Monday, 24 August 2009

When she was 22, her future looked bright

I loveeeeee Lily's top - its bloody gorgeous! x

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Its just what all young lovers do...

My investments for Autumn/Winter 09.
Statement Jewellery.
Big, chunky and colourful is what I will be keeping my eye's peeled for. A good example of statement jewellery is Olivia Palermo, she always has eye catching jewels - her will be a tad more expensive than mine, I think! Statement jewellery adds interest to simple pieces and means an outfit can be made to look different and new!
Leather Jackets.
Biker style is going to be a big trend for the season. You could go all out on stud detail for ultimate biker chic! Leather jackets can be dressed up or kept casual.
40s shapes.
Pencil skirts, shift dress. Basically, fitted, figure hugging pieces that show off curves to perfection. I love fashions from the 40s and 50s. Everything was so glamorous and chic, or at least in the movies it was! Think Jane Russell and Marlyn Monroe.
Thin knits with chunky cardigans. Layering different textures is what I am planning on doing :D.
Lace Ups.
Lace up heels with attention to details for example: eyelets, tones and textures. I bought a pair last year from Topshop which I have worn once but I think this year I may wear more. They are in the style of a brogue but with a patent heel.
What is everyone else buying for Autumn/Winter? x

Who do you think you are?

Recently I have become obsessed with the BBC programme 'Who do you think you are?', I'm not sure why I just randomly watch it one night and got hooked!
For those that haven't seen it, celebrities research their family history and find out what happened to lost relatives or what they worked as or about marriages/relationships that took place during their lives.
Most of the time the celebrity research's a relative that their families no little off which can sometimes lead to very emotional episodes.
I have always been interested in history, I get it from my dad, I find it so interesting and fascinating. Watching this has made me wonder about my ancestry - we all have it after all! I know that I have a lot of family in New Zealand and Australia but that is about it really. I know other things like how people died and their occupations but apart from that I know little else. My surname is not Scottish and I would love to know how I ended up with this surname as from what I know my grandparents on my dad's side were Scottish.
Anyway, enough of this ramble!
Anyone else watched 'Who do you think you are?'?
Maybe one day, I will research my ancestry but for now I will leave it as a blank :) x

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

if you should ever leave me, life would still go on believe me

Decisions, Decisions ...
You'll never guess what this post is about ... my hair! Another one, the joys!
I had a fringe cut back in recently but I don't like it. The fringe is too heavy and longer hair gets on my nerves so I am going in for the chop.
I have two styles in mind but am unsure on which to pick so I thought I would ask your opinion on it :)
Option 1: Claudia Winkleman
Basically, my hair would touch my shoulders and have some layers. It would be a middle part with a sort of fringe but it can be pushed to the side. I like this because the parting can be sort of random it doesn't have to be perfect plus the manageable :D
Option 2: Candie Payne

I was thinking this length and with a side instead of the middle part. I have a lot of hair and it is thick and has a lot of volume so I could achieve the look of her hair probably for nights out, it would be a bit much for everyday I think.
So what do we think option 1 or 2? x

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Devil is at the door, I'm thinking we've been here before now

It's a little boring because I am feeling really flat and blah and the minute. I don't know what it is but anyways, I'll get over it!
Today I wore.....
My Mango blazer with a v neck M&S tshirt and my New Look Skinnies (I will come onto Skinnies in a moment, bet the anticipation is killing you!) a gold cuff from Topshop and my red Topshop pumps, I had planned on wearing my Dune wedges but sadly it was not to be as it has rained all day :( sad times!

Thought I would put this in for the sheer craic of it! I wasn't ready but the camera was basically!
On to Skinnies ...
For a while I had been thinking that skinnies weren't incredibly flattering on me, I have big boobs & large hips, thighs and bum so basically they just highlighted the big-ness!
Skinnies are one of my favourite style of jeans, they work perfectly for day or night, dressy or casual but I don't see the point in me wearing them if a) they don't flatter my shape and b) I feel self conscious wearing them. Having said that I decided to do something productive (I use this word loosely, finding the perfect jeans isn't really solving a massive problem!) with my day.
I googled straight leg jeans and learned that they are basically the same as skinnies but have a wider hem. Skinnies tend to have a leg opening of 12/13 inches and straight legs have a leg opening of 14/15 inches. The wider the leg opening balances out the silhouette.
Basically, what this none sense ramble is about is the fact that I have to go jeans shopping for straight leg jeans and hopefully this will mean I will wear jeans more often .... we shall see :D

