Saturday, 7 January 2012


Just a few snaps of some 'stuff' that I am loving.

The first is Topman tshrits, they have a much better selection of basic tshirts than Topshop at the moment plus some gorgeous colours like this lilac one which goes amazingly with my blonde hair.

The second. Topshop pants from my Christmas. I love them. They are so fun & different. The dog ones are my favourite as it sort of looks like my little dog at my mum & dad's.

Finally, my new mirrored jewellery box - which is impossible to photograph! This is the best of a bad bunch. It is gorgeous, exactly what I was after & was half price - cannot complain.

Have a good weekend <3


  1. i really love the jewellery box! the pants are really cute (took me a good 5 minutes to think of a way to write this without sounding creepy)

    chlo @chlowitty blogs
    having a small giveaway too!


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