Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What's cookin' good lookin'

Number four of my 100 Things was to make a whole meal from scratch which I did this afternoon. I made Hungarian Goulash for my mum, dad & brothers dinner tonight. Everything went smoothly & it has made me realise that I actually miss cooking, I find it very relaxing so it might become a new hobby. Watch this space I guess...

A few wee action shots for you...

The final shot before it goes in the oven for two hours! Hopefully it tastes good!

I've also started number 11 of 100 Things which is read Pride & Prejudice, I'm about 8 chapters in & actually really enjoying it. Mr Darcy is a dream boat! ha

Anyways, I have to send my camera away this week to get a crack fixed so there probably won't be many picture posts for a while unless I can steal my brothers camera until I get mine back, fingers crossed. I want to get back into doing outfit posts & stuff cause I enjoyed doing them.

Off to read P&P in the sunshine seen as I am at my parents lovely house so might as well make use of the garden, would be rude not too! x

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