Saturday, 19 September 2009

I did my best to notice when the call came down the line....

helllooo ...

I thought I would start blogging about what I've been doing and incorporate some fashion stuff - if this goes terribly then this could be the first and last of these :) - so here goes :D

So I have been in Edinburgh for two weeks now, two weeks today to be exact. It actually feels like so much longer but it has gone really, really fast. My flatmates are all really nice and we all seem to get on. Only thing is that one girl doesn't really get my Glasgow humour and takes things that are jokes as me being a bitch ....

I'm not, that's just my cheeky west coast humour coming out ha I kid :p sort of ....

We've had some really good nights out, I would show you pictures but from going out almost every night I have four pictures from the one night! Here is one of me and a flattie in Shanghai - not keen on this place at all!

Some other places we've been if you know the Edinburgh area (LOL) . ... Stereo, Frankensteins, Karma, Cabaret Voltaire - loveddd this place! and we went on a pub crawl (went too many places for me to remember!). Can't think of anywhere else we have been.

One of my lovely Glasgow friends is coming through on Sunday so I think we are going to Opium and hopefully a more indie style place . . . everywhere we've been apart from one or two has been two dressy and worried about looks. Get me somewhere a bit dingy and everyone is keen for a good time!!

This isn't very interesting but I am kind of rushing ... me mother is coming through today and I am realllllly excited to see her so I need to get ready but am currently in a towel. Think we are going to the castle and for lunch so I might take a few piccies (no promises mind :P) Tonight I think we are doing the Edinburgh Dungeons and then me and Steven are painting the town Glaswegian ha I kid...

Have a good weekend, take care and let me know if this is even remotely interesting ha x


  1. I have never visited Edinburgh but I'd like to :)

    That's a shame about the girl who isn't getting your humour. She will get used to it. x

  2. ha ha see you have found where not to go aye? shanghai/george street is so pretentious

    opium is good for some cheap bevi & grundge.

    Try Citrus or the egg on a sat for some Indie.

    Im think im off to Glasgow tonight for some Indie love The Box & firewater me thinks!

    Have a great one doll xx

  3. @Victoria it's good, Glasgow is good too - got to put in a good word for the hometown :p

    Yeah I'm sure she will get used to it lol x

    @Music Fashion Clutter god yeah, everyone is just so full of themselves. Not my kind of place at all!

    aw jealous much! Have fun m'dear :Dx

  4. Stay away from George Street at all costs!!

    Try Brass Monkey - its a laidback pub/bar with a back room made of one giant bed which comes in handy for watching the films they show.

    There are tons of other place i could recommend and if it keeps you away from poncy George Street id be more than happy to have a think about the decent watering holes in the Burgh!

    Have fun!

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