Saturday, 24 October 2009

Come on baby we ain't gonna live forever, let me show you all the things we could do..

Hello =) ...

I got my haircut - went for the chop. It really needed it, in the picture it doesn't look as short as it actually is but it is pretty short compared to what it was before and I really like it. Styling time is cut in half! Always a plus :P

This is just a picture of the other night when we went out - always seem to wear that Topshop dress, I do love it so. I asked for a few more similar ones for my birthday so hopefully I can mix it up a little.

Anyways, uni has been pretty mad - work is coming in thick and fast now which is never good. Having a little panic about a couple of presentations - not from fear of doing them - just because I am not 100% sure about what I am meant to talk about. My plan is to simply do my best - that is all I can really do after all!

I am still really loving Lo - she always looks really classy. I love her sequin top, very in fashion at the moment :)

Hope everyone is well and is having a good weekend.

Take care x

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