Thursday, 20 August 2009

Its just what all young lovers do...

My investments for Autumn/Winter 09.
Statement Jewellery.
Big, chunky and colourful is what I will be keeping my eye's peeled for. A good example of statement jewellery is Olivia Palermo, she always has eye catching jewels - her will be a tad more expensive than mine, I think! Statement jewellery adds interest to simple pieces and means an outfit can be made to look different and new!
Leather Jackets.
Biker style is going to be a big trend for the season. You could go all out on stud detail for ultimate biker chic! Leather jackets can be dressed up or kept casual.
40s shapes.
Pencil skirts, shift dress. Basically, fitted, figure hugging pieces that show off curves to perfection. I love fashions from the 40s and 50s. Everything was so glamorous and chic, or at least in the movies it was! Think Jane Russell and Marlyn Monroe.
Thin knits with chunky cardigans. Layering different textures is what I am planning on doing :D.
Lace Ups.
Lace up heels with attention to details for example: eyelets, tones and textures. I bought a pair last year from Topshop which I have worn once but I think this year I may wear more. They are in the style of a brogue but with a patent heel.
What is everyone else buying for Autumn/Winter? x


  1. Hands up for leather jackets and all sorts of jewellery this autumn!


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