Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Bit of a different post featuring some beauty products that I have been really impressed with lately, not many just four but I didn't want to bombard you with lots of products! So the four I've decided to feature are ...

 Superdrug Natural High 12 hour day cream.

This was about £2.50 odd in Superdrug - obviously - it is a fabulous cream! Nice, thick consistency that really does keep your skin hydrated for at least 12 hours. My make up applies really nicely over the top and for £2 odd you can't really go wrong! Definitely would recommend this.

Barbara Daly Make up Concealer.

I bought this on a whim when I was food shopping, it was about £4.95 which isn't too bad for a good under eye concealer. I picked this up in fair which is a little light for me but really brightens up underneath my eyes, a little goes along way so I'm guessing this will last a while but when it does eventually run out I will be repurchasing!

Barry M Nail polish in Navy.

An old favourite, a nice change from black nails, looks perfect with a tan. It is just a really gorgeous colour.

Clinique Super moisture make up.

This is my go-to foundation. My skin is pretty dry so this along with the Superdrug cream keeps me moisturised all day along with giving a lovely dewy finish. It isn't a full, heavy coverage so looks quite natural and nice. I am for sure a Clinique convert. 100%.

So that is a few products I'm liking at the moment. Not too much else has been happening lately, I came home for a few days before uni starts back in a few weeks. I've not been doing too much - gym, work, not going out in order to save much needed money. Exciting. I started pilates classes which I am really enjoying. They are helping with my back pains so s'all good. x

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