Tuesday, 30 November 2010

You are the last of the ladies...

I have no plans of going anywhere today, really I am meant to be revising for my exams next week but I decided to put on my new dress & do an outfit post.
I apologies for the rubbish picture but my room is kinda small so I need to play around with locations & where I can rest it but you kind of get the jist...

I love this dress!! I was going to get it in black but then I thought I allllways wear black so I went for a burnt orange colour which I love. I just have a gold ring on that I wear all the time & some black heart studs from Uban Outfitters that you can't see! Handy!


  1. lovely outfit :) wheres the dress from? its gorgeous!!

    darina xx


  2. love the colour. I am obsessed over peter pan colours just now!

    Very nice girl ! I am now following

    xxx www.bimbobeautiful.com


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