Friday, 21 October 2011


Just a random post today, I feel like blogging so I'm going to. Afraid it is going to be random rambles - lucky you. I am meant to be doing uni work but it is one of those assessments where I have no idea how to start so am forever putting it off. Bad idea but I never learn.

I have two shifts at work then off for a week for my birthday, very exciting. I am really happy with my outfit which always makes nights out go a lot smoother I think. I will get a decent picture and no doubt post about it as I love it so much. I posted this picture (above) to my dailybooth with a caption saying I actually look and feel happy in this picture and it is the first time I've felt like this in ages which is true - I have been feeling a bit lost recently but I think things are starting to pick up which is never a bad thing!

I wore my Topshop boots for the first time today, love them. So cosy and nice although I am not 100% if I like them styled with jeans but maybe I just need to play about with them a little bit. Also, bought myself some 100 denier thermal tights from Asda for, wait for it .... £3!! They are so frickin cosy & a total bargain.

Not sure I have much else to ramble on about & waste you good peoples time.

Oh actually, one more thing Jen a very lovely blogger commented on my last post & as I normally do I check if she has a blog which she does. Go check it out, she is amazing. LINK

Have a good weekend & I'll no doubt be back procrastinating soon!

Emma x


  1. could you do a post on how you do your smokey, smudgy black eye makeup? i really like it and want to try it! :)


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