Thursday, 3 November 2011


I was tagged by the lovely  Caity Hearts Fashion to do this, so thank you for that! Go check out her blog!!

So the rules for this award are...
- Link back the person who gave you the award.
- Write seven random facts about yourself that people may not necessarily know.
- Link and award your favourite bloggers so that you can spread the blogging love!

Seven random facts about moi...

1. I am a total gym bunny (I might not look it...)

I love going to the gym, it makes me feel good about myself & so much more confident. I started going in March this year & have become a regular there. It has completely changed the way I see myself & is something I really enjoy.

2. Hugh Jackman is my all time love

He is just the dream! Handsome, charming, can sing, can act, can dance, is funny. He is the whole package. Some crushes have come and gone but the Jackman has stayed always!

3. I detest the colour purple

The colour is just gross! It only works on a handful of people others it just doesn't work on. I am one that it doesn't work on. You will never catch me in purple. Although I do have a lilacy Blackberry cover but my phone suits it... 

4. I have a small group of close friends

I love my little group of friends. I trust them and can tell them anything. We've been through up and downs together but the support I've had from them, particularly in the summer was just amazing. Really made me see how lucky I am.

5.  My mum is my best friend

I know I said I have a small group of friends that have my back regardless but my mum is my total true, best friend. She has always been there & I can tell her anything without her judging me. I tell her everything mundane pointless stuff, my worries etc, about boys - anything. She will listen. Love my mama muchly! 

6. I am addicted to period dramas

Downton Abbey, Pride & Prejudice, The Tudors - anything like that, I love. They are just so much more 'fantasy' TV - in a way - than watching something modern although I am a fan of 'modern' TV. Kardashians for the win! 

7.  I am a first class sandwich lover

My brother & I make amazing sandwiches - if we do say so ourselves. You can't beat a good sandwich with lots of fillings. They are just the best! 

So there are my rather ahem random facts for you.

I am meant to name blogs butttt there are so many so feel free to do this and link me! 

Love x


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