Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Hair raising...

This is a bit of a different post inspired by a piece I read in Look magazine. Basically it was about three woman who underwent drastic make overs in which they 'discovered' themselves.

If you've followed me for a while you will know that I used to have quite long hair, I always did have long hair then in May time this year I decided to get it cut in to a Frankie Saturdays style cut and since then it had gotten progressively shorter.

I love my short hair - it has made me so much more confident in myself, I feel like I can speak my mind & wear whatever I want with confidence. I know it sounds weird that a haircut can do this but I really do feel like I am being me rather than 'dreaming' of the person I could/want to be. I always get complitments on my hair, customers in my work tell me they like it which is a bit embarassing for flattering.


  1. Your hair is stunning now. My hair is really long and i love it but sometimes i think about going for the chop, i think it'd be easier! x

  2. Thanks, it is so much easier although it's annoying having to get it cut all the time x

  3. Hey, long time no post! ( like I can talk)

    Love the short hair on you. I prefer short hair on me too, might try and grow it now though! xx

  4. haha I have nothing on for the next few weeks so going to make a consious effort to blog, I actually miss it!



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