Monday, 12 October 2009

Let me be your supernova, before you make the biggest mistake of your life

As some of you may know I have moved away from home for uni - ok, it's not exactly outer Mongolia - but it is a big step!
It can be scary at times; having to pay rent, get food and generally just manage your time well oh and house work (yuck!)
Since being here I have been enjoying myself but I have been letting skincare and haircare slip a touch. A few too many beverages has led to passing out with a full face of make up! Fair enough there are a million other things that are worse but spots get on my nerves!
Not taking off my make up and diet I think are the main culprits for my break out. Too much of Mr Smirnoff and not enough Mr Volvic!
This being said, I am going to start taking better care of my skin. Meaning I am going to take my make up off properly and wash my face (this will be fun after a night out!) and put on spot cream, moisturiser or Bio Oil. I am also going to drink more water and eat less junk. Five a day and all that jazz.
My hair ...
I feel like I am always on here moaning about my hair!
I noticed in pictures that the ends of my hair are really dry and straw like - so not a good look - so I have booked myself in for a haircut on Friday and am going for the chop.
After this has been done I am going to start using a heat defence spray on a regular basis and not over styling my hair ie back combing till my hair can take no more!
I really want to go running but am self conscious about people seeing me but I have decided that life's too short and if I want to do it then I am going to, I don't care what people think really.
Anyways, that's all I had to say, thought I should put it in writing :D
Have a good week everyone.
Take Care x

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