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Obsessions Tag

The lovely Victoria at Blockquote tagged me for this so I'm going to do it :D
The rules with this award are:
1) List 5 current obsessions
2) Pass the award on to 5 fabulous blogs
3) Mention the person who tagged you and post their blog link
4) Post links to the 5 winners and let them know!
My five current obsessions ....
1. Lipgloss - normally I don't wear anything on my lips unless I remember too but recently I've been wearing lipgloss all the time.
2. Natural hair - I haven't blow dryed or straigtend my hair in about two weeks
3. The Maccabees - I can't stop listening to their new album, it is sooo good.
4. Young, Dumb & Living off mum - this is genious tele, seriosuly, I love it!
5. Reading - I read often normally but recently I have been reading loads like I will have spare time and be like oo I'll just read for a bit. Think it is because my book is good?!
I tag....
Sorry I don't know your real name, Winter Blossom at

Friday, 14 August 2009

You were such a surprise, an unexpected gift said I was pretty & I believed it

OOTD ...
Today it is pouring, the rain hasn't stopped all day so its pretty rubbish!
Anyways, I put on a loose black top with my jeans this morning and a lilac cardigan but I didn't like it - I really cannot pull off baggy, loose stuff without a belt cinching it in so I changed :D
I put on a cream Topshop Tee with my black jersey cardigan and my patent H&M belt with my black jeans.
I wore my gold ball earrings, my floral Miss Selfridge bangle and two gold bangles.
My hair was getting on my nerves, it wasn't wavy or curly like it normally is naturally, it was just blah so I put it up. I don't normally wear my hair up but I kind of like it.
What did everyone else wear today? x

Shoe Lusting

I realllly want these shoes! Funny feeling I don't think I could afford them but a girl can dream....

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

How do you get to find love, real love

OOTD ....
Most boring OOTD ever, I'm not doing much today so I just did the old jeans and vest top combo and threw on my blazer.
The only accessorize I wore was my big "diamond" ring from H&M.
Don't ask about the pose - its shocking!

Also, today I thought I would give my fringe another try see if I felt any differently about it and the verdict is ....

No, I still hate it so its going back to the side ASAP :D x

Friday, 7 August 2009

I want it that way ...

I want my hair like thissss ... but a ickle longer! :D

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Until the man of her dreams comes along picks her up and put her over his shoulder...

I ordered two things from - I was very restrained :D - I saw this skirt and fell in love, love at first site some may say :P
I thought it would be perfect for winter with black tights and a leather jacket. I tried it with leggings but I'm not really sure, think tights will looks better.

I also bought these satin brogues. I wasn't sure about them at first I thought they looked a little tap shoe-ish but I think they will be nice with the skirt and tights. Also with jeans folded up and a long cardigan.

My mum a really quirky dress sense when she was younger - something I don't have - but she loves them. Her way to describe them "very modern" so there you go :D

I'm going shopping today so I might get some more new stuff :D

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

And here's where the sound of my tears hit the ground

OOTD ...

Today I wore my Topshop tunic with the elasticated waist - for some reason I feel like I am always on here wearing this o'well - I wore it with my pink Topshop cardigan that has detailing on the shoulders. Some black leggings and my long Accessorize necklace.
Also, this is my new hair! I'm not sure about it, I had a fringe last year and now I'm a bit fed up of it might wait a bit and get it cut shorter with a side fringe but we shall see :D
What did everyone else wear today? x

I'm never gonna dance again my guilty feet have got no rhythm

I haven't really been into Big Brother this year, I watch it every now and then and watch BBLB sometimes ( really just for George Lamb swooon :D )
Anyways, I really want a hat like Bea's. I love it, it is so cute and will be perfect for Winter. If anyone spies a red one I would sooo appreciate it if you could tell me where so far all I can find is coral but I want bright red :D
That's all really, not done much apart from have a omg I have lego hair panic ha
:D x

Monday, 3 August 2009

When I was young, I never needed anyone

Thought I'd do a quick post before I go for a little nap :D
How was every ones weekends? Mine was alright - got me hair cut and handed in my notice at work yayyyy - got four weeks until I leave for Edinburgh woot woot.
I got my fringe back but now I'm thinking I might want my hair shorter not cropped shorter but a touch. Maybe once I'm sick of my fringe!
Anyways, this post is pretty pointless!
One thing before I go ....
How amazing does Lily Allen look at the launch of her jewellery line?
She has dark skinnys one with a corset and a dinner jacket. Oh and and teal heels - love it!
:D x