... Velocity Girl - Snow Patrol
First day at school ... Gimmie More - Britney Spears
Falling in love ... Already gone - Kelly Clarkson (Just realised this come with lyrics on my iPod - sing along? Anyone...)
Losing Virginity ... Tem V Com Sucioperro
Fight song ... Wear my Kiss - Sugababes
Breaking up ... Stone cold sober - Paloma Faith
Prom ... American Boy -Kanye West & Estelle
Life ... On Board - Friendly Fires
Mental break down ... Ex-Lover Friendly Fires
Driving ... Ask me how I am - Snow Patrol
Flashback ... Shark in the water - VV Brown
Getting back together ... Stella the Mistress - Underground Heroes
Wedding ... Walking on a dream - Empire of the sun
Birth of a child ... Just say yes - Snow Patrol
Final battle ... I predict a riot - Kaiser Chiefs
Death scene ... I can't control myself - Pigeon Detectives
That is my life soundtrack ... everyone should do this, it's fun :) x

Monday, 5 July 2010


Hates a pose! Just modelling some 'geek' glasses from a school disco night me & my lovely uni friends went to - missing them, can't wait till flat moving in time =D
anyways, having a bit of a I can't be bothered day so that is reflected in what I am wearing. Just a oversized cardi, a white vest with a braided belt. My usual chains. Oh and a massive ring from H&M. Laavvvve. x

Cardigan, vest top, leggings - Topshop Ring & belt - H&M

Saturday, 3 July 2010


I love Marina & the Diamonds.

Her songs are so catchy & actually mean something rather than just being a song someone has written for her which will make her rich & famous plus she has fantabulous style. And make up.

Fitted, bright, statement shoulders, bright lipstick. Her look is amazing. Sometimes some of her stuff is a little too 'quirky', for want of a better word, for me - her cartoon pieces are a bit too out there for me but she can work them & always looks amazing.

I love her new video too. It's so bright & 90s pop.


I bought some new black dress shorts from H&M the other week & have worn them loads since.
I didn't have time during the week to upload these outfits so here they are together.

cardigan, necklace, vest top - Topshop, shorts - H&M, Tights - M&S, shoes - Tesco.

I love the gold button detailing on both sides of these shorts. They are really comfy & go with everything pretty much!

My leg looks weird in this picture - it's not actually like that :p

blazer - Mango, vest bag ring & necklace - Topshop, Shorts - H&M, tights - M&S

I love both of these Topshop necklaces. They are both a few years old now but have lasted really well, the big black costume ring is gorgeous too.