Friday, 25 November 2011


Two days blogging - what is going on?!

Another outfit for you today. You've seen this blouse before in a previous outfit post, I love it. I'm not 100% sure why I love it so much but I do. It's just so pretty! It is absolutely freezing today, I should have layered up wayyy more than this, a thicker cardigan would have been a good idea but I know that now!

I actually wore this outfit on a night out with some massive platforms and loved it dressed up too. I'd say the outfits a winner!

This is the first time my Barbour Daphne jacket has been featured on here, it was a birthday present from my mum and dad - looove it. So easy to wear & cosy when layered well.

Not too much else to say really, pretty fed up with uni at the moment - fed up putting in effort to have it thrown back in my face but it's nearly holiday time which means I can see my fam-jan yayyy! I'm going to put in extra effort for the last two weeks of this semester and if it doesn't pay off Imna be sooo pissed off...

Hopefully my picture are a little bit better quality today?! Hopefully. I was messing around trying to find a good spot - the lighting in this room is pants!

Blouse - New Look
Shorts - Vintage Levi
Tights - Asda 100 denier thermal (£3!!)
Shoes - New Look
Jacket - Barbour
Stole - Topshop
Bag - Ebay

Have a good weekend!

Emma x


  1. Lovely outfit, its really versatile and looks great on you!! Hope uni gets better soon, just stick with it and follow your heart. XxxX

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments :) xx

  3. i like your blog!l want to follow you! join my blog)i"ll be very happy)

  4. Gorgeous outfit, love the blouse.
    Hope uni goes OK for this last couple of weeks, at least you get a Christmas break after! :)

  5. The blouse is fricking adorable!


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