Monday, 14 March 2011

Could this be the start of something

As I mentioned last week I joined the gym & went today for my first workout. It was good, I really enjoyed it. I was a little apprehensive about it before I went but it was totally fine & now I feel really energized if a little sore!

Felt good doing something for me, I actually found it relaxing - weird.

I used to be a really big reader but have fallen put of that habit lately, I really want to get back into it so I went & bought myself three lovely new books. I've always wanted to read 'Pride & Prejudice' -Mr Darcy is a dream boat & 'Emma' simply because I loved the film & a book named after yourself is never a bad thing.

Plus the covers were pretty...

I, also, purchased myself a new handbag. It was only £12 in Tesco & is the perfect size for everyday use. Bargain. Might do a what's in my bag video. Thoughts?


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