Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A to Z of Me!

I saw this on and decided to do it aswell ...
A .. lochol. Not that I think drinking is essential for a good time but I enjoy a drink and like the confidence that come from having a drink.
B ..oys. What can I say, they are my favourite pass time :P Love a bit of eye candy LOL
C ..lothes. I love clothes! Buying new stuff is always good fun :D
D .. ancing. If you can call it that. I say I don't like to dance but deep down I love it!
E .. yeliner. I feel the need to wear a large amount of the stuff on a daily basis but what can I say, it's my thing.
F .. amily. Since moving away I have realised how much I love and miss my family!
G ..lasgow. You can't beat the place! Since moving away I have realised how much I love the place.
H .. alloween. The one day that you can dress up silly and not be looked at weird. Plus it's my Birthday :D
I .. love Ps I Love you :P Makes me cry everytime!
J..oking. I like to crack the jokes, it is who I am! People sometimes think I am being rude but if I insult/make fun of you it's because I like you!
K..ings of Leon. Marry me!
L.. aughing. I am a pretty happy person and love to laugh. Laughter is the way to my heart without a doubt!
M.. usic. I can't go a day without playing some music. I love it when songs remind you of a time aswell and the feeling you get (if it's a good memory!) when you hear the song.
N .. ail polish. The last time I didn't have nail polish on was about a year ago which probably isn't good for my nails but I hate the way my hands look without nail polish on. I also have a mahoosive amount of the stuff - too much for one person really :P
O ..pal Fruits aka Starburst. That is a bit of a cheat but whatever. Favourite sweetie hands down.
P .. aracetamol. WHere would we be without this stuff?! :P
Q .. Pass!
R.. oses. My favourite flower!
S..hoes. I love the happy feeling you get when you buy a pair of shoes that you are totally in love with.
T .. opshop. I would live there if I could! I am thee Topshop whore :P
U.. Pass!
V... odka. My tipple of choice.
W.. ater. An essential for living!
X.. mas - copied this one, it is hard!
Y.. ou me at six! I don't care what other people say they are awesome :P who knew pokerface could get better?!
Z..oo. I love visiting the zoo - don't ask why!


  1. I have a little claim to fame with you me at 6! i used to be friends with Max when i was younger. Long time ago when the band wern't even famous. Glad to see they are doing so well now :)

    Love your blog btw
    Love Charly

  2. you me at six aah i love them! & i am the same with the nail varnish aswell, i don't like my nails without nail varnish

  3. my favorite's gotta be K :)

  4. Hhaha that was funny :) Your could have been for Pretty Underwear :D Lovely blog xxxxx


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