Friday, 22 April 2011

Five Things I've Learnt in my Twenty Years. Part Five.

Last summer I started doing a Things I've learnt in my Twenty Years post but after four episodes I stopped for some reason. I decided that I want to finish the final two episodes of the series. Even though I'm coming up for my 22nd Birthday in October, guess it just means a years more to tell, maybe?!

Part one, Part two, Part three and Part four can be found with a click :)

21. Boy's don't make everything better.

Having a boy in your life won't instantly make it amazing. Basically they aren't the bee all and end all! Good friends & fun times are just as good as a boy! It will happen when it happens.

22. Make the effort.

Putting your full effort into something will be worth it in the end, even if it seems a hassle & struggle at the time the positive outcome will be more than worth it in the end.

23. Don't cry on your own.

If you're upset don't sit & cry on your own (I am the sort of person that likes to be by themselves sometimes, I've cried by myself more times than I can count!) The people you love & care about will be there for you, they will want to talk or simply console you. Talking about it or simply not being on your own with your tears will make you feel better!

24. Give People the time of day.

Just because you aren't sure about a person or don't like what you've seen so far doesn't mean you can't be friends. One of my close friends now, I detested when they started working in my work now three years on we are still good friends!

25. Don't be too shy or scared to do something you want to do.

I've missed out on so many chances because I'm scared of what others will think or that I won't fit in. Recently I built up the confidence to join the gym and actually go, often. It has done wonders for my self image & confidence and I actually feel happy and confident in myself which is a first. If you want to do something go for it!!


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