Wednesday, 31 August 2011


I have a weekend of partying ahead of me - it's a hard life - so I had to get a new piece to wear. Anything else would just be total madness... I have found myself going for more simple pieces I guess you could say rather than something crazy & totally on trend. Pieces that will carry me through. This sequined top from Zara is a good example, it is a really simple, interesting piece that can be worn in so many ways. It was only £19.99 & I totally love it! I am planning on wearing it with a bandage skirt or jeans & some heels.

I also got this little angel wing red string bracelet this week from ebay, it is so pretty and simple. It was posted really nicely too. I did get some half wet look-half normal leggings from Misguided but they were wayyy to short. Like half down my calf too short - was not a good look!

Something very exciting is happening on Saturday at 11am but all will be revealed very soon... I was at the gym this morning & totally loved it. I am getting back in to it so much - my fitness and stamina are at an all time high, it is just making me feel so much better about myself!

Emma x


  1. That top looks gorgeous, i love sequins xx

  2. I loove sequins! <3


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