Friday, 25 September 2009

Walk this way, talk this way


this is a little bit of a OOTN and an update on what's been happening. On Wednesday my friend from Glasgow came through for the night. We decided that it was only right if we got totally pished so we did. In fact we got so drink that we both threw up before retiring to our boudoirs :P
We had a good laugh which is the main thing. Had a lot of drinks at the flat then headed to Opium where we had a little bit more drink and a sing song then onto Cab Vol where we had even more drinks and a nice dance to walk this way.
Needless to say we were a touch rough in the morning but it was totally worth it :D
Anyways, I wore my black and red floral - me in a floral print, it has never been seen! - Topshop dress with some black leggings and some black and gold Primark flats with a Black quilted bag from Primark also.

Totally amazing night and even in my disgustingly drunken state I didn't loose a thing well apart from my dignity....

Have a good weekend :D x


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