Friday, 14 August 2009

You were such a surprise, an unexpected gift said I was pretty & I believed it

OOTD ...
Today it is pouring, the rain hasn't stopped all day so its pretty rubbish!
Anyways, I put on a loose black top with my jeans this morning and a lilac cardigan but I didn't like it - I really cannot pull off baggy, loose stuff without a belt cinching it in so I changed :D
I put on a cream Topshop Tee with my black jersey cardigan and my patent H&M belt with my black jeans.
I wore my gold ball earrings, my floral Miss Selfridge bangle and two gold bangles.
My hair was getting on my nerves, it wasn't wavy or curly like it normally is naturally, it was just blah so I put it up. I don't normally wear my hair up but I kind of like it.
What did everyone else wear today? x


  1. oo you look very chic!
    im still in my pjs lol

  2. Damnnn girrrl, you look gorgeous, i love your hair up!! xx

  3. You are tagged! :)



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