Thursday, 6 August 2009

Until the man of her dreams comes along picks her up and put her over his shoulder...

I ordered two things from - I was very restrained :D - I saw this skirt and fell in love, love at first site some may say :P
I thought it would be perfect for winter with black tights and a leather jacket. I tried it with leggings but I'm not really sure, think tights will looks better.

I also bought these satin brogues. I wasn't sure about them at first I thought they looked a little tap shoe-ish but I think they will be nice with the skirt and tights. Also with jeans folded up and a long cardigan.

My mum a really quirky dress sense when she was younger - something I don't have - but she loves them. Her way to describe them "very modern" so there you go :D

I'm going shopping today so I might get some more new stuff :D


  1. Nice purchases! Happy Thursday!

  2. I'm loving the shoes, very very sweet!

  3. i saw that skirt on the website the other day and fell in love! its currently in my 'wants' folder in my favourites haha! looks gorgeous, definately with tights only though xxx


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