Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I'm never gonna dance again my guilty feet have got no rhythm

I haven't really been into Big Brother this year, I watch it every now and then and watch BBLB sometimes ( really just for George Lamb swooon :D )
Anyways, I really want a hat like Bea's. I love it, it is so cute and will be perfect for Winter. If anyone spies a red one I would sooo appreciate it if you could tell me where so far all I can find is coral but I want bright red :D
That's all really, not done much apart from have a omg I have lego hair panic ha
:D x


  1. I found one that is £8 from Asos, sorry about the long link. :)

    Not sure whether it's what you want but there you go :)

  2. @Kathryn It is totally perfect! Thanks, thats so nice of you to link me & everything. Very much appreciated :D x


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