Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Devil is at the door, I'm thinking we've been here before now

It's a little boring because I am feeling really flat and blah and the minute. I don't know what it is but anyways, I'll get over it!
Today I wore.....
My Mango blazer with a v neck M&S tshirt and my New Look Skinnies (I will come onto Skinnies in a moment, bet the anticipation is killing you!) a gold cuff from Topshop and my red Topshop pumps, I had planned on wearing my Dune wedges but sadly it was not to be as it has rained all day :( sad times!

Thought I would put this in for the sheer craic of it! I wasn't ready but the camera was basically!
On to Skinnies ...
For a while I had been thinking that skinnies weren't incredibly flattering on me, I have big boobs & large hips, thighs and bum so basically they just highlighted the big-ness!
Skinnies are one of my favourite style of jeans, they work perfectly for day or night, dressy or casual but I don't see the point in me wearing them if a) they don't flatter my shape and b) I feel self conscious wearing them. Having said that I decided to do something productive (I use this word loosely, finding the perfect jeans isn't really solving a massive problem!) with my day.
I googled straight leg jeans and learned that they are basically the same as skinnies but have a wider hem. Skinnies tend to have a leg opening of 12/13 inches and straight legs have a leg opening of 14/15 inches. The wider the leg opening balances out the silhouette.
Basically, what this none sense ramble is about is the fact that I have to go jeans shopping for straight leg jeans and hopefully this will mean I will wear jeans more often .... we shall see :D


  1. Very interesting!! im a similar shape as in chunky thighs, hips, bum and boobs and a tiny waist, but you only live once i guess so i juse wear what i like! haha, youre looking fiiine as ever xx

  2. I wear straight leg jeans for exactly that reason. Skinny jeans just don't flatter me so straight legs are a nice, looser alternative

  3. @ Tabitha Sheridan Yeah, who cares what people think :D Thanks hunny :D x

    @Gillian They just make a nicer silhouette :D x

    @Lilee Thank you :D x

  4. ooohhh I really like your style! I swear by straight leg jeans too-they are much much more flattering I think!

  5. @Ro! Thanks :) Yeah, they are a little more comfortable aswell :D Thank you for following x


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