Monday, 3 August 2009

When I was young, I never needed anyone

Thought I'd do a quick post before I go for a little nap :D
How was every ones weekends? Mine was alright - got me hair cut and handed in my notice at work yayyyy - got four weeks until I leave for Edinburgh woot woot.
I got my fringe back but now I'm thinking I might want my hair shorter not cropped shorter but a touch. Maybe once I'm sick of my fringe!
Anyways, this post is pretty pointless!
One thing before I go ....
How amazing does Lily Allen look at the launch of her jewellery line?
She has dark skinnys one with a corset and a dinner jacket. Oh and and teal heels - love it!
:D x

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  1. Gorgeous - I love Lily's fashion these days... long gone are the trainers and dresses. Shes now classy and sophisticated :)


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