Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Outfit Diary One, Two, Three and Four

These will normally be one outfit to a post but I have four just now so thought I might aswell get all four out of the way in one post.
Outfit Diary One.
First of all, I got my haircut at the weekend. This is the before picture with a very attractive face and then you can see from my outfit pictures what it looks like now.

Today was the first day I styled it myself so it isn't perfect but i'm just not used to working with short hair.

I really love it though and am really happy I got it done.
Not doing too much today really and not wearing anything to exciting.
I am wearing a black H&M Tshirt with a blue patterned Topshop skirt. Some M&S tights, a primark bag. Some studded pumps from Tesco and a gold necklace from Topshop about three years ago.

Outfit Diary Two.
I feel a bit like a really bad 90s dad today ha not sure why...

anyways, I'm not really doing much today hence why I am wearing jeans. Personally, jeans are hell for me! I am not a massive fan - I don't think they flatter me and are all that comfortable but I still wear them every now and again.

So I have on my jeans with a white tshirt loosely tuck in at the front and this navy admiral, I think that is how it was described online, cropped blazer which I bought about two years ago in the Oasis sale but had never worn (still had the labels on & everything!) It was a steal, to say the least. Meant to be £70 got it for £20!

I added a pink necklace to feel less plain and my little grey plimsoles that are done and need to be replaced ASAP!
The jacket and bag are Oasis - both sale purchases, tshirt is H&M, jeans are New Look. Shoes are Fred Perry and the necklace is vintage from my Granny.

Outfit Diary Three.
So today I felt like getting a bit dressed up, don't know why - just did!

Again pre-make up photos which I always seem to look grumpy, moody & a total bitch in ... I'm not honest!

What I wore ...
Republic dress tucked into an H&M black fitted skirt with some good old M&S tights and my shoe boots.

I wore three inter-linked gold bangles from Topshop and a necklace that orginally had three chains but I took one off from Topshop about four years ago.

I added a black blazer ... I have misplaced my normal 'day' blazer so I wore my Gap dinner jacket with a black wave scarf and used a big white bag from the Oasis sale three years ago now.
That is an amazing sale, always find a handbag or jacket for a bargain price!

Outfit Diary Four.
Today was a black day...

I kept it pretty simple and all in black, I love wearing all black I know some people hate it but black is one of my favourite colours!

I wore a Topshop vest top with a topshop longer 3/4 length sleeved top which is actually meant to button up the back but I turned it around with some New Look leggings and my little Wallis shoe boots. I had some gold sparkly bangles on & my 'Emma' necklace. Oh and a black waist belt from H&M that has gold leaves as the clasp.


  1. Love the hair!! You look great missy :) xo

  2. Fab x
    Loving your blog
    Ema x


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