Monday, 8 August 2011


As I mentioned once or twice I have moved flat - too a much nicer, brighter, more homely flat which after one week I am already so much happier. I love my new room. It is spacious, has high ceilings, a walk in wardrobe - simply amazing. My only moan is the walls are sunshine yellow...

It is a student flat so isn't amazing but I love how I've decorated my room. The desk is pretty ugly so I wanted to make it more ascetically pleasing, I bought some pink vintage looking wrapping paper for the top of the desk. To tie it in I put a small square on top of my dresser as well, I really like the finished look.

The last picture is my walk in wardrobe - this is an absolute dream. I love this feature in room. My room is very pink and girly which I wasn't expecting especially not the pink but I like it. 

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