Thursday, 30 December 2010

Goodbye 2010 ... a year in the life!

I saw on Music, Fashion, Clutter a post like this basically Joanne showed pictures from through out the year of her best memories. I thought it was a really good post & decided to do one myself so I hope you enjoy.

January & February... I don't remember much from these months apart from lots of nights out & getting laryngitis's. I do however remember my Glasgow friends meeting my Edinburgh friends which all went well & we had an amazing night, thankfully they got on well otherwise it would have been a nightmare. Complete with long hair!

March & April ... Again I don't remember much, I know we signed our lease for the new flat & celebrated St Paddy's day in style but I think we just became closer friends again enjoying many a night on the razzle dazzle.

May... I got my hair chopped off. Best decision I think I've ever made!

June & July ... Summer of work & play. This picture was at my cousins non-hen weekend before we went to Ayr Races which was an amazing day, had so much fun & actually won some money!

August ... This was when my three flat mates & I moved into our new flat (although the above picture was taken when only three of us had moved in hence three shots. This was our first night out together after summer & was such a good night, one in which it's events shaped the past four months...

September ... Tinie Tempah! It is an awful picture but it was an amazing gig & would recommend anyone to go see him!

October ... The big 2-1!! I had an amazing 21st with my friends & family, we got all dressed up & hit one of Edinburgh's clubs where we drank & danced our socks off. It was an amazing night that I won't forget.

November ... My flat mates & I went to the rugby, I never been to a professional rugby match before & it was amazing. The atmosphere was amazing shame the match wasn't too great... but it was an experience non the less. After this I went on a date with someone I had wanted to for ages so I always associate that with this month too.

December ... Christmas! My flat mate & I put up our first Christmas tree in a home that wasn't our parents, it isn't anything amazing but it is our first Christmas tree & brightens up our little flat.

2010 has been a good year with lots happening & changing. It has been good to me & I hope 2011 is as good or better.

Happy new year everyone! :) x

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  1. Aww Glad you liked my idea hun.. Hope to see many others doing it too as I like a snoop! ha!

    Short hair is so for you xx


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