Sunday, 7 August 2011

Animal print is love

I have a massive love for leopard print & have been searching for some leopard print heels for a while. It can be difficult to find a pair that are not cheap looking but this week I found such a pair. They were £15 (£13.50 with student discount) in the Dorothy Perkins sale. I wore them out last night, my feet weren't sore not even after dancing! 

I also got this little red floral top from a charity shop this week for £3.69. I'm thinking of styling it with some jeans & a blazer or a black bandage skirt & some wedges. It is by Ann Harvey & was one of those pieces I saw in the window everyday I walked past so eventually gave in! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, look out for a post soon with my new room. 


  1. Those are lovely! If I went out more I'd deffs purchase them but alas I'm a bit of a hermit nowadays


  2. nothing wrong with being a hermit,could always get them to wear around the house - sensible foot wear... xx


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