Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I did a post about some of my favourite blogs so I figured I might as well tell you about some of my favourite You Tubers. I love a good You Tube video - beauty, fashion mainly so here are a few favourites...

Cami loves Kiwi : Amazing reviews & she is really natural in her videos, friendly too.

Gems maquillage & Unicycle Physics : Gemma's does fashion, beauty & vlog videos. She gets the important information in while being friendly & honest. Plus she features books in videos - can't complain!

Glitterdollz7 : Amazing make up tutorials. Ranging from celebrity looks to catwalk looks & everyday looks.

HRH Collection : As I mentioned my love for Alex's blog, I have a massive love for her You Tuber channel. She has amazing taste in interior, clothes & make up. I love watching her videos.

Jemimalou : Another amazing make up artist. She is a white blonde (naturally, jealous!) & does some amazing looks. She wears pretty earrings too!

Sccastaneda : I only came across this You Tubers lately but after watching a Kim Kardashian look, I subscribed straight away. She does amazing make up tutorials, really glowy skin, so beautiful.

Pixiwoo : Pretty sure everyone has heard of these ladies. Amazing make up tutorials!

Joolie18 : An Irish make up -er (It is a word, I promise...) I only discovered Joolie this week but the mix of her lovely accent & honest videos made me want to watch more.

Jessica Fenchxo : I love Jessica's outfits, she always looks so chic & fashionable. She comes across as really friendly & like she enjoys making videos.

The Persian babe : Amazing outfits & make up! Sure most people have heard of Barbara, but she had to feature.

voussontbeauetbelle : Pretty much the same as the other - amazing outfits, hauls & make up. Plus she seems like a really lovely girl!



  1. I love HRH collection, she is one of my favs xx

  2. Me too, she has amazing taste & style x


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