Monday, 7 November 2011


Just a simple outfit today. Excuse my cheery face, not sure what was going on there. This is one of the Zara jumpers - I love them. They are so cosy & easy to wear.

I'm just wearing my Topshop Kristen jeans - the high waisted ones- I noticed today that after only two washes they are already starting to fade! £40 for that... pffft! My boots which you can just see are the ones from Topshop, think they are the Alec lace ups - something like that. I love them although I'm not use to wearing heavy shoes so I feel I stomp a little in them. Always good. I just had a simple gold ring on & added my Barber jacket. Winter warmer right thurr.

Weekend was good. Went out, got far to drunk but it was good. Got to see my brother too so can't complain apart from the hangover yesterday which was disgusting especially at work. Self inflicted.

Hope you're all well.

Emma x

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  1. You look gorgeous! The jumper looks really comfy and snuggly and goes really well with your trousers. I love your hair! XxxX


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