Friday, 11 September 2009

OO suits you sir...

I am sure I've used that post title before but I am too lazy to go check so I'm afraid it may be "oo suits you sir take two" :D
Anyways, while reading the Daily Mail I saw this picture of Kim Kardashian at an event. I love the fact that she has chosen to vear away from the usual long, beautiful dress and instead has gone for a tux jacket with skinny trousers and kept everything else simple.
The outfit is very elegant without being overly pretty or girlie - something that I really like about the outfit.
:D x


  1. I saw this pic yesterday and thought the same, i love the sophisticated do' too although it does make her look alot older!! xx

  2. She looks stunning! i love her style!

  3. I saw this pic too and blogged about it! Great minds think alike!! such a nice look! :)


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