Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I know I haven't blogged in ages but my time is totally my own now - nothing to do. At all. Just a few shifts at work then it's Christmas! I got some lovely comments on my previous post Changing times  which was really lovely so thank you for them!

I don't have any post planned for today so I've decided to just share some of my favourite blogs so here goes! Hope you find something new and inspiring to read!


Charlotte Martin
Charlotte has the most amazing sense of style. Really simple pieces that she makes interesting & stand out-ish. Her blog is simple & to the point, letting her images and outfit do the talking.

Sitting Pretty at my Desk
Outfit posts are my favourite on here, she was the first to inspire me to post my weeks outfits. She posts ways to wear things which are good for inspiration & is a bold lipstick lover - something I dabble in but deep down long to be!

Karla's Closet
Pretty sure everyone knows this blog! Karla has amazing style & always wear interesting pieces that show off her amazing figure. I love seeing this blog pop up in my blog list with a new post.

Stripes & Red Lipstick
Stevie has a bit more of a rocky style but I love it - she works it so well & always looks amazing. Her writing is always really interesting to read & shows off her personality so well.


The Beauty Bible
Amazing beauty posts. She is amazing at applying make up without it being too much but still it stands out - if that makes sense?! Her nail polish posts make me want to put for effort into painting my nails as hers always look amazing. Love this beauty blog.

Lauren Rose Makeup
This girl knows how to apply make up! Her make up is flawless and beautifully applied every time. She gives her honest opinions on products & has amazing pictures to accompany her posts.

Bit of everything 

HRH Collection
Alex has some fashion posts, beauty & interior. Her apartment is amazing! Clean lines, monochromatic, simple pieces - it's really inspiring. She wear beautiful clothes too and is always nicely turned out.

Saskia the Style Fairy
A fellow Glaswegian (wayyyy) so you know it's going to be good - I'm only kidddding! A nice mix of interior, fashion & beauty. She always sources amazing interior pictures for inspiration - making me excited to have my first place. Her outfits are always nicely put together & on trend.

Lady Melbourne
I'm sure you've all heard of this blog, it is mostly a fashion blog but Lady M features things from around her house & the odd beauty product or what she is reading. Always beautiful images & interesting outfits.

Bits of Babs
I used to love the old blog from this blogger but she has moved & I am loving her new blog. She has gorgeous hair & always perfect make up. Definitely looking forward to seeing more from her new blog.

A final 'blog' is this from Vogue - the photo  blogs that feature 'Today I'm wearing' are my fav! Olivia Palermo has done one, Pixie Lott is doing it currently.


  1. Awww! Thanks for mention Emma :D I really appreciate it xx


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