Wednesday, 20 April 2011

25 Things I do when I'm on my own

Very old picture of me from my 19th Birthday, oh how the times have changed!!

I saw this on Kelanjo and thought it was a nice post so there are 25 Things I do on my own

1. Think of what ifs.

2. Try on outfits I'd never be brave enough to wear out.

3. Cry. Sometimes.

4. Listen to music.

5. Sing & dance like a mentalist.

6. Read.

7. Watch Youtube, read at blogs.

7. Organise.

8. People watch.

9. Write in my diary.

10. Imagine how different things would be if events hadn't happened.

11. Daydream.

12. Go to the gym.

13. Revise.

14. Lie in bed with my iPod & bed dance. (haha)

15. Run down the halls in my mum & dads house.

16. Watch the Kardashians.

17. Think about the future.

18. Think about my Granny & Grandpa & what they would say to me these days.

19. Tumblr.

20. Watch The Hills & The City Re-runs.

21. Think. A lot.

22. Talk to my dog. Sometimes I think he understands... Crazy lady.

23. Miss people.

24. Find Family Guy funnies to link my brother.

25. Make decisions. Most of which I know are wrong.


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