Thursday, 3 November 2011


This was requested by Caity hearts fashion, basically how I do my everyday smokey eye look. If you want ore detail I can do that no problem maybe in a video or something but for now here is what I use and step-by-step instructions.

I normally do my eye make up a little heavier than this but was having a not so heavy day this time it seems! I, also, sometimes do winged eye liner on the top lash line and the the smokey-ness underneath depending on how I am feeling that day. If I do this look I use MAC fluidline with Barbara Daly liquid liner pen.

Products used...

Estee Lauder Double wear eyeliner in Black & Brown
MUA Black shade (Shade 20 matt)
MUA Dark Brown shade (Shade 19 matt)
H&M Brown palette
YSL Shocking faux cils mascara
Rimmel Extra wow lash (I use either of these mascaras, just which ever  I pick up first!)

Bruches used...

MAC 239
Avon angled brush
No7 Pencil brush
No7 Blending brush


Top lash line
 - Line the top lash line with quite a thick line using the black eye pencil & set this using a black or dark brown eye shadow, again depending on the look, using an angled brush.
- Using a sponge top applicator, pencil brush or shader brush smudge the eye liner & shadow until is soft and smokey.

Bottom lash line
- Use the black or brown eye pencil 3/4 of the way into the eye.
- Place different shades of brown over the top of the liner, starting with the lightest & building it up with darker colours. Pressing on & smudging as you go. I like to use 3/4 different shades - usual a light one, bit darker, bit darker etc.
- Finish with darkest brown or black (depending on what I fancy) in outer corner & smudged again so it all blends together.

Then apply lots of mascara to the top & bottom lashes.

Hope this was helpful!

Emma x


  1. Wow your eyes look gorgeous!! Thanks for the great tutorial and tips! XxxX

  2. This make up really suits you - makes the most of your lovely big eyes - jealous ;) x


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