Thursday, 27 October 2011


So this is my birthday party outfit. I love it so much and will definitely be wearing it again. I felt very lady like and classy ... then I got drunk! ha It was an amazing night, had such a good time. Best birthday party ever. Roll on my actual birthday on Monday!

I have an essay due on Wednesday, no idea what I'm really doing for it but fingers crossed! I want to get back into blogging more regularly, miss coming on here and writing whatever comes into my head. Birthday resolution - blog more!

Hope you're all well.

Emma x


  1. Love the top, is it vintage? You look great x

    Mia O

  2. Yeah, from an Etsy seller. Etsy could be my new addiction! haha. Thank you :) x

  3. you look gorgeous! the outfit reminds me of a 20s flapper but you have made it modern, love it!

  4. Oh my god you look absolutely gorgeous!! Your outfit is beautiful and your make up looks really good too!! I love your hair, you have made me feel much better about having short hair now because everyone I see has long hair. Yours looks amazing so I'm a bit happier now that I have short hair!! XxxX

  5. Thanks, that's such a nice comment :) short hair for the win!! x

  6. I love your outfit, you look beautiful! That top is so pretty! Happy belated birthday! :) x


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