Sunday, 16 August 2009

Obsessions Tag

The lovely Victoria at Blockquote tagged me for this so I'm going to do it :D
The rules with this award are:
1) List 5 current obsessions
2) Pass the award on to 5 fabulous blogs
3) Mention the person who tagged you and post their blog link
4) Post links to the 5 winners and let them know!
My five current obsessions ....
1. Lipgloss - normally I don't wear anything on my lips unless I remember too but recently I've been wearing lipgloss all the time.
2. Natural hair - I haven't blow dryed or straigtend my hair in about two weeks
3. The Maccabees - I can't stop listening to their new album, it is sooo good.
4. Young, Dumb & Living off mum - this is genious tele, seriosuly, I love it!
5. Reading - I read often normally but recently I have been reading loads like I will have spare time and be like oo I'll just read for a bit. Think it is because my book is good?!
I tag....
Sorry I don't know your real name, Winter Blossom at


  1. thanks for the tag hun! ill get on it tomorrow, im gonna have to pinch the reading though!! i constantly have my nose in a book!! hope youre ok xx

  2. Thanks for the tag! :) My real name is sarah but your quite forgiven for not knowing that cos I don't think its mentioned anywhere on my blog. lol :) xxx

  3. Oooh thank you for the tag, i'll be doing it!! x

  4. thank you for the tag ! :D xx


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