Thursday, 10 September 2009

You were always on my mind....

Helllo :D
Not blogged in a while but I have been really busy with moving and then settling in also possibly a bit too much going out but whatever it's freshers after all!
I'm really enjoying Edinburgh so far, been to a few clubs (some I like better than others!) and am currently searching for a good indie club for when my friends from Glasgow come through to see me so if anyone has any recomendations they would be greatly appreciated :D
My classes start on Monday so hopefully once I have setteled in and got into a routine I will get back into doing regular posts etc.
Hope everyone is well and I will hopefully talk to all soon :D x


  1. Greetings from California, love your blog!

  2. Hey, you have been busy eh.
    Welcome to the Burgh

    Indie clubs -
    - Evol On a friday @ Faith in the cowgate area of Edinburgh just along from the Grassmarket.This plays all the new upto date Indie

    Also @ Faith on the last sat of everymonth you get Madchester which is mostly retro Indie charlatans, Joy Division, Stone Roses that kinda thing.

    The Citrus Club every sat plays a mix of new & old Indie classics - this is just off Lothain Road (Grindly street)it's hidden away!

    They also do mid week Indie Nights

    So i will probably see you around ;)

    Enjoy xx


